A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 20)

Anika opens her eyes and sees herself lying in room…

and looks at Ishana staring her and tries to sit.Ishana asks

‘What is your problem Anika??Why are you behaving crazy??”.

Anika still silent suddenly asks “How am I here??”.Ishana

folds her hands and says “Really?? Thank God I followed you

last night..or I don’t know what would have happened!!”.Anika

lies and starts to think…She starts sleeping…Here Ishana enters

her room and closes the door.She holds the sofa and says “I..

saw him…yesterday…Is this hallucination??”.She recalls that she too looking

via window and followed but she missed chance to see him seeing Anika

lying unconscious…Ishana says “Again I have to wait…”.She gets

a thought and jumps in happiness”He is near to me…!! Somewhere but

not very far!! Sure I will find him!!”.Anika sleeping sees Rudra walking

fast angry …he shouts “Bhai!! Where are you??”.He hears some noise

goes inside a room and sees A Man sitting with a sword…He asks “You

know what happened..but why are you sitting still..?? Just go and help

Om!!”.The man turns saying “If he goes out..just because of that stupid

girl..I can’t help him!!”.Rudra gets angry “Please bhai!! Talk with respect!!”.

He says “A girl who tries to join our family just because of money..I will never

respect those..”.Rudra shocked asks “Don’t you know anything??”..He says

“What??”.Rudra says “Bhai!! Bhabhi died!! While saving Om!!”.His face had

completely changed reaction asks “What?!!”.Rudra says “She got the shot

while saving Om!! And she lost her life…Om too went out of palace..and

he is too furious on you..”.The man turns and holds Rura asking”When did

this happened??”.And he little shocked than previous now.seems he didn’t

Expected this news…He asks (Of course in a Shivaay Singh Oberoi tone!!)

“Do you find where he went??”.Rudra says “I have sent some soldiers after

him”.Shivaay goes out saying “Hope he is okay..”.He stops seeing soldiers

standing with heads down…He shouts “Why are you standing simply ?? Just go

..”.He stops shocked seeing the soldiers moved away…He sees Om lying on bed

Asks “Is he sick still??”.Others didn’t open their mouth..Shivaay goes near him

He touches his face hesitantly as he understood what happened..but still his heart

didn’t admit it..He asks “I just wanted to separate..”.Rudra hears this and asks

“Separate??”.Shivaay shocked and Manages “To ..save”.Rudra says cautiously

“Bhaiyya!! Please tell me the truth!! Did you plan to kill Bhabhi??”. Shivaay shouts

“Dont tell that stupid your Bhabhi!! She doesn’t deserve this life!! And Om!!”.

Rudra asks “The person died saving your brother is such stupid and the person

Killed her is talking nonsense..family..blood!”.Shivaay cries seeing Om and shouts

“Everything happened because of her!! I just wanted to remove her from his life!!

Just for Om…and you..”Rudra says “Stop it!! You are sick of it!! Cant you see what happened??

Our brother died bhaiyya!! Just because of you…yes you are the reason..I am ashamed to

see you and even tto be a brother of you!!”.Shivaay asks him to mind his words as

he is his elder to him.Rudra says “Don’t ever say this!!”.And walks away angrily…

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    After a long tym, this one is superb. Shivay is so obsessed with name fame n all waiting for shivika story

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    hey dear….
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