A Romantic Princess in a mysterious Adventure (Chapter 11)


Anika screams “Ishana!!” And falls down from her bed and gets hurt in her forehead…She still didn’t realise it was a dream… She tries to stand but she cries thinking the dream was true.. She gets really scared and restless …She breathes heavily and Says to herself”Please!! Nothing should happen to her!! She would be fine!!”.Soon she reaches ishana’s room and opens the door. She sees her sleeping and gets emotional…She goes to her and sits down near her face…She holds her hand and cries saying “I thought I lost you Ishu!! You were right!! Those are just dreams..!! Just some scary nightmares!! I won’t let anything happen to you!!! Thus is my promise!!”.She caresses her face and sleeps there holding her hand…Its morning Ishana wakes up and sees Anika sitting holding her hand tight…She gets shocked and worried calls “Anika?? “.Anika wakes up from sleep saying”Nothing will happen to you ishu!! I wont let …happen!”.

Ishana says little loudly”Really!! Again that dream???”.She shakes her to wake her…Anika startles and opens her eyes…Ishana looking her with a weird look says “Are you kidding me??”.Anika thinks “I won’t say anything from now ishana…First I have to find some answers myself…and sure… One day I will tell you everything!!”.She smiles and says”No Ishu…actually I was scared last night..you know that dreams …so I came here…”.Ishana says “Ok Anika..you came…you could have slept on bed…what’s the need to sleep sitting like this…?? U are really…”.Anika screams “We are late!!”. Both sees the clock and screams “No!!”.Both runs and gets ready as usual their regular schedule…Today Anika gets ready fast and screams from down “Ishu!! You are late today!!”.And goes by her scooter (Actually its same her Champa!! Ha ha…i don’t wanna break her centi with that scooty… Lets go with the flow!!) while driving she thinks “Today I got a reason to my every passions!! Why I was interested in history?? Sword fighting?? Yes!!”.She smiles wide as of she become The Queen of whole world!!…

Here Ishana stands thinking “What happened to her suddenly??? Is she acting?? Hiding her problems from me?? I have to watch her from now!!”.Anika in library recalls that kingdom symbol and searches in many books… She says “I could not find the symbol what to do now??”.She folds her hands And thinks for sometime…She goes to her sword class…Here Rudra while practicing actually Talking with others stands Anika entering the Hall.He sees her very bright and thinks”What happened to her?? Suddenly she looks so happy?? “. Anika with full enjoyment trains them…While practicing Rudra gets hurt in hand and Screams…Anika gets worried and runs to him..She sees the blood and asks “Bring the First Aid box!!”.And aids him…Rudra now starts crying saying “Di !! Its hurting!!”.Anika sees him crying and gets teary eyed and says “Dont worry Rudra!! I wont let anything happen to you!! No one can hurt you not even your …”.She stops saying and gets shocked as she was overreacting and speaking irrelevant…Rudra looks at her blankly…biting his lips like kid (As usual his cute reactions!!)…Anika manages “Sorry!! I said nothing serious would happen..Ok??”.Rudra nods his head but still cries…She makes him rest and starts training.. But she couldn’t focus at work as she is really looking at Rudra whether he is fine..She stops and cancels her classes..She goes to Rudra and sees him sleeping…She thinks seriously now.. “Who is he?? How I know him before?? While he was crying how can I cry?? Why I got emotional?? Really!! Am I going to get another dream about him also!!?? Am I serious!!”.She suddenly stops and asks herself “Did I say his name?? His name Rudra!! How I know the name??”…

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  1. Puvi

    Wow yar it’s full thrill and suspense pls post asap eagerly waiting to now

  2. Nansshivika

    This making me more desperate dear….its awesome….her care n love towards ishu n rudra is superb

  3. Its awesome……..
    Update soon…….

  4. Awesome

  5. Mrunal

    u know what i like suspense a lot…
    and ur ff is full of suspense…..
    and i am loving it dea…

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