A rom com on Shivika OS

Hii its shivanika back with an os. Some of you may know me as the author of my imagination of shivika love story. This is a romantic os with humourous touch.
In my os anika is 5 months pregnant and shivaay who is already having a hard time in handling her lands into another trouble lets see how he tackle this.

At shivika room in midnight
Anika wakes up suddenly
Anika- shivaay wake up wake up
She trys to wake him up
Shivaay in sleepy voice- now what happened?
Anika- what do you mean by now what happened?
Shivaay- i am just asking what happened.
Anika- ok ok i want ice-cream.
Shivaay (shocked)- what ice cream at this time are you mad?
Anika- yes baby wants it.
Shivaay- no no not at this time.
Anika- i want it right now are you going or i should go by myself.
Shivaay- now dont start drama i am going.
And murmers- kahan phss gya.
Anika- i heard it and you are not stuck thats me who is stuck all because of you.
Shivaay- okay stop no argument at this time plzz.
Anika- ice cream….
Shivaay- going going.

Shivaay buys ice cream for her and she eats it and gets happy and satisfied.
Anika- now i can sleep peacefully.
Shivaay thinking- ya ya spoiled my sleep and now she will sleep peacefully wow god what a wife you have given me. She will sleep in morning also but what about me i have to work in morning in office and at night i have to watch her tantrums. (Bachche ke peeche aur kya kya karna padega)
Both sleeps.
In morning Shivaay left for office.
In office
Secretary- sir someone has come to meet you.
Shivaay- who?
Secretary- Tia kapoor.
Shivaay- send her in.
Tia- hii shivaay, how are you?
Shivaay- i am fine what about you?
Tia- i need a favour from you.
Shivaay- ya sure tell me.

Tia- robin want to start his own business i want you to guide and sponsor his company.
Shivaay- ya sure i will help you send robin to meet me we will discuss the plans.
Tia overjoyed hugs him tightly and utters thank you i love you in a friendly manner.
Anika who just came witnesses al this and gets very angry and sad.
Shivaay sees her and get shocked.
Shivaay- anika its not like that.
Anika nods her head in a no and stormed out of the office.
Tia- what happened to her?
Shivaay- nothing i will see to it.
Tia- you didn’t told that she is pregnant.
Shivaay- ya she is.
Tia- congrats
Shivaay- thanks. I have to go to her. These days it became a very difficult task to handle her.
Tia- it happens mood swings, you have to tolerate.
Shivaay smiles and goes thinking- today i will be definitely murdered.

Shivika room
Anika was crying
Shivaay enters
Shivaay- stop crying its not like that what you saw.
Anika- no you don’t love me you are behind tia you are bored of me now
Shivaay hits his head
Shivaay- what are you talking its not like that i love you yrr.
Anika- you are lying; you don’t love me.
She crys more loudly.

Shivaay- stop crying plzz atleast for our baby.
Anika- why are you caring for the baby go and take care of tia baby.
Shivaay- anika plzz stop i cant handle this anymore.
Anika- ooo now you cant handle this anymore i think this dialogue should be mine.
Shivaay- oh god save me

Anika- i know why are you doing this. Yesterday i read on internet that when wife is pregnant husband dont loves her like before because for him she become no more attractive. I know why are you behind tia.
Shivaay- shut up shut up shut up. Where you got ro read this rubbish articles.
Tia just came for a favour and was just hugging me friendly. You are taking it too far anika.
Anika- you are good at making story. Good good carry on.
Shivaay- trust me anika.
Anika- i don’t trust you; you are lier. Cheater you are ditching me atleast you have once thought for the baby.
By now shivaay’s anger was out of control for this much baseless allegations just raise his handup to slap anika but stops seeing her condition.
Anika- why you stop hit me come on slap me.

Shivaay came back to senses as he knows that her condition is like this that she is just assuming things and he must talk to her later. He holds her lovingly.
Shivaay- i am not a cheater dear i love you a lot and sorry for raising hand i didnt want to hit you. Sorry plzz..
Anika- keep your sorry in your pocket i dont accept it. You must leave its your office time.
Shivaay- no i am not going anywhere we need to talk.
Anika- but i dont want to talk plzz leave me alone.
Shivaay sighs and goes.

At night.
Anika was lying on the bed sobbing.
Shivaay came and lye beside her.
Shivaay- stop crying it’s not good for baby.
Anika- and its good to hit your pregnant wife??
Shivaay- i am sorry.
Anika gets up and take her pillow and quilt.
Shivaay- where are you going?

Anika- i can not sleep with you i am going to poolside.
Shivaay- no you are not going anywhere you will not get sleep on sofa its uncomfortable for you both.
Anika- why are you bothered?
Shivaay- then who will get bother thats my baby too okay just sleep on the bed and no arguments on that.
Anika stamped her foot and sleep on the bed facing opposite.
Shivaay- anika look at me.
Anika didn’t reply.
Shivaay holds her shoulder and she jerks it off.
Shivaay- baby plzz look at me.
Anika throw a pillow which hits his face.
Shivaay thinking- now i have to become SSO otherwise she is not gonna listen.
Shivaay holds her hand and forcefully made her face him. Now he was on her top but with utmost care that the baby didnt get hurt.

Shivaay- listen to me carefully with your ears open. Tia just came to my office for a favour for Robin company and when i agreed to it she just gesture me as a friend not as a lover. I only love you and only you. And i swear my baby that i am not lying. And one more thing stop reading stupid article on internet otherwise i will disable all the wi fi of the mansion. Is it clear to you.
Anika- oh bete ki you took whole day in explaining this. But how could you raise hand on me.
Shivaay- i am sorry for that it will not happen again.
He pecks on her cheeks and forehead.
She smiles.
Shivaay- now plzz sleep and let me sleep too. Okay.
Anika- so sleep na who is stopping you or disturbing you.
Shivaay murmers- tumhare hote hue jisi aur ki zaroorat hi nhi disturb karne ke liye.
Anika- what???
Shivaay- nothing. Good night.
Anika- good night.
They sleep.

The end..

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