A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 30) Blushing Shivaay

Chapter 30:

Anika wakes up from sleep and screams “Gauri??”. I saw her with Om

that day!!why is she in my dream?? It means…”.She holds her head and

starts walking hear and there…She sits and says “I have to know more

about the dream…”.She jumps on her bed and starts sleeping…She sees

Gauri in Princess’s attire and sees a lady talking to her…Anika gets shocked

hearing next conversations…”What!!? Om was about to get engaged to Gauri??”

She sees Gauri hearing something…”Om died..”.Gauri couldn’t believe this

Asks “Why are you saying this?? I always wanted to be with him…as a life

partner…How can he go alone?? And the girl?? He was going to meet his

friend!”.The lady says “She died while saving Om!!”.Gauri sits broken and

says “Leave …”.Everyone goes away …She is about to shout but stops suddenly

thinking something…”Bhaiyya??”.She runs somewhere hoping to see…

to check whether he is fine…She falls entering a room and sees Rudra lying dead!!

She screams “Rudra!!?? What happened??” She hugs him and cries …

And searches for someone…She stands and walks searching…Soon she starts running..

As a fear completely filled in her mind…She sees a girl lying on a man and she kneels down

In losing every hopes…She couldn’t do anything…She goes near them and sees the girl

and gets puzzled..shocked..broken…Her hands starts shaking…And holds her face and cries..

“Di..!!”.And falls Unconsciously…Anika wakes up in a shock…and confused…”What??

Di?? Why she called me di?? She was engaged to Om??”.She starts thinking and remembers

something and runs…She reaches aroom and searches something…She throws everything..

in anger and grabs something and sits ..She prays “Please..She..

should not be my…”.She opens the file..where her adopted parents

said that she had a family..and due to their poverty they

were convinced to give her…She sees the details…She sees that she had

a sister..and the name “Gauri..”.She closes the file and looks at mirror..

She throws the file and shouts “This can’t happen!! I was ok when

I can’t get my love!! But its not fair!!! She is my sister!! And Ishana is

my friend!! “.Her eyes filled with tears …Anger breaks the glass by her

hand…She says “Don’t do this!! Please I can’t handle this anymore…

Ishana and Om loved each other in past…and you punished My sister!!

Now …What about Ishana?? I can’t let this happen…and I can’t separate

Gauri from Om too…”.Soon she feels dizzy and sees her hands were already bleeding…

She thinks “Omg!! I should not die…And Shivaay?”.Shivaay wakes up from sleep

And sees around…He says “Who was that?”.He checks his room …He looks

at his injury and thinks “Anika…I should thank her…” He goes to sleep…

and couldn’t sleep..He recalls she ran away crying from there…He stands up and

says “I couldn’t sleep if I do not see and thank her..And I have to say sorry too..

Behalf of Rudra!!”.He goes ..thinking …”Why am I stressed?? I know I was worried..

But This is weird!!”.He reaches her home and sees light in a room…He thinks

“What are you doing Shiv ay!! Its 4 now!!! Who will accept your Thank you and

sorry this time??”.Seeing light glowing says “Someone might be there…”.

He climbs the wall saying “I am crazy!! I am doing a completely crazy thing…

Better I should inform my lawyer!! Anyhow she would handover me to police ..”.

He jumps inside the room saying “Finally !! I entered!!”.He sees a broken mirror

With blood…He is stoned to the core

seeing Blood in the floor…He follows the stains and sees Anika lying unconscious

holding her hand wrapped by cloth…His eyes gets tears and unexpectedly he

feels some pain..He gets away from emotions..and runs to her…He lifts her and

runs …He takes to hospital…And Is sitting outside an emergency ward…

Thinking…”Who is she?? Why am I crying seeing her like that!! And Why

mind is not working!!! And Damn!! Why U feel so …” He sees doctor and

asks how is she??”.Doctor says “is it a suicide attempt!!?? Then you did right

by wrapping a cloth around her hands…It prevented bleeding.. She will gain

conscious soon..”.He thinks “A suicide attempt!!?? Its because of Rudra!!

He insulted her and she..No!! She is not that coward…As she saved me

bravely..But now!! What happened to her!!?”.He goes inside and sits

beside her…Soon she gets conscious…and her voice mildly ..he tries to

hear…She starts blabbering..”I don’t want to die..please I don’t want to die..”.

O..jaana tune plays…He starts smiling…and soon his smile becomes laughter..

O jaana…khoya khoya rehta hai…Soon he blushes…She opens her

eyes suddenly…She smiles seeing Shivvay next to her and says”I thought

I cant see you forever…”Shivaay is shocked to hear this…


Anika says “I can’t risk anyone’s life without knowing full story…

What to do ..I need a long sleep for that…” She sees sleeping pills

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