A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 13)


Anika sleeps on her bed thinking…She sees Ishana …

Ishana wakes up wincing in pain and sees Om unconscious

and gets shocked..She worriedly wakes him “Om!!Om ??

please wake up!!”.She shakes him hurrily and asks “Please

Om!! I cant see you like this…wake up please…I am not

still done with you and you cant leave me like this!!!”.Om

smiles saying “Still do you wanna fight??”.But closing his

eyes…She feels his pain by his voice and says “Om!!

Open your eyes!!”.And gently pats his face…Om opens

his eyes ..but nit completely…He is in semiconscious state..

She makes him stand and both walks slowly…Ishana looks

around carefully and makes sure no one follows them..

Soon she reaches a old man’s home.She knocks the door

and he takes both if them in…She helps him to treat Om..

The old man notices her Hurts and asks “Child…you too

got hurt??”.Ishana doesn’t hear anything as she too feels

dizzy…She holds Om’s hand tight and cries “You always

Stood strong for me Om!! And become weak because of me…

I don’t want you to fight with your own family just because

of this normal girl like me.. ..”.She sees him and says “Om!!

I wish I could change the incidents and erase those memories…

Which made you weak!!..I don’t want you to leave your rights in

Because of me…”.Shewipes her tears and says “So…I am going away..

Far away..”.She stands up with great difficulty..and thinks “how

nice it would be…if your family accepts me…but nothing like that is going

To happen..”.She steps out but a hand holds her from going out…

She gets damn shocked and says “Om??”. And turns to see the old man

saying “Wheelre are you going??”.She says “To complete a work!!”.

And turns determinantly!! He asks ” Is thus work important than him??”.

She gets teary eyed and says “I am going for him!!”.He says “If you go

in thus state you may die!!”.She calmly says “Even I stay here I will die!!”.

The old man asks “Child!! What are you saying??”.Ishana says “I know about

my wound..and I too a doctor…Please take care of him!!”.

He asks “What will I say to him?? If he asks you??”.Ishana says “Tell him..

Even if he gives up next time!! I would never give up on him!!”.., and goes painfully..

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  1. Nansshivika

    So painful n emotional.superb

  2. Puvi

    It was so heart touching pls reveal the suspense soon i eagerly waiting to know the suspense

  3. SamSun

    What an emotional track and I am loving it?.

  4. Yashu

    Superb waiting 4 nxt…..

  5. Kehkasha

    Its toooo good. More than that it is full of suspense, just can’t figure out what happen next. And all the credits goes to u dear.

  6. very emotional and nice…. Waiting for the next update…

  7. Its was so emotional???
    Loved it….. Update soon

  8. Mrunal

    hey u r fab yaar…
    i am unable to find anything..
    full too suspense i am loving it…

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