A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4:

Ani goes towards her room window and sees the tree.She

says “I saw something…someone was there…whats that??

and who??”.She feels someone behind her and turns then

relaxes as its Varni.She says “Varni!! U just scared me!!

and where is my book?? I had my new pencilling works

in it!!”.Varni shows her book and gets satisfied as she

somewhat found it.Ani asks angrily. “Where was it ??

And definitely you have done something..tell me!!”.

Varni is about to escape but Ani catches her and asks.

Varni says “Actually I sent it with some books…to our

house in Kashmir…Thank God our PA was struck in traffic..

I caught him and your book too!!”.Ani leaves her and says

“I thought you would catch me then..but why you stopped ??”.

Ani gives an angry look and says “You took my scooter!! How

can I follow you??”.Varni giggles and asks “Di!! When you are

going to learn to drive car!! See I am younger ..I can go to

a race now…”.Ani says “Actually..I am not interested..”.

Varni teases her “No dii…actually you are scared!!”.Ani says

“No!! I am not!!”.They both starts running and chasing each other.

Both get ready in their rooms soon.Varni taking her tab,mobile,

And her car key.Here Ani her Book…and another book…and yeah

finally a notepad with pen.varni rushes and shouts from down “Dii..

I am going…so as usually you late!!”. And starts moving out laughing.

Ani smiles seeing her childishness and says “Mmm..as usual I have to

lock the house …”And starts her scooter.She suddenly stops seeing the tree

and recalls the moment.She says “Who was there??”.Soon Varni enters

a big building and Ani a library…Varni attending a presentation and Ani

again getting submerged herself in reading books and taking notes.

Alarm rings at 12 in Varni’s phone and Ani’s wristwatch.Soon they starts moving

out from their respective places and reaches at same point.Soon they take

their bags from their vehicles and gets in .They are walking and running.

They stops seeing a board it directed “Sword fighting in left and Music classes in right!!”.

Varni is standing left to ani and ani right to varni…They both smile and nod their heads.

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