A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 29) Om and Ishana!!

Chapter 29:

Hai guys I am really really reaaally very sorry..As I couldn’t

post my epis so long..But I promise you that this will be a

long one…and here our story continues with Ishana thinks

about things happened today and smiles…its flashback now..

Ishana paints the painting. …and Om was staring at that…

his eyes just seen worried who was looking at her and the

painting again and again…He was trying to figuring out

something…But nothing he got..as ge expected her to

remember the dream…

He thinks “Why does she paint

normally?? Is she acting?? If I could remember our past

Why can’t she??”.Ishana finishes her painting sees Om

staring her…She gets restless and remembers that

she had already seen him …while he was sitting in all

pain…she thinks..”Is he the same person I saw an year

ago?? That time he was of full pain depressed..and all

broken by heart… Why cant he remember me?? Am I

Made!! How can he?? He was already in pain that time ..”

Gauri knocks the door both of them comes out of their

Thoughts and Ishana looks at Gauri…She gets sad and

turns…Om asks “What??”.Gauri says “Actually..I came to

ask when we are leaving??”.Om looks at Ishana and

hesitantly says “After an hour..”.Gauri goes and he asks

Ishana to sit…He asks “So?”.She says “So…

Any other

work??”.He smiles and says “You are too workaholic!!

Actually I have to ask something…”.Ishana gets happy

And thinks “Thank god!! He remembered. .” He asks

“Did we see each other before??” And peers into her

eyes as he wanted to hear “Yes!!”.She is about to say

yes but she thinks “How can I say?? If I say he would

remember the sad things of that day!!” And says

“Actually ..no”.he gets disappointed and curses”Shit!!”.

She asks ” Did you say something??”.Om smiles and

says “No..Nothing…” She says “If I don’t have any work..

Can I go??”.He cant say go but he couldn’t stop her

So he hesitantly says “Ok then…See you tomorrow!!”.


comes to drop her out…She sees sets of movies…and

asks “Are you in any historic movie??”.He looks around the swords and attairs

and says “Yep!!”.Both walks…Ishana sees Om looking at her

and gets restless…She gets shocked seeing a sword falling

and shouts “Om!!” and pushes him away…Sword hits her hand

…Om in a shock remembers the dream…Where Ishana got shot

by arrows to save him..and she falls over him …His eyes filled with tears

comes out of the flashback and looks Ishana’s Hand bleeding!!

He runs and holds her and hugs her..Ishana stoned and shocked to the

core was looking into his eyes…She thinks “Why is he over reacting??”.

He takes her and does aid…She just staring at him..asks “Why are

you nervous??”.He can’t face her..says “How can you do this?? What

have you done..got hurt ..What’s the need to push me?? If it feel over

me that’s ok..it would be a small injury…”.Ishana gets sad …He asks

“You could have avoided this hurt!!”.She looks him so worried and

holds his hand “Its ok!! I can’t save myself when others life is in danger!!

And about this injury…It will cure in a week!! Why are you over reacting??”.

Om controls himself says “No yaar!! You are my guest..And you got hurt..

And I couldn’t do anything!!”.She smiles says “Then ok..next time…you

save me from getting hurt!! “.He asks “Are you planning to get hurt again??”

She laughs and he starts smiling..She says “Then ok I will leave now!!”.

He asks “Can I..” She stops “No!! I wil go myself!!”.Both bids a bye and

she goes smiling all the way to her home…Here Anika thinking about

Shivaay…She says “Thank God I have saved Shivaay today!! Otherwise

what would have happened??” she thinks of the incident while Saving

Shivaay …She sleeps and starts Dreaming!!…Anika sees a girl singing and

thinks “Who is this girl?? And what she is doing here??”. She looks at

OMG!!! GAURI!??in a Princess’s attair and dancing!!


Gauri says “I love Om!! And I can’t think a life without him!!”

She sees something and falls down unconscious…Anika wakes

up from dream and says “What?? Ishana and Gauri!??? Peilgai Raita!!

What to do?!!?”

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