A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 14)

Soon she reaches a big wall with was made of strong

And giant rocks..it looks like a compound wall of a

Fort .wait!! Ofcourse it is a fort..She seriously searches

something near the bush and sits wincing in pain…

She says “Om…How nice it would be..if you were here..

How will I find it now??”.She recalls Something and stands..

The statue!!!.She now hurries to search a statue and finds it.

She smiles crying and recalling…Om’s words “I will take of

everything here!! You just reach the place safely!! Ok??”.

She recalls how he met a month ago in her small hut in disguise

of a normal man..asked water…

And started meeting her often

as he too interested in arts…slowly they. Liked each other!!

Finally he took her to the fort to make her meet his family…

Unexpectedly..his family opposed his love and tried to kill Ishana..

And Om with great difficulty makes her escape via this same

secret way last time…And while leaving her he promised to meet her

near the falls…But before meeting him she decided to go far away from

him..so that he wont become weak in front of his family..And also determined

not to think about the fort…she smiles painfully and says “Now!! I have to

enter the place..which I hate the most!! Only for my Om!!”.
She prays God and pushes the statue in and sees the way opening

In front of her..she sees the dark way and gets scared..she gets

shivering too as she felt really cold even last time..but The way Om

brought her mad her smile and says “I cant stop like this..”.

She enters

and starts running..as she doesn’t have much time now…She checks the

hurt ..as it really painful now and she feels the bleeding increases whenever

she runs fast…Soon she reaches a big door…She looks at it happily and opens it!!

She sees big and bright room in front of her and her eyes couldn’t see clearly..

As she came all the way in darkness…Her eyes searched someone…

But her body didn’t supported her to move…She falls down with no strength

in her…She tries hard to stand.but unsuccessful in it!!.Soon she heard some

sound…someone is walking…Ishana gets alert and makes some noise by pushing

some small things…Soon the sound heard very loud…And ishana’s concious is

failing her to do…now she feels someone near her…

Ishana moves her hand to hold Her/him..but she just said “Om!!!got shot!!…And his is in .. “.Suddenly the hands

pulls her with great force and with the equal concern!! Held her..Ishana sees the

face and smiles saying “Near village temple!! In danger..please …hurry !!”.And soon

her eyes failed to open and those hands left her gently on ground again and walked away!!.

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  1. Its superbb…..

  2. Nansshivika

    Who was that person ??? the episode like always rocking

  3. Amazing episode…

  4. Kehkasha

    Hey dear its fantastic….but plz try to post the next soon…..as now it is hard to wait……till the mystery gets solved…..
    Amazing….keep going…

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