A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3:

Our chapter starts with Varni running worried and says”God!! What I have done!!

How could I be so irresponsible!! I should have checked the cover!!”.She takes her scooter

and vanishes from there.Soon Ani reaches there and asks “Where she is going?? And…(She looks

keeps her hands over head shouting ) My scooter!! Why she took that?? She has her car!!??

I am gonna kill her..How will I follow her?? I don’t know to drive car!!”.She then sits at door

and waits for Varni.Soon she starts thinking of her dream and watches a tree straight to her

house’s gate.She finds something and goes near the tree.She peers into the branches but does

not find anything.She goes to touch it as she feels something strange and restless.She slowly forwards

her hand ..its just an inch she is taken back her hand suddenly.She steps back and hears Varni’s voice

calling her.She moves away from the tree but her shawl gets stuck.Soon wind blows fast and

all dry leaves starts flying around her.She tries to remove her shawl but she leaves it as Varni

pulled her forcefully and takes her in home..Here as soon as the girls entered their home wind

stopped and the shawl lies over the trunk.It gets a shape of an young man!! Looked like A man

with strange outfit…Actually with two swords..attractive helmet and shoes…Soon the the shawl

disappeared!!! And the Man too!!.

Here Ani still saying “Why are you pulling me hard !! Its paining Varni!!”.Varni shouts “What

was that?? You are inside that wind..that scared me…why did you go to that tree?? Don’t you

dare go there!!”.Ani hugs her and cools her “Okay Oka!! Chill baby!! I am not going there..Actually

I too little scared!! So definitely I wont ok??”.Varni nods her head.Ani thinks “What have I seen??

Something…Looked like a…”.

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  1. Nansshivika

    Omgg so mysterious ……..waiting for next

  2. Puvi

    oh god its so mysterious …….waiting to see nxt wht happens

  3. Anujohnson

    It is so mysterious!!!!too good…

  4. Nice . Waiting for next

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