A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (Chapter 1)


Hi everyone!! I started a new ff on Ishqbaaz because I liked the cast and their acting a lot!!
I just hope u like it and am working hard that my
Story pulls you inside it!!

Chapter 1:

Anyhow!! The Adventure of my Romantic Princess starts by A man

staring a girl and thinking something.He takes a deep breathe and

walks towards her and says “I was right!!”.She turns hearing him

and asks “What??”.He with a slight anger says “Oh Come on Yaar!!

You just stop this acting…It really annoying me”.She looks at his eyes

and just stares for some seconds as she cant control herself from

smiling asks “Me ?? Acting?? Hmm..I think you too have good skills

in acting!!”.Seems she is expecting him to get more angry…He

hearing her stops suddenly and after thinking for some seconds

opens up “Ok Fine!! I surrender!! Yeah!! I …was staring…you…”.

She now makes her smile little visible to him and folds her hand.

She asks bg her eyes to continue..He says “It was just because you

.. .. ..(He suddenly stops feeling hesitate..and thinks to avoid saying

the truth and manages )You looked funny..actually..yeahh too funny!!”.

She takes her eyes away from him and laughs a little and says “You

never gonna confess right!! But its ok!! At least you opened your

mouth…!!”.Suddenly she hears her friends voice “Wake up Ani!! Its

late already”.Both of them shocked and asks “what??!!?”.Soon she

us seen lying on her bed sleeping wakes up says “Oh god !! Varni!!

You again woke me up at a very correct timing!! Today too

I missed to confess my love…So sad yaar…”.Varni looks at her

Weird and says “Will you stop saying this Romantic Prince topic and

live your real life!..Its really unbelievable and really really crazy that

You love a man who cane in your dream!!!!! A complete Crazy Girl!!!”.

and goes out…Ani looks at sky and says “Sure my prince will come

to me one day!! I will be waiting”.

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  1. Shivika

    Wat was wat every girl had a dream of amazing yr loved it….waiting for her prince charming to enter in her life soon

  2. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…. please continue…. Waiting for next episode…

  3. Akshaya

    Wow . This what we call ‘ dream guy ‘ ?. Please continue???

  4. Akansha

    Nyc storyline… Waiting fr d next update to knw more.. Hope u ll introduce d characters… Osum..

  5. Hateera

    Yeah dear …and very soon it would happen..keep reading…thanks for supporting

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