A Romantic Princess in a mysterious Adventure (Chapter 10)


Chapter. 9:

Anika says “Those eyes??”.Ishana consoles and makes her

Sleep says “Don’t think of anything..you just take rest!!”.

Anika starts sleeping after thinking a lot…

Ishana stands near water falls and singing…and playing a violin…

She enjoys the climate…the sceneries…everything and

losts herself in enjoying…Suddenly she hears some sound.

She keeps her violin aside and goes following the sound…it

was a sound first..while searching ..she understands it was a

voice..Now she gets attracted very much by the voice…

Soon she starts running eagerly to see the man…She stops

seeing a guy standing under a tree singing.. . She gets

mesmerized by him and wishes to meet him…She steps forward

but soon she stops seeing his dress had a symbol of a kingdom!!

She steps back with a great disappointment.. And turns to go…

She starts walking and stops hearing a voice saying”Why are

going away??”.She gets nervous and turns and kneels down before

him…He looks at her and sees his dress and thinks “God!! I shouldn’t

have worn this dress!!”.He makes her stand and asks “Why you are

behaving like this??”.Ishana now turns and says “I have to give respect

to higher class people…”He gets angry and shouts “Are you going to

hurt me like this forever??”.Ishana says “No…until I talk to u…hereafter

it will not happen..because I am not going to meet you anymore…”.He

stares her with great anger and says “So..You are not going to forgive me

Right??”.Ishana folds her hands and says “The people like only forgive us…

How can I forgive you??”.He pulls her hand and holds her in his arms and

says “I don’t want to miss you…so I lied you that I am just an artist…

I did that..so you would talk to me casually..i don’t want you to hurt

me like this…”.She now crying says calmly”Leave me please…”.He says

“No..i wont repeat that mistake again!!”.Ishana says “What you are doing

now us great mistake!! What will happen to your family respect if Anyone

sees us??”.He gets shocked and asks “You heard ?? “.She says “I heard

what I wanted to hear…I heard you saying cheap about ne to your brother!!”.

He says “No.. I tried to divert him ..so that he wont hurt you..If I said about

you on that day ..do you know what would have happened???”.Ishana releases

herself and asks “What?? Your brother would sent goons to kill me!! Right??!!

But what you have done?? You killed me by your words!!”.He says “Try to

understand my words!!”Ishana says “I am not ready to hear you..Majesty!!”.

He asks “Are you going to be like this?? For how long??”.Ishana says “Till

my life ends!!”.She goes away from him and the guy standing looking her

…Soon she sees someone aiming at him from a tree with an arrow and gets shocked!!.

She turns and silently runs to him thinking “I should save him anyhow!!”.The guy sees

Ishana running towards him and smiles says “At least now you understood me…”.

She shouts “Om!!!”.And the arrow hits him !!…She in a second falls on him and she

too gets shot ..

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  1. Omg!!!! Wats happening…..its too intersting…. plz post nxt part soon…..

  2. It was really great hateera, it feels so royal and princessy to read your story. Plz post the next one soon.

  3. It was really great hateera, it feels so royal and princessy to read your story. Thee ishkara partt was mind blowing. Plz post the next one soon and make it longer if possible

  4. Anah

    oh noooo!!!??? what next????
    nice one dr

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    Ishkara awesome and lots of thrill and suspense reveal it soon dear

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    Wow…its very interesting….pls post the next part asap

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