The RollerCoaster Life – episode 5

Hey guys this is asheeyana back with another episode of ‘the rollercoaster life’, so I wanted to tell u guys something , this is not a love story , it is story of hw a series of people complement each others lifes, as friends, as guide, as wellwisher , as brothers and sisters and I don’t want u all to expect something else and thank u guys for commenting, it makes me feel good.

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Today’s episode,

@ sanskar’s office
Sahil: swara ?!!
Swara: who r u?
Sahil: I am his best friend
Swara: oh!!! I nvr knew someone like him could hav a best friend
Sahil: no he is a very nice guy…………. but some incidents completely change a person’s life and behavior
Swara: what ever it is !!! this is not the way he should behave with people !!
Sahil: I know he has hurt u , I am really sry.
He leaves.

Sahil: sanskar?!!!!!
Sanskar: why r u shouting sahil?
Sahil: why were u shouting at her?
Sanskar: she touched my things without my permission
Sahil: what a lame reason!!! She doesn’t hav any knowledge about ur past , then hw could u expect her …..
Sanskar: sahil I don’t want to talk about it and ragini doesn’t say anything when I talk like that
Sahil: u talk to ragini in the same tone , she doesn’t say anything bcoz she is ur sister that doesn’t mean she feels good!!!! And swara doesn’t deserve such behavior
Sahil: u behave in the same way , and one day there will be no one by ur side
Sanskar: sahil!!!!
Sahil slams the door and leaves

Next morning,
@ college

Ragini: in mike) “hello , this is ragini ,I wanted to tell someone sorry , sorry laksh ,I hope u r hearing me, I am so sry laksh for what happened yesterday”
Everyone start gossiping
Rahlak: ragini!!!
Pooja: arey yaar what is she doing?
Lak: she took it seriously
Rahul: wow laksh , I think she is very much afraid of u
Lak: hm……(he was shocked and confused as to why she is taking this risk, jst to tell him sry)
Ragini enters the class and sits nxt to pooja
Pooja: r u mad ragini? Why did u jst do? U r gonna be called by the principal now
Ragini: no!!!
Pooja: why not?
Ragini: principal has problem with his ears
Pooja: really!!!
Ragini: yaa

——class gets over——-

Lak: ragini?
She turns back
Ragini: haan
Lak: why did u take this much risk ? jst to tell me sry
Ragini: hm……..bcoz untold sorries are the most painful
She leaves, leaving all the three confused
Rahul: pooja what does she mean?
Pooja: I don’t know
Lak: she is really unpredictable!!!

@sanskar’s office
Sanskar: ms.maheshwari?
Swara: swara!!!!!
Sanskar: I am ah…so…ah sor(ry)
Swara: u don’t hav to be, I shouldn’t hav touched ur things
Sanskar gets shocked
Sanskar: ur cabin is ready !!
He leaves
Swara: he is really unpredictable!!!!

To be continued….

So guys hw was today’s episode?
Tell me through the comments,
Thank u.

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    1. Thank u lovely?

  1. Very nice but please make it long. Different story. Keep rocking

    1. Thank you Prateeksha ?

  2. Swara cold attitude is so nyc…yaar…keep swara sanskar sahil love triangle yaar

    1. Love- triangle is not my style so sry to disappoint u

  3. Interesting dear and waiting for next episode

    1. Thank you ammu ?

  4. Its really cute please make it longer

    1. Thank you dafsi?

  5. Nice dr… Plz reveal their past… Their behaviour is so strange

    1. Thank you ruhani ? nd I will reveal d past as soon as possible

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