A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2:

Our chapter starts with A girl (Actually we are seeing from her

back view) searching something fast and messing all things in

her room.She finally sits in distress that she lost something

precious.Her eyes were shown which has the mixed emotions of

Curiosity to find that anyhow…soon it gets disappointed ..

and started to cry …Pearl eye drops peeps out her eyes and falls

on her hands bursting into many droplets…”What the hell!!??”.

Cried Varni standing at door.Ani looks at her like a pet dog with her

her eyes…Varni’s madness melted seeing her tears and runs to her.

“What happened??”.Ani just simply looks at her and starts crying “I

lost it!!”.Varni puzzled “You lost what??”.Ani hugs her and says “My

Art book!!”.Varni asks “What?? How..and where??”.Ani starts saying

“Yesterday I came back from work …My new art work book…I kept in

my room..see..on this table!! But its not here now!!”.Varni seeing her

younger sister’s tears she too gets emotional and suddenly remembered

something shouts “Oh My God!!”.She looks Ani staring her in shock

as she shouted suddenly.Then she asks “The book which was in that

blue cover!!??”.Ani jumps in happiness and hugs her saying”Thank God!!

You kept it safe…I thought I lost it!!”.Varni worriedly untights her hug

says “Actually…”.She couldn’t say the truth so she stands and starts

going out “I have an important work now…So …(She runs fast saying)

I have to leave!!”.Ani looks at her weird “She ran ??? Definitely she

did that again!!…Varni you lost today!!”.She too goes following her…

Hai guys….really happy to see your support in very first episode…Thank you all dears and please keep supporting me!! Love you all

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    Awsm episode……

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      Thanks for supporting guys ..really felt happy to see you guys

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    Nice! Waiting for the next update.

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