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I replies to each commentor in intro part so you guys can see your comment reply
story starts with a girl sitting in room, it seems that she is in deep thinking, layer of pain is easily visible on her face which she can’t hide ………
It is being one month of my sister death, but till now I didn’t got to know about my sister real culprit, don’t know who is that person…….
I know how much I did struggle this one month to know my sister real culprit but, alas! I didn’t found real culprit till now, these rich people are really too much cunning, may be they give money to police people but now i can’t live like this, I have to take major step, I can’t sit like this, I have to do my work to find my sister’s death real culprit……
Now I should talk to Namish police spector.

Namish- hey, ragini you here.
Ragini- yes, now I can’t wait for your all processes, I really want to find my sister death culprit as soon as possible..
Namish- but why, we are doing our work
Ragini- I have seen your work but please as a friend, please help me to go in modeling world
Namish- what??
Ragini- yes, I don’t have any other option.
Namish- its ok but it is not safe there.
Ragini- I don’t know anything about safe but the flame of revenge which is flawing inside my heart will not end till I do my work…..

Namish- its ok I will talk to any modeling people to take you in there company..
Ragini- no, I want to go in your brother company.
Namish – have you gone mad, do you know your sister is killed in his company only..
Ragini- yes, this is reason I will go there and day after tomorrow is modeling week of walking on ramp so I will go there,
Namish – its your wish, you know very well me and my bro lucky, we don’t have much good relations.
Ragini- I know its ok, bye
Namish – ok bye,
Ragini turns and smiles, now real culprit get ready, your end time is very soon…….

Other side, girl is shown changing filea and burning them in one office…….
Room was dark but the her face was visible in burning flame, she is swara.
Now we can clearly see her smirking and devil smile, while speaking something………..
Hahahah, now I created more stuffs of misunderstanding, and now I am going more closer to my work, what I am thinking is going on in my way only, but only few days, just dew days remaining to end this whole drama and that day my mission will be completed………..
Really this world and maximum people only believe what they have shown but they don’t see the real devil faces behind the most good person, this is biggest mistake of world and the person which is able to see these real faces, that person will only come in top in any of the field, this is biggest reason of death of models and business people,
Haha poor people not able to recognize the worst face of their beloved ones, really according to me, we can trust our enemy but not our beloved ones, this is biggest mistake done by people and they face problem. …………….
But what to do, I am doing my work, now see what all new twist will come ……………………
Other side, lucky goes to his house .
As he enter in house,
An old age women shouts, stop there …….
Lucky- aah
Woman- stop there only, don’t enter in house.
Lucky- ok dida..
Dida brings aarti and do his aarti,
Now my son enter in house.
Lucky- oh, dida why you always do like this.
Dida- because I want to protect my son from each evil spirit, and I want you feel good everytime.
Lucky- ok dida

Dida – you know very well your mother gave me you as my responsibility, she is watching us from god’s house, its my work to complete each responsibility, I don’t want that she feels that I am not caring you.
Tears of sorrow flow from dida eyes to remember about lucky’s mom.
Lucky also gets teary eyes and both hugs, I know dida, but don’t know why my mom is died this much early,
Dida- don’t know beta, that was decided by god, we can’d do anything.
Lucky- yes , but dida you filled to emptiness of my mom and dad from my heart.
Dida kisses on his forehead, speaks playfully, oh my drama queen started her melodrama of nineties serial crying type.
Lucky smile, dida you
Dida – yes I am, now get ready, I will bring food for you..
Lucky- ok dida.

PRECAP- sanky intro, raglak meeting

How was part..
Aha what is your point on swara character.
Confused or able to clear this puzzle,
Think think
Bye, take care

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  1. Raglakholic

    Awesome update
    Totally interesting
    So namish nd laksh r brothers
    So ragini is going to join as a model in laksh’s company
    What is swara saying
    Eagerly waiting to see how will be raglak meeting
    Please do continue soon
    Nd merry Christmas to you too

  2. Jazzy

    I think swara knows who the real culprit is and she wants that truth to come out and reading her pov its clear the person is not laksh and now i m more sure its namish
    And merry christmas to u toooo

  3. I found swara character is positive may be some raw agent or something waiting for raglak meeting namish and ragini friendship is awsome

  4. Aliya123

    confused,..,…ahhh….hell confused…..lucky seems to be good nd swara.,…hmmm swara….dark character….i think…….
    well hii….first time kisi boy ka fan fic dekha hai…nice….keep going


  6. Piyali

    nice update , Ragini to enter modelling world?? I am interested , Swara seems to be a big mystery……..waiting for the mystery to unravel……….Loved laksh-Dida moments…….really cute……….waiting for next part.. Merry chirstmas……..May God Bless you…….Love you…….be happy……..

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  8. Fairy

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  9. Suupppprb

  10. nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing u write awesome plzzz give more raglak and be regular don’t take too long gap bcoz now days raglak ff is very less plZzzzzzzz do favor on raglak fan plzzz love all raglak ff and writing missing raglak so only ff and ss ts are for us

  11. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    So Ragini is joining in Laksh company
    Very much Interesting
    And regarding Swara’s character little bit confused and have also got some idea
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    Merry Christmas

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  17. Asw

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  22. Priyashini

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    Assalamu alaikum bro!! ????
    Sahi kaha tumne puzzle hai mere liye.!! Hell hell confused!! Scratching my head!! ???
    Waaah shabb nahii hai mere pass kyaa kamal ke writer ho tum!! ???
    Jaldi seh next Ep update karo!! Mere bhai * cutting my nail * soch rahi hunn !!

  28. Hemalattha

    awesome and interesting.

  29. Impressive

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