A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 5)


Chapter : 5 Passion Vs Profession

Anika and Varni smiles …Varni asks “How old fashioned!! Y u are doing this???

Just come to music classes Ani”.Anika with a simple and contented smile

Says “This gives me happiness Varni…you know what?? Whenever I hold this..”

Varni interrupts and says “No no Anika not again!! Already I am late”..Then they both crosses and Varni

goes to music classes and Anika to sword fighting…Varni takes her Violin and starts practicing…

Soon Priyanka(Ofcourse everyone should be a part of this ff!!) enters the room and sits near her.

She takes her violin and plays not even smiling at Varni…Varni while playing just takes a look at

her and continues playing…Soon their master enters the room and says “Good morning ladies!!”.

They both smiles and says “Good morning sir!!”.He keeps his things in an order and sits with his

violin.He asks “So…Two beautiful ladies..One came to make her passion into profession..(While

saying this he eyes at Priyanka… And then with a respectable eyes looks at Varni I mean Ishana

says ) And The another..After settled getting a Profession came to complete her childhood passion!!

Great!! I got some thirsty students this time!!”.Varni smiles and recalls Anika’s words”Varni!!

You always wanted to settle your life first without taking any risks…see Now u got what you

wanted!! And u are successful in that…I cant see you missing your childhood dreams…just

do what you need”.Varni says “No Anika…how can I leave my profession for my passion..I cant

do the stupidity..what you have done in ur life!!”.Anika was stunned and stares at her with painful

eyes..Varni cools herself seeing her like that and says “I am sorry Ani..I didn’t mean it..”.Anika

with a sad face says “I didn’t tell u to leave your profession…I just want you ..not to miss any

single wishes or dreams without completing it..thats it!!”.Varni says “Ok!! I will do it!! For you!!”.

Anika says “You think I made a great mistake right?? No!! I really feel my complete life by making

my passion as profession!!! Not even for a second I regret my decision in my life!!”

She comes out of flashback and enjoyingly plays…There Anika enters the room and sees everyone

I mean all are guys standing and looking at her shocked!! She walks with little hesitation and

unpacks her stuff near the locker.Soon she comes with sword and stands infront of them.

One of them asks “Really??? Are you going to teach us??”.Everyone laughs teasing her..

Soon with a great sound entered a man …Actually younger than her!! Hope you find him Wink

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    Is it rudra?? Episode is becoming more mysterious day by day its fab

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      Thank u dear!! I will try hard to make it most mysterious 🙂

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    Awsm episode……. Sorry for late comment…

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