The RollerCoaster Life – episode 3 and 4


Hey guys this is asheeyana back with the episode of the RollerCoaster Life.

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today’s episode,

ragini and sahil come home,
Vicky: ragini di hw was ur first day?
Ragini: not bad
Sahil: not good too!!
Ragini: ya
Disha: here hav some water
Ragini: thank u(she drinks it) okay so u all get ready, we r going to hav ice cream!!!
Vidisha: yeah!!!!!
Sahil: her treat ( he tells pointing towards ragini)
Vicky: ofcourse u will not take us !!! kanjoos
Disha: hey he is my bhai , don’t tell anything about him
Sahil: see she is my sister !!!!! u r a betrayer!!
Vicky: ya disha went on ragini di’s character and I went on ur character
Sahil: aye stop it u r talking too much
Vicky: di see na he is scolding me
Ragini: sahil don’t u dare scold my brother or else
Sahil: or else
Ragini: I will not take u for the treat
Sahil: hello?!!!! (raises his voice)
Ragini: what!!! ( in the same tone)
Sahil: I told he is my brother too, hei na Vicky
All three hit their heads!

@sanskar’s office
“Knock knock”
Sanskar: come in
Swara: hello mr.mishra
Sanskar: hello ms.maheshwari
Swara: swara!!!!!!
Sanskar: u came here to tell ur name?
Swara: where is my cabin?
Sanskar: sry!!
Swara: my cabin , I am leading the project in the favor of my company
Sanskar: exactly u r leading the project in the favor of your company, what is the need for a cabin in my company?
Swara: there will be meetings , discussions etc and for all that I cannot come from kolkata to Mumbai , so I am staying here in mumbai and so I need a cabin!!
Sanskar: I am not here to fulfill ur demands, that’s none of my business
Swara: fine!!!! then I will stay here in this cabin
Sanskar: excuse me??!!?!!

Swara: u heard me right!!! I am staying here
She goes and sits on the couch.
Sanskar: all the best!!! (and he starts doing his work)
Swara thinks: what!?!!?! Hw mean and rude, god knows hw people manage him..
Sanskar:people don’t manage me , I manage people (he tells it without taking eyes from his laptop)
Swara was shocked, her face was full of horror
Sanskar: what?? I know mind reading!!! ( saying that he closes his laptop and heads out)
Sanskar: standing out of his cabin) : r u coming?
Swara doesn’t respond
Sanskar: ok fine all the best once again, “ lights off” he yells and his cabin’s lights go off and swara gets scared
Swara: wait!! She runs out
Sanskar leaves without seeing her face
Swara: Idiot!!!! (she also leaves)

@ home,
Sanskar enters and sees ragini and company heading out
Ragini: bhai!!! What a timing? We r going to hav ice cream , join us na
Vidisha: ya bhai join us
Sanskar: no , u all go , I am not interested!!!
Ragini: bhai plz na ,join us
Sanskar: ragini I said no (he raises his voice a little bit)
Ragini: plzzzzzzzzzzz……………
Sanskar: no!!!!!!( he shouts on top of his voice and ragini gets scared)
Sahil: sanskar!!! Why r u shouting?
Without answering him he goes inside
Ragini: ok guys shall we go!!
Vidisha: ya
They all go and comeback.

Next morning,

Ragini !! ragini !!! wake up- ragini wakes up with a jerk
Ragini: huh???!!!!
Sahil: ragini!!!
Ragini: what happened sahil? Any problem?
Sahil: did u see the time ? u r getting late to college!!!
Ragini: 7:38 omg I am late
Sahil: now get ready soon I will drop u
Ragini : ya .

On the way ,
Sahil: what happened? Hw did u oversleep?
Ragini: don’t know!!
He drops her and leaves.

She enters the classroom and the first bell rings
Ragini: I escaped ( she waves hi to pooja)
Pooja:hi ragini
Ragini: hi pooja
Pooja: u look tired
Ragini: I overslept that’s why
Pooja: oh

Pooja: lets go to the canteen
Ragini: no yaar
Pooja: come on plz na
Ragini: ok fine lets go
Pooja: what will u hav ?
Ragini: coffee
Pooja: ok bhaiyaa two coffee
he brings the coffee and they both start drinking it
ragini: thank u
Pooja: see hw he is flirting ( ragini turns and sees laksh and Rahul flirting with a girl)
Ragini: see properly the girl is flirting with them (she smiles)
They both laugh
Laksh and Rahul see this and get angry

Pooja: they r coming towards us
Laksh hits their table with his hand
Lak: hw dare u both laugh at us
ragini takes her coffee mug and turns to other side and sits
Lak: hello miss!!! I don’t want ur coffee ok!! Now answer me
Ragini: (sitting in the same position): actually I hav a habit of throwing coffee on irritating people’s face and coffee is also very hot so………
Laksh gets shocked with her reply
Rahul: u will throw coffee on us?
Ragini: see laksh he himself is agreeing that u r irritating
Rahul nods no while laksh stares at him and all laugh at them
Ragini: come pooja lets go
Pooja: ya (in a scared tone)
Ragini gets up to go but laksh holds her wrist and tries twists it but instead ragini twists his hand such that his back was facing her front
Ragini: don’t u dare try to mess with me!!! If u do, nxt time u will not hav ur hands
Everybody laugh at laksh
She leaves and pooja follows her while laksh gets angry and throws the coffee on rahul’s face and leaves
Rahul: what did I do? (he too leaves)
Pooja: wow yaar ragini, u r awesome, u should hav seen his face , it was very funny ( she laughs)
Ragini: hm………

@ sanskar’s office

Sahil and sanskar enter sanskar’s cabin and were shocked to see swara sitting on sanskar’s chair
Sanskar: what the hell r u doing here?
Swara: u refused to give me a cabin so I made this cabin mine
They see the cabin changed , all his files, photos and things were gone
Sanskar: hw dare u touch my things?
Swara notices the intensity in his voice and thinks if she has done something wrong
Swara: see I am sor(ry)
Sanskar: GET OUT!!!!!!! ( In a loud angry tone)
Swara: sansk……
Sanskar: I said get out..
She cries and goes out
Sahil: kya yaar sanskar?
He follows her.

@ college

Ragini searches laksh in her class but doesn’t find him , the last bell rings and all head out and ragini sees him sitting with Rahul
Ragini: laksh?
Ragini: laksh?
Lak: what do u want?
Ragini: I am sorry!!!
Rahlak and pooja were all shocked with this unexpected sry
Lak: what do u think of urself!!! first u will insult me infront of the whole college and then apologize to me bcoz of fear
Ragini: I am not afraid of u , I hurted ur ego and I feel bad ……so I am sry
Lak: what do u expect me to do?
Ragini: forgive me!!!
Lak: u insulted me infront of the whole college, so apologize infront of whole college
Pooja gets shocked
Lak: smirks) come Rahul lets go
They both leave and pooja and ragini too head out

To be continued…..

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Credit to: asheeyana

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