A Romantic Princess in a mysterious Adventure (Chapter 9)


Chapter 8:

Our chapter starts with Anika says “That dream!!”.Ishana asks

“what??”.Anika says”No…lets go home…I am not feeling good here!”.

Ishana nods and goes out…Anika asks herself “Am I getting mad??

Really?!!”.She gets shocked and screams “No!! Please!!”.And holds her

cheeks. She gets discharged and reaches home with ishana.She steps

out of car and sees the tree.She says “Everything started after going near

thus tree…”.She goes into home and rests…While Ishana cooking

something thinks of Priyanka’s harsh words…She asks “What I did to her??

Why she was angry at me?? Oh god!! This girl is driving me crazy!!”.

She goes to her room and takes a photograph and caresses it saying

“Why its hard to me?? To forget you???”. She wipes her tears and keeps the photograph

in cupboard and goes out.Here Anika sleeping gets a dream…She sees

someone holding a knife in her neck and threatening…She gets scared

and asks for help…her fear increases and she prays to God please save me!!

She tries to free herself from those tight hands but she couldn’t!! Soon

she losses hopes to get saved and thinks of a person “God!! Please let

me see his face at least …before dying…” She cries and sees more

injuries in her body…Not she partially getting thoughts “God!! How

was these injuries happened!!?? I was fine before!!”.Soon she feels pain

in her stomach and she losses her balance and falls down as those hands

left her hurting her neck!!.She thinks “What will happen to my goal!!??

And ..” She feels someone’s hand one her face and saying “Wake up!!

Wake up Anika!!”.She wakes up from sleep and shouts holding her stomach…

Ishana hears her sound and thinks “Anika??”.Anika touches her face and

Says “I heard that voice again!! And felt those hands !!”And holds her cheeks

Ishana comes and asks “Ani!!What happened!!??”.Anika feels some pain in

her stomach and gets shocked..scared and thinks “How can the pain remains??

It was just a dream!!”.Ishana sees her restless and asks “Anika!! Tell me

what’s going on??”.Anika says “Am I getting mad??”.Ishana asks “What!”.

Anika crys and says “Something is happening to me..but I don’t know what’s it!!”.

Ishana sees her stressed and hugs her consoling her…Anika recalls the dream

of seeing someone’s eyes…and says “Who was it!!??”.Ishana asks “Who?”.

Anika says “Those eyes!!”.

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