The RollerCoaster Life – episode 7


Next day Ragini comes to college and was shocked to see rahlak nd Pooja sitting together and talking

Ragini: What a change? When did u all become friends??
They had no answer but they didnt know one thing , that this mission is going to make them friends for a lifetime
Ragini: What? Answer me!
Pooja: R u hiding something…ah…like something biig from us?
Ragini: Wh..a..t??
Rahul: U can trust us! Tell us what is the thing that is stressing u
Laksh: We will help u get out of the mess! Consider us as ur friends and share Ur problems , I am sure u will feel better
Pooja: Haan Ragini tell us…..
Ragini: Guys calm down!! ……. thank you so much, u all cared to help me,…it’s a very big thing for me but there is nothing that is bothering me….
Pooja: Ragini come on yaar jst tell us once
Rahlak: Haan Ragini plz……
They were going on asking without understanding her situation , they were jst too curious to know about the thing that she was hiding but they completely forgot to think why she was hiding it and how hard it will be for her to remember that
Ragini: I lost my parents a few years back ( she tells it very slowly nd she was completely emotionless )
They were shocked not bcoz of her past but with the way she told them, she didn’t break down ! Which was absolutely not normal , it seemed as though she wanted to cry but she had no more tears to shed…….
Poorahlak: Sry!? ( they were cursing themselves for what they did!, they understood that their motive was correct but not the way they adapted)
Laksh: We wanted to help but we ended up in doing the opposite…..?
Pooja: Haan Ragini sry yaar
Ragini: Its ok!!! If I had not told u, u all would have become detectives and would have done all sorts of non sense,in the name of finding my past?
Ragini: Ok chalo its getting late!
She leaves and Pooja and rahlak were not able to get over with the incident? the way Ragini was sitting emotionless was playing continuously like a unstoppable tape
Ragini: Arey guys chalo! She yells from a distance
Coming!! ,they answered and left from there.

Professor: So today I am going to divide u guys into groups of four for the upcoming projects
And as planned by destiny rahlak and ragja were grouped , cool na( I love group projects)
Rahul: Wow! We four r in one group
Laksh: Ya man I am so happy
Pooja: Nd I am so excited
Ragini: Nd why is that?
Rahul: Bcoz I did my bachelors in a boys college!?
Raglakja: Chi yaar Rahul!!?
Rahul: What? I am also a human being!
All three laugh at him while Rahul makes faces?

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Credit to: asheeyana

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