A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 6)



Our Chapter starts with Anika seeing the door and gets angry seeing Rudra entering the room with a great Noise.She holds her sword tight and goes to him.Rudra seems he expected this stands alertly to defend himself.Rudra asks “Di!! Shall I join at least today??”.Anika at instant says “No !! You cant”.

Rudra hears the guys shouting and shouts “Silence Please!!”.Pointing a metal rod towards them…

Everyone just startled to hear his sudden voice and starts laughing…Anika looks at them and In a great anger goes before them and gives cold look…Soon the guys one by one stops laughing and looks at her…Anika in a plain voice says “Its really nice to see everyone…your classes would start with 15 minutes …before that I need to select some guys over you…who really deserves to be here..”.Everyone starts murmuring and someone again starts teasing her…Anika throws her sword in centre of them and everyone gets away from that…only Rudra was standing still seeing the sword.

Anika smiles and says in a cool voice ” Take it!!”.While saying she feels something or some strange feeling like it happened before!! She thinks “What’s this?? Is this situation happened before?? Why I am feeling this??”.She sees Rudra holding the sword and says “From now You are in!!! But be careful …I will remove u anytime..If I Am disappointed with you!!”.Rudra smilingly nods his head.Anika feels strange seeing him and thinks “Why cant I focus?? …I should meet ishana…”.

Here Ishana and Priyanka practicing…Master claps for them and says “You girls are really good in grasping fast..so for today take a break…we will see tomorrow..just practice this well..”.Both stands and packs their things. Ishana looks at Priyanka and about ask something.Priyanka starts leaving.

Ishana stops her and says “Priyanka! One sec…”.Priyanka turns “What now?? Are you not satisfied with what u have done??”.Ishana gets teary eyes and says “actually…How is..”.Priyanka angrily says “How can u just ask just like that?? like nothing you did?? Disgusting!!”.And walks out angrily…Ishana looks sad and feels bad.

Here Anika sees everyone doing warm up and thinks “What is happening
to me?? Oh my god!! Am i getting Mad!!??”.

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    Awesome.its like some fantasy

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