A Romantic Princess in a mysterious Adventure (Chapter 12)

Anika looks at Rudra strange biting her nails “Rudra..Rudra..!! Rudra!!??

Really?? How I know his name?? And I felt him so close to me..but how!!??”.

She thinks of her dream and says “What would have happened to them??

God!! Please they should be fine!!(She gets worried thinking the shots)

Ishu got two shots..and Om one but in his chest!! Both are really …”.

She sees Rudra opening his eyes and asks “Are you planning to stay here?”.

Rudra startles and asks “Am I sleeping?? You would have woken me up!!”.

Anika looks him coldly and asks “What’s your name??” And thinks “Please

God!! Already I am in great mess!!!

It should not be Rudra!!..please please!!”.

He says “Rudra..”.She keeps her both hands on her head says “Everything is

over!! How much crazy I have become!! I am mad!! Totally!!”.Rudra looks

weird and asks “Is any problem??”.Anika smiles and says “Nothing Rudra!!

You can go !! Its my fate!!”.Rudra says “Ok bye!!”.Anika looks him going

out and says “Something is gonna be happen for sure!! But I don’t know what!!”.

She picks her things and goes home…Here Ishana playing violin with Priyanka

As usual tries to talk but Priyanka acts rude and Ishana feels bad…Ishana

Thinks “What happened to her?? After her schoolings also she was good…

But…”.Classes end and both packs things…Ishana gets Anika’s thoughts

And says “She would have done something..I have to. take to her!!”.

Today she leaves before Priyanka..thus makes Priyanka to get anger

and says “Is she showing attitude to me??”.

Ishana following Anika sees her happy and smiling broad…

Soon she reaches home goes to her room…Ishana reaches home and searches Anika now..

Anika sees her bed and study table…I have work but…I even want to

make a logo for a company…She sits in her chair and starts drawing some

logos…Sje thinks of the symbol in Om’s clothes and without realizing

she draws that symbol and goes to sleep. …Soon the symbol in paper…

The paper starts flipping by wind and flew away from the room via window…

Soon it flies and reaches the trunk of that tree!!! It disappears suddenly!!

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  1. Nansshivika

    Omggg I am getting goosebumps with this mystery.its such a beautiful magical story

  2. Puvi

    Wow yar its such amazing story and it is full of suspense and thrill post asap soon dear

  3. WOW……..its amazing
    wat will happen nxt……..its full of surprises……
    update soon……

  4. SamSun

    this is such a mysterious ff. perfect name for it mysterious adventure!!!! pls clear the suspense I cant take it anymore I will blast with ideas and imaginations and what now. waiting for next epi

  5. Mrunal

    yeah i agree perfect name yaar
    once again u gave a superb mystery filled episode…
    i love suspense a lot…
    so i am madly in love with ur ff…

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