A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 16 )

Om walks out in great anger which made him to shout ..cry..

He thinks of his family how insulted her…And he says thinking

a person “Only you can do this!!! I can’t make you win …

In this do or die war…how can you take her instead of me…

You are going to regret this all your life…No how Will I let you

live long…I will end your life very soon.. “Rudra asks from

behind..”How can you say sure that he killed Bhabhi Om??”.

Om angryily holds him and says “Because He was the one who

wanted to get rid of her…and can go to any extent to save the

respect of our family..”.Rudra consoles him “I know Om…He can

even die for that reason…but he would never kill anyone…

In fact the one u love!!”.Om breaks down saying. “Finally he won

in saving the family’s name right??! I am not going to leave him!!

And I cant stay in this place for even a second!!!”.He goes angrily

and Rudra holds him “No Om!! You cant go..

This is your place.

And you cant leave your family..”.Om takes his hand from his grip

and says “It was Rudra!! Not anymore!! Now I got who are real and

Who wanted me to be happy!!”.He moves out broken and thinks of

Ishana…He stops and turns…He sees the palace and says thinking

someone. “Pray to not to meet me in. Your life…When you come next

to me!! At the moment you will be dead!! Even in next birth!!”.Anika

wakes up in morning and sees Ishana arranging things in her room…She

smiles seeing her and wonders If she is in love…And was curious to hear

Om’s name!! Anika hesitate to ask but asks slowly “Ishu!?? “.Ishana

While arranging says “Hmm”.

Anika : Can I ask you something??

Ishana: Haan..haan..but pease ask fast..I have a lot to do..

Anika:Do you like someone??

Ishana :(Stopped arranging..was thinking) why are you asking thus??”

Anika:I was wondering…

Ishana :No!!

Anika : At least any crush??

Ishana: I said no!! And..don’t ask this crazy things hereafter..

Anika worried thinks “I thought…Om would be in her life..but..”.

Soon she starts getting ready…While going she sees the tree and recalls

and says “The dress!! It was the same thing I saw in that tree!!”.

She stops and thinks to go near the tree…

But gets scared…She goes out and still thinking of the dream…

She reaches her classes and sees Rudra ..She gets happy and says “Idea!!

I can get the details about Om!! After all he is his brother…If I ask his

family details he would say..!!”.She goes to him and asks “Rudra..”.

She asks “Do you have..”.Rudra suddenly says “A girlfriend right!!??”.

Anika looks his angrily and thinks “How silly!!?? How can he ask me like

that!!”.Anika says “A brother!! Actually I asked you..do you have any brother?”.

Rudra thinks something and says “No..”.

Anika disappointed and turned

Rudra:Not a brother…I have two

Anika :(Shocked..happy …feeling crazy!!) Really!!??

Rudra: (puzzled) Yes!! But why are you asking?? Do you..

Anika:Names?? Their names!!

Rudra:(Seeing her very crazy says) Omkara..I will call him Om!! And…

Anika happily jumps and stops suddenly asks “Is he Married??”.

Rudra looks at her and says “Yes!!”.

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  1. Nansshivika

    Oh no he is married??? And who is the person om warning? Shivay or tej?? How come anika is getting all visions is she part of it? So many questions its so good.superbbbb

    1. Hateera

      It will be soon dear…And keep guessing…And I will make sure to surprise you everytime…

  2. Kavya347

    Woh…the end was shocking. Om married????? But i am sure that the next part is going to be even more wonderful. The episode was amazing. Loved it a lot

    1. Hateera

      Stay excited always..And I can imagine your reaction…and keep wondering dear!!

  3. Its awesome…… Update nxt part soon…..

    1. Hateera

      Yeah ..I am working on it!!

  4. Is it their next birth ???
    Oh god …how mysterious !!!
    Waiting for the next one eagerly !!!
    Post soon

  5. Fabulous.. Waiting for the next update…

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