A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 21)

Rudra walking out suddenly stops at doorstep thinking something

seriously…He turns asking “You separated Om and his love…”.He

suspiciously asks “The person separated my love too…”.Now

Shivaay sees him emotionally says “Listen to me once..”.Rudra

shocked to the core asks “You?? So!! You are the one who made

her to leave me…”.Shivaay holds him to console but he pushes him

away and asks “How can you do this?? ” and kneels down crying ..

He stops suddenly and asks “Did you just sent her somewhere or killed

her??”. Shivaay looks at him with guilt and says “Let me explain Rudra..”.

Rudra stunned and lost …says “So you killed her too right!!?? Then why

you left me?? Already you are done with Om!! And now you are going to

Live without me too. .”.Shivaay holds his sword with his hand saying

“Stop talking Rubbish Rudra!! You are a Prince!! You cant leave your

life just for a girl!!”.Rudra sees him calmly says “I wish to kill you…

But I cant do that cheap thing what you have done to us..”. He takes

Shivaay’s sword and kills himself.Shivaay just looked horrified stays

looking at Rudra falling down dead!!.Anika wakes up and sits horrified

same Shivaay’s reaction on her face…She says “Rudra!! How can you

die too…But why am I feeling Shivaay’s pain more…??”.She sees her

mobile and calls Rudra…She hears his voice and asks “Are you ok??”.

Rudra asks “Hello di!! I have to ask you that…as you are sick..just come

soon na..I am bored here!!”.She ends the call and says “He is fine!!”.

She recalls the story “So..Shivaay..Omkara…Rudra…and Ishana and me..

Who was Rudra’s girl??”.She gets thinking and says “If Shivaay had

killed her..she would be in this world..if not so..She would not be here now!!”.

She gets shocked and says “God!! I cant pray that should be dead in that story..

But I need to unite them here…”.She soon gets ready and calls Rudra…

She asks him to meet her in a mall..Anika sitting opposite to Rudra asks

“You have two brothers right??”.Rudra nods “Yes”.She asks “Om got married…”.

She wishes to ask about Shivaay still she cant see his face in dream…

And eager to know about him…Rudra sees her and laughs suddenly.

Anika asks “Why are you laughing suddenly?? Have you gone mad??”.Rudra

Says “Actually I lied you before!!”.Anika shocked asks “What??”.Rudra says

“Actually Om…””.Anika suddenly”Is not married right??”.

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  1. Hateera

    Hai friends I like add precap today….

    In next epi Omkara walks to a girl with bouquet and kneels down in front of a girl…Ishana walking towards him stops seeing him and smiles…Om says “I love you Baby”….Ishana’s smile vanishes slowly… And tears rolling down from her eyes..

  2. Nansshivika

    Scary Precap.and the episode like always superb.

  3. Superbbbbb….

  4. Awesome dear…

  5. Superb update…

  6. Mrunal

    update was fabulous like as usual…
    very interesting…

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