A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 15 )

Soon Anika feels restless.while dreaming…as she cant see

Ishana like that..She feels bad…Soon the person walks out fast..

And goes out near horse…Of course that was A man!! And he is

about to climb up …Anika raises her hand while dreaming …

To pull him back..and shouts save her!!!! Like a miracle..The man

falls down by a force!! And Anika wakes up from sleep shouting

“Save her Rudra!!”.She holds her face and cries badly …Soon she

runs madly to the room to Ishana…She runs forcedly near her and

sees Ishana falling on ground..just like how she fell in her dream…

Anika looks shocked at her and calls softly “Ishu?? Ishu wake up!!

What happened??”.Ishana doesn’t open her eyes and Anika shouts

her to wake up…Ishana startled hearing the noise and looks at Anika

shocked. ..Anika crying but burst out laughing hugging her…Says

“You gave me heart attack!!”.

Ishana couldn’t understand anything asks “Is..is everything ok??” Anika wipes her tears and says “I am.

Ok ! Actually…Sorry you just sleep…I will see you in morning…”.She walks to her room

thinking “Rudra?? Is he too?? But why is this happening to me…how am I related to them..

Ishu is there…Rudra is there…Om?? Really!! Om too…will be on this world??”.She bites

her nails in nervousness and says “Anika…you are getting mad… At least you should be

there…how come I was not there?? I am the dreamer!! Dont I have the main role…what’s

this …this dream too making fun out of me…She sees her hand and says “Wait!! I pulled him !!

In dream??”.She holds her cheeks in fear and cries silently so that Ishana doesn’t hear her…She

runs into her room and and falls on her bed restlessly…She asks “He should saved Ishu right??”.

Soon she sleeps and sees Rudra fell on ground and looking around…Angrily..”.He now again climbing

and moves out…here Some men came running near Ishu and takes her…while they talking..We

can understand that they a obeying their owner…Anika wonders!”At which gap he alerted them??”.

Soon Rudra goes to place and finds Om getting treated…He orders to shift him to palace and thanks the

Old man..The old man says about the girl saved Om and tells her health condition to Rudra…Rudra

gets teary eyed and rushes back to palace…Soon he walks in and feels worried…He enters the room

and sees Ishana in serious state and stands near her…He says “I thought you guys would be happy…

And have happy ending…but I didn’t expected to end like this..What I will tell Om??”.

Ishana opens her eyes and says slowly..”He did the most…

But its my turn to give him… Tell him ..I won’t give up next time!!”.Rudra

holds hands crying says “No Bhabhi!! You cant do this to us!! Please..don’t say

this again…”.She says “If you save me even…My hurt in head will make me

loss my memories at once I get hyper…and I don’t want to erase those memories…”.
Rudra shocked and asks ” Please don’t do this!!”.

Rudra cries and stops feeling someone holding him…He turns and sees Om…standing…

Rudra hugs him crying and goes out…Om sits in front of Ishana and looks at her blankly..

She controls herself so that she couldn’t get hyper…He holds her hands and asks “Do

you have that courage to leave me here?? Alone??”.Ishana at instantly cries saying “I really

don’t want to..!!”.And faints slowly…Om looks at her crying painfully holds her wrist to check pulse…

He gets nervous and shouts calling doctor…He holds her hands while they treating her…Soon

they become silent and says that she was no more…Om devastated says “Finally you left me…

With full of guilt that I killed you!!”.He behaves abnormal which makes everyone scared…Rudra hugs him

to console..but Om pushes him and goes saying”I won’t leave anyone !!! Everyone will be dead!!”.

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