A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 26)

Chapter 26:

Anika in her classes teaches everyone…She thinks about Ishana

“Ishana is sad seeing Om with a girl..I have to find who was that

girl..”She sees everyone tired and says “Take a break ..we will

continue in 15 minutes..”.She calls Rudra and asks Casually..

“How was the party?”.Rudra laughs “What di..I have to ask you

guys!! You tell me how was it??”.Anika thinks “What’s this…how to

ask?? He would start teasing me if i take Om’s name…But how could

I say …I am asking for Ishana…”.Rudra sees her talking to herself

asks “Are you ok?? If you wanna talk to yourself I can go away..”.

Anika manages with her cute kidkithod expressions…asks “I wanna

ask something…”.Rudra leans in his chair asks “About Om right??”.

Anika shocked says “No!! Actually yes..but not what you are thinking. .

I know someone who likes Om…so I want to help her ..”.Rudra asks

“Really?? I thought you are interested in him…Thank God!!”.Anika

gets anger asks “Thank God?? Why?? What’s problem with me.?”.

Rudra says “No no dii…how can I call you Bhabhi..!! If you marry him!!”.

He shouts imagining her stabbing him “Noo;!!!”.Anika looks him coldly

“Finished?? Lets talk ..Actually I saw a girl …Om proposed her..”.Rudra

gets shocked” What?? Om??”.Anika says “Yes!! “.Rudra understood that

she saw the shoot and laughs “Di..how can you be so stupid!?? “.He falls

down from his chair and laughs…rolling on the floor..Anika gets anger

and stabs a sword near his hand..Rudra startled and gets scared “Di..

Sorry..actually I over reacted…”.Anika asks “Who was the girl??”.Rudra

controlling his laughter says “She is an actress…and Om was shooting a

scene”.After telling he starts laughing together with Anika…as she too

got happy …They both stops as the class was watching them(Typical

Devar Bhabhi thing) Anika says “Then I will unite her with Om!!”.Rudra

asks “Her?? Who??”.Anika says “Someone!! Why you care??”.Rudra says

“hello di!! He is my bro ok?? Tell me about the girl…I have to know..

Cant I know about my future Bhabhi??”.Anika thinks and asks “Ok..Ishana

and me!! Whom will you choose as your Bhabhi??”.Rudra immediately

says “Ofcourse Ishana di!!”.Anika lifts her eyebrows and folds her hands.

Rudra shocked says “Don’t stab me now!!” And kneels down…She smiles

saying “Its for Ishana!!”,Rudra says “Wow!! That’s great!! I love Ishana di!!

I hope Om too like her!!”.Anika and Rudra does Hi-fi and continues the classes…

Here Shivaay walking into an office for a meeting…He steps in a room…and THE

TIME STOPS…EVERYTHING IS STILL…Here Anika sees everything stopped and gets

shocked..She soon dragged by someone …she hears”I told you…not to do anything…

Let things happen!!”.Anika not got some guts to speak..but still her voice and words

stammered..”I am doing …whats right…”.The grip becomes too tight now and the

whisper reaches her deap her and awakens a deadly fear…as it said “Your Love!!

Will be at risk now!!”.Anika stunned says “Anyhow..I wont get it anyway…I know

the curse won’t make me to get my love..Then why you are threatening me??”.

The voice sighs “The Love …will happen when the person would be alive right??”.

And Anika falls down hearing those smirking laughing sound all over her…

Her eyes filled with scare…something made her restless…and stumbling…

She says “Shivaay!! Your life is at risk!!”.THE TIME STARTS MOVING…EVERYTHING

GETS NORMAL…MOVING…but Anika can’t become normal…She forgot everything

Her mind was filled with those heart wrenching words…She sees around her for Rudra

and runs nervously…Rudra asks “Di!! What happened?? Why are you crying??”.She

said “Where is Shivvay now??”.Rudra asks “What??”.She takes his mobile and asks

him “Call him!! I have to know!!”.Rudra sees her strange and calls ..Shivaay attends the call

…Rudra asks “Bhaiyya ..Where are you??”.Shivaay asks “Is everything fine Rudra?? Why

you are nervous??”.Rudra asks “Just say where are you..”.Anika Being restless takes phone from

Rudra and hears the venue…at instant she hears a blasting sound…She stunned and stood in

a shock…She in a low voice as her throat blocked says “Shivaay!!”.She runs out..Rudra

says “What happens to her?? I have to go with her!!”.Anika reaches the building and sees

everything covered with fire…smoke…She tries to enter but the cop stopped her…She

gets angry now and wants anyhow to save Shivaay runs in…She crying…running…goes inside..

She stops hearing a voice “Help!!”.She sees Shivaay in a room trying to escape…She sees

him trying to open the door which is locked from outside…She opens the door and Shivaay

looks at her shocked…He says “You??”,She holds his hand and drags him crying happily…

Soon they reach a certain place…they could not walk anyway…She says “We have to jump!!”.

Shivaay gets shocked seeing its from second floor says “What noway!!”.She says “We don’t

have any other way…”.Shivaaay says “It would be better to die here..than to jump!!”.Anika

gets anger and holds his shirt “Ain’t you sick of dying!! It will be always better to leave everything

And die!! Learn to fight!! “.O jaana..plays..Shivaay says “I didn’t said I wanna die…This time

I will fight!!”,Anika gets shocked thinks “Does he too remember those dreams!??”,She leaves

him and he says “Yes! This time I will jump!! Don’t worry.. I am not ready to die soon…I have

to live..actually for long!!”.Both smiles seeing each other…koya koya rehtha hai…dhil tadak ke

kehatha hai…Thu hai mere jeene Ki vajah…o jaana…o jaana…He says”First you jump..Ladies

first right??”.Anika says “No first you..”.Shivaay says “How can I leave you here..”.Anika sees

Rudra down and signing the net is ready…She says “Brothers!!”.Shivaay asks “What??”.

She pushes him (Exactly how she pushed yesterday in the episode!!) Shivaay screams

“What the hell!!”.He falls in the net and looks at her…She now gets teary eyed and asks

“Why is this happening to me?? If I can’t. get you. .why I am supposed to meet you…??”..

Rudra notices she is standing still..not jumping…He shouts “Anika dii…jump!!”.Anika just

seeing Shivaay crying doesn’t listens Rudra …Shivaay to looking her asks “Why is she standing

Still..and staring me…”.He listens Rudra shouting her name and shouts “Anika!!”.She gets out.

Of her thoughts and sees around ..Shivaay shouts “Jump!!”. Anika smiles happily and jumps

in the net where Shivaay is still in the net…Both share an intense eyelock…O jaana plays…

Ishq hai ansoon..ishq hai nagma…ishq sukoon hai chaahat hai..plays


Om sees Ishana painting …He comes behind close to her and stares at her painting…

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