A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 25)

Chapter 25:

Really I am sorry guys fa taking too long to post this…

But still I am happy that I could make it today!!

Here starts…

Ishana says “Anika I don’t like here lets go…”.

Anika thinks “I have to do something…to make ishu meet Om..”.

Rudra comes there and takes them in.Everyone are busy ..happy..

Exactly (As yesterday’s episode) Anika sees everyone happy and

thinks “Family …a priceless thing…” She just smilingly sees everyone

looks at Ishu who is sad…She goes to her ..A voice stopped her…

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen…I welcome you all for my Rudy’s Bday

party…” Anika just stopped to do everything and looks at the man…

As the voice made her to remember every moment of her dreams…

An another voice started taking and here Ishana looking somewhere

Listens without any great shock…And Rudy enters saying “A person

who has brothers Worry for nothing…And I am a luckiest person..to have

have an Elder brother who can fight with the fate…And Family means everything

To him..” Shivaay gets tears hearing these from Rudra and hugs him…

And Om comes ” Hugging without me??”.Trio hug and says “Dil Bole Oberoi!!”

Celebrations starts and everyone enjoying..Om notices Priyanka in anger staring At

Ishana…Om goes to her “What happened Prinku..Is everything ok?”.Priyanka

in anger says “Don’t know how can a girl be so irritating…I hate her…and she is the

reason for our family’s great tragedy..”.Om gets shocked and asks “What are you saying??”.

Priyanka says “Yes Bhaiyya…she was the one…who killed our Kunal…by locking him

in that dark room…by which he died ..”.Om shocked and asks “How you know??”.

She says “Bhaiyya I saw her locking the door on that day…and I didn’t know

Kunal was inside the room…”.Om says “I will not leave her…where is she??”.

She is about to show Her but Anika takes her…She says “She was here…where did she gone??”.

Om asks “Tell me her details..”.He angrily says “Now you cant escape from me

Ishana…”.And party gets over and Shivaay sees Rudra talking to Anika…He thinks

“She?? ” he thinks about her as she said his mind thoughts before…He says “I have

to talk to her…”.He sees Rudra and searches for her…Rudra sees him searching..

asks “Whom are you searching??”.Shivaay ignores to tell him and Says “None..!!

Actually I wanna ask you..How could you suddenly become Senti Singh Oberoi??

That’s none of your features!!??”.Rudra smiles and says “Great right!!?? I have a

Master with me…who can explain me everything…”.Shivaay says “So your master

helped you…”.And both of them sees Om disturbed asks “Is everything ok??”.

Om smiles and says “Yeah!! But I am tired…”.Trio have some obro moment and goes…

Next day…Om at his office sees Ishana’s number and stares…He says “You are an Artist..

and I can call you for my work..”.He calls…he hears her voice and says “Is this Ishana??

I need you to be in my office in 15 minutes…and I am sending you the venue…”.

and the call ended…Ishana says “Who is he?? Is he mad??”.She does her regular works and goes to

her classes…After 15 minutes a call comes from the same number..she attends and asks

“Who are you??”.Om says “I asked you to be in my office…you didn’t…”.Ishana interrupts

“Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi!! I can’t ..”.She ends the call and attends the classes…After finishing

her classes she sees a car waiting for her …She asks the driver “Who are you??”.She gets

angry and goes to her office ..Om hears that She owns a company and went to her office says

“Nice…now I too want to become a business man!”.He calls someone …Soon Ishana gets a call

and is shocked to hear something…She in great anger goes out…She reaches Om’s office..

Om sees Ishana entering and gets stunned!!! Ishana walks in with great anger and enters his cabin..

Ishana in angry tone “Are you a Director or A stupid??”.Om still in a shock says “Are you an Artist??”.

She says “I am here for Business!!”.Om asks “I needed an artist for my next movie…you didn’t came..

So I took help of business to bring you here”.Ishana says “You could have told me that before..how..”

She stopped as Om turns and sees her in an empty look…She asks “You??”.Om says “Yeah me!!”.

She stopped talking and Om comes to her…He says “I needed a painter for my next script..Actually

I can paint..but I am not well-versed…if its matter of statues I wouldn’t have called you…”.

Ishana says “Actually I am little busy..as I left a conference in between…I can meet you in 2 hours..”

Om says ok and she goes out thinking “I met him!!”.Om sees her going says “I met her before…

How can this happen?? Which is real??”.He gets tears and looks at her…


Anika gets a call and shocked …she sees Shivaay in a building on fire…She screams “Shivaay!!!”.

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