The RollerCoaster Life – episode 6


Hey guys this is asheeyana back with another episode of ” the roller coaster life”.

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Today’s episode,
@college ,
Pooja: She is hiding something big which is eating her from inside
Rahul: She also looks very exhausted and stressed
Lak: We have to find out the reason
Pooja: I should ask her once , what if she tells me?
Lak: And what if she doesn’t tell u
Pooja: Think positive……………ok fine if she doesn’t tell me, will u guys help me to find out?
Rahlak: Deal!
Pooja: So r guys ready ( she forwards her hand) for mission Ragini
Rahlak keep their hands on her hand: Yes!!

@Ragini’s place,
Sahil and sanskar come home and sanskar goes to freshen up

Sahil: Disha bring me something to eat
—no answer—
Sahil: Arey, u still didn’t go , I am very hungry plz bring something yaar
Disha: Bhai I will tell Ragini di to cook quickly!
Sahil: What Ragini is cooking?
Disha nods in yes
Sahil: Why didn’t u tell me before? Achha leave it ,I am leaving don’t tell her I came, ok bye
Disha: Bhai why r u afraid of her cooking?
Sahil: Bcoz she uses me as a tester
Disha: What do u mean?
Sahil: I mean that I should taste her dishes and tell her how it was and those dishes hav the worst side effects on me!
Disha: Really?
Sahil: Ok bye I am goin……….
Sahil turns and sees Ragini standing with a plate in her hand
Ragini: Thank u disha for keeping him busy with ur talks!
Sahil: U…..? Betrayer!!
Disha: Sry bhai I already promised Ragini di.
Ragini: Ok enough now come and taste this and tell me how is it
Sahil: Ragini plz yar spare me this time
Ragini: Sahil !!!
Sanskar comes down , seeing him Ragini gives a big smile showing all her teeth? but he ignores her
Sanskar: Ragini why r u irritating every one ? Don’t u hav any other job?( in a irritated tone) who asked u to cook now?

Ragini gets sad: So…rr…?

Sahil: Sanskar? What’s ur problem ? She is asking me to eat n not u! And she is not irritating any 1, I was jst joking, ur sister cooks really well! And how will u know that? U hav nvr really cared to eat it…..

Sanskar leaves from there in anger?
Ragini: Bhai!
Sahil: Arey u leave him , usse tumhare hath ka khana .naseeb mei nahi hei
He starts to eat while Ragini was lost in thoughts
Sahil: Ragini.?
Ragini: Haan
Sahil: Are u fine?
Ragini: Ya….. Why r u asking ?
Sahil: Bcoz this dish is jst delicious!?
Ragini: Really? (in a not so excited tone)
Sahil: Ragini! Don’t take him seriously, nowadays he is behaving like this with every one
Ragini: Everyone?
Sahil: Yes!!I think we should take him to a psychiatrist
Ragini: Sahil!!!!
Sahil: Fine! Sry.
Vicky: Bhai?
Sahil: Kya hei?
Vicky: 2morrow is parent teachers meeting we thought……..
Sahil: I will come with u both!
Disha: But bhai maa ko….
Sahil: Don’t take her name
Ragini: Sahil! Don’t behave like a kid
Sahil: I am not Ragini , 2morrow I am with u both and that’s final!
Ragini: U r impossible sahil! Jst bcoz…….
Before she could complete sahil gets up and leaves
Vidisha: Bhai……..di see na
Ragini: Give him some time vidhisha, he will be fine
The screen splits on angry faces of sahil and sanskar and worried face of Ragini

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Awesome . Waiting eagerly for next episode. Keep going

    1. Thank u pratu? but I don’t feel like continuing it?

      1. Please don’t say like that yaar. It is a very different ff which no one has ever thought of. Don’t mind about the number of comments as you know even though my comments for my ff is decreasing day by day, I would still write only for you people who are reading my ff continuously starting from the episode. Actually I am very happy bcoz before writing my ff I don’t know anyone in this but now I have many good friends like you, ruhani, s priya, ammu, my dear sis and many more. So don’t lose hope and keep writing. Hope you consider my comment then it’s upto you. Love you a lot ash

    2. I will write it only for u guys

    3. Love you too ?

  2. Please continue dear. It’s superb

  3. continue dear,don’t stop it in middle

    1. I will not lovely ?

  4. Plz reveal the mystery dr sanskar is so strange infact the whole family is strange except for sahil

    1. Even sahil has a past ruhani

  5. Please continue it’s really different and interesting.

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