A Romantic Princess in a mysterious Adventure (Chapter 8)


Chapter 8:

Our chapi starts with Anika trains the students …while she

still thinking of the feeling..She sees Rudra and thinks

“I met him before but why I feel like ..I know him already…

Just…today I felt something strange…why??”.She sees

him doing wrong and goes to correct it…Rudra asks

“Di..can I ask something??”.Anika stares him in response.

He asks “What happened to you suddenly?? You ignored

me before…actually many times…but today I am really

curious…Why??”.Anika says in a calm voice”Today you

Stood there while the sword came towards you…and

not like others you had the guts today…In our previous

meetings you were just with curiosity of learning this…

But this time I felt the sincerity in you..so It chosen you..

Not me…I just gave you a sword to hold!!”.Suddenly she

feels dizzy and sees some scenes before her eyes and soon

she falls down…now she could not here anything just

a pair of eyes looking at her and told “Be strong Anika!!”.

Soon Rudra takes her in his arms and reaches hospital.

Withing few minutes Ishana reaches there running and asks

“What happened??! “.

Rudra: While training she fainted!! I don’t know what happened!!

Ishana: Sure she should have skipped her breakfast!! Once she

gets well I won’t leave her!!

Rudra : What??

Ishana:Nothing..I was..

Both sees nurse and asks her about Anika…and nurse says

“No need to worry…She would be fine…”

Both gets relieved and waits.

Here Anika lying in bed and doctor us checking her…

We can feel some voice and with us Anika too is hearing

some voice yes!! The same husky voice like came from

a gentle breeze…it said “Wake up…Wake up Anika!!”.

Suddenly she wakes up with a great force that made doctor

to startle…He asks “Are you okay??”.Anika looks at him

and asks “Why Am U here??”.Doctor says “Actually You fainted

suddenly…You are absolutely fine. Then what happened.??

Everything is normal physically!!”.She asks “Fainted??”.

And recalls Talking with Rudra ..She holds her head and says

“Yes I could remember…But I don’t know what happened

suddenly..”.Doctor looks at her and says “Then you have to

consult a psychiatrist..”.Anika gets shocked and asks “Did

you say I am mad?!!”.Doctor says “No I am not!!…You just

need some consultation…As you could gave fainted by stress!!”.

Anika gets thinking and says “No I am not taking thus…”.

She says “I have to go…I am okay..”.Doctor says “I have say

that Miss(He sees the report pad once and says) Miss.Anika..

You can’t decide that ok!! So be quiet and have some rest…”.

He goes out and here Anika thinking…Ishana gets in and hugs Anika

And asks “Have you eaten breakfast?? Or you forgot??”.

Anika thinks and says “No Ishana..I ate thus morning

But..”she thinks and worries..Anika sees Rudra and asks “You??

Here??”.Rudra says “Of course!! You fainted while talking to me..

How can’t I be here??!!”.Anika says “Ok..I am fine now You go…”.

Rudra nods and goes out says “take care …I will meet u tomorrow..”.

Ishana looks at her and asks “What happened Anika??”..

Anika looks at her and says “The dream…”.

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