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episode starts with one boy is shooting a picture………..
one bullet comes out of rifle which pierce the heart of that person in picture……..
that person laughs by seeing this scenario as he had done nice work…..
while laughing person comes near to that picture and grabs with full force,
he was holding with full of anger, than shouts, LAKSH MAHESHWARI, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ……………
In this way, I will make your fame down in front of all one day ……….
Hahaha, many don’t know about my real enimity with laksh maheshwari……….
Now two games with innoscent face………………
these all are starting laksh , now think of future, soon I will become top
Now he spreads his arms and shouts

Other side rags brings many DVD of modeling and sees them in her TV.
She do rehearsal…….
It has been 4 hours she was doing rehearsal, her mother was watching her activity continuesly.
SUMI- beta, ragini please don’t go for all these things.
Rags- why?
Sumi- beta, I had lost my one daughter, now I cant loose you..
Rags – mom please don’t think like this.
Sumi gots teary eyes, she speaks , beta these rich people are not good, they will not leave you, these people are just selfish.
Rags sees her mother in this condition, she hugs her to calm her, rags assure , mom nothing will happen to me but now bad time of those people will start.
Sumi- rags, I lost my one daughter, I can’t loose one more..
Rags- please mom, don’t decrease my confidence, please support me.
Sumi- no beta, I don’t know why I am feeling something will happen to you, those people will do something bad.
Rags removs the hug, she angrily says, NOW its count down of these people, soon they will be behind bars and my revenge will over that day, now please mom support me because I will not change my decision..
Sumi helplessly agrees to ragini ..
Ragini again starts her practice, there was only one week, she had to prove herself, where namish talked to one model supplier person who will take rags in modeling show and helped her to do modeling in one week.

Namish comes to rags house and sees her doing practice nicely, wow you really became nice model..
Rags sees hims and gives a welcome smile, yes, I have to become.
Namish- oh, so today I think you will be surely selected.
Rags- yes, I have to get selected anyhow by hook or crook.
Namish – that’s sprit, but don’t forget me aftr becoming model.
Rags- how I can forget you, you helped me in my bad times, you are really nice person, even if you are big police man, you are helping me.
Namish- see I am your friend now, not police man
Rags gives him cute smile.
Namish- now bye, I have to go urgent,
Rags- sure
Namish- best of luck and bye

Swara was getting ready for the party , she sees herself, wow I am looking pretty, by the way I should look pretty also because now I am famous model..
Just than she feels a body pressed behind her, it was sanky who hugged her from back , he whisper looking s*xy ……….
Swara got angry due to his act, she immediately removes hug, shouts don’t dare to touch me..
Sanky- aah, really such pure girl,, hahaha, here I came to tell you today you will come with me because of party, got it..
Swara – never.
Sanky- you have to come with me because you are in my company, its final got it……….
Swara sees sanky angrily..
Something strikes in sanky mind he sings a song
aise na mujhe tum dekho
seene se laga loonga
tumko main chura loonga tumse
dil mein chhupa loonga

don’t look at me like that,
or I’ll embrace you..
I’ll steal you from yourself,
and hide you in my heart.

( swara felt embrassement by this song, she started seeing here and there, not able to tackle sanky gaze, while sanky was smirking evily by seeing her.)

tumse pehle, tumsa koi
humne nahi dekha
tumhe dekhte hi mar jaayenge
ye nahi tha socha

Before you, I’ve not seen
anyone like you…
I’d not thought I’ll be dead
as soon as I saw you…

sanky drags swara with him,
both reaches to party…….
The modeling competition was going on with full swing with each passing time….
Sun was going far away which was increasing darkness in this dark world, this time rags also took part in this dark world ..
Now slowly all models done there modeling,

Lucky saw whole program nicely because he needs nice model.
Other side, rags sees her clothing, she feels bad because first time she is wearing this type of small clothes but the aim she had in her heart for which she can do anything now..
Now the full competition ended, all models went to their house, if they will be selected they will get call from that production company.

Rags after coming to house prays to bhgwan that she got selected..
There had been two days, she didn’t got call . she was very worried but the third day, she got call from three modeling companies, one of sanky another lucky and one more..
Dates were near in lucky company, she went to his production house…..
Ragini wore nice clothes, she was too much worried because first time she was going in this field her heart beat was increasing but she didn’t stopped .
She entered in his production house, it was too huge/
She went to receptionist, she asked them about her interview.
Receptionist- you have to wait for 15 minutes, after 2 models your number will come.
Ragini sits with so much tension, she was just praying to god that everything should be fine…..
She was called inside, ragini slowly opens the room where she found lucky and his many co workers sitting inside…..
Yes this was first time she saw him because before she only watched in tv…
Heartbeat rises by seeing many people, her confidence was decreasing but the thought of her sistr death again cam in her mind which worked as energy booster, her power increased, the revenge flame again got on, now she is able to fight with any conditions…………..

PRECAP- raglak dance, swalak conversation..
I know many want to kill me because I ended on climax……
So what is your view from today’s episode ??
What about sanky character and rags also ??

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  3. Aasthu

    I admire Ragini’s love for her sister…….just to find the culprits she takes up something which she doesn’t like and which is dangerous too….I had missed your 1st chapter….thanks for the link…..after reading that, I am even more confused……I wonder who the culprit is… it Swara or Sanskar ???????? earlier I had doubted only Laksh… I suspect everyone………..plzzz update the next part as soon as you can……..

  4. Raglakholic

    It’s amazing update
    Totally marvellous
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    Swasan were full of mysterious
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  5. Fairy

    Amaznggg!!!loved it pathan ..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr…post nxt part soon 😀

    1. Fairy di I am really very sorry I didn’t commented in the last episode of your ff because I am quite busy di…And I think you will understand my situation because my final exam is coming…I know you are hell angry on me…But please try to understand my situation…I hope you will understand…But I will surely comment in the next episode of your ff…Don’t become sad…But I read it…I will support you also…So be happy OK?☺…Love you???…

      And Irfan I am sorry for increasing comment in your ff but I really wanted to say sorry to Fairy di…And I was just finding a way to say sorry to her…And you know it very well that I am not reading any ff except two or three ffs so I didn’t find Fairy di in any other ffs…So I said here…Please don’t get angry

  6. Niku

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  9. Awesome episode…Loved it…But really I am very confused about Sanskar…I think he is a bad guy…Seriously hus character is too much confusing…Just thinking and thinking…And Raginj is very brave girl…And she loves her sister unconditionally…I admire her character…She is taking risk for her sister…This is really very nice thing…And who is the culprit??? I think Laksh is not the murderer…May be Sanskar is the culprit…Too much confusing episode…But you know you are increasing my confusion by updating each and every episode…Because each and every episode is very confusing…Don’t take me rudely I am just telling…And don’t feel bad…Waiting for the next episode…Stay blessed…

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