The RollerCoaster Life – episode 2


Hey guys this asheeyana back with the second episode of ‘The RollerCoaster Life’.

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todays episode,

ragini enters the college and as usual she sees some people ragging their juniors without giving them much attention she was heading inside at that time she was called by a senior
senior: hello !!! hello miss blue salwar ( pointing towards ragini)
ragini stops and turns towards him :what?
Senior: when we r standing here , hw dare u ignore us?
She again ignores them and tries to go inside but the boy comes infront of them and blocks her way
Senior: where r u going?
Ragini: to princi’s room , wanna join me?
The guy was taken back for a moment and leaves her
Ragini leaves from there and all students laugh at him

@ class room MA:Journalism

Principal enters the class room and all the students greet him and they see ragini with him

Senior: yaar laksh she is the same girl
Lak: but Rahul what is she doing here?
Princi: so students she is Ragini Mishra and she will be joining ur class from today
Ragini greeted the professor and rahlak were shocked as they thought she was a junior but she turned out to be their classmate
Ragini went and sat near a girl
Professor: hw is ur brother ragini?
Ragini: he is fine sir!! Thank u
Everyone were shocked to hear their conversation as the khadoos professor nvr talked like that with anyone
Girl: hey I am pooja
Ragini: ragini
Pooja: so friends?
Ragini: sure friends!!

They both shake hands and rahlak were noticing ragini but she was very quiet and was taking notes sincerely, this continues for the whole day

The bell rings and all the students head out,
Pooja and ragini go near the gate and pooja waves her bye and she leaves but ragini waits for a rickshaw
Ragini: rickshaw?!!!
Ahe tries to stop a rickshaw but couldn’t, Someone taps her shoulder she turns and gets happy
Ragini: sahil?!!
Sahil: shall we go?
Ragini: I thought no one will come to pick me up
Sahil: that’s why I came
Ragini: chal lets go !!!

They both leave
And rahlak were noticing all this, were confused by her behavior, in class she was very quiet and they didn’t even see a small smile, but when she saw him (they didn’t see sahil’s face) she became happy like hell

Rahul: who is that guy?
Lak: don’t know
Rahul: boy friend?
Rahul: why not?
Lak: she is very moody and she cant hav a bf
Rahul: moody??? seriously such a stupid reason!!!!?
Lak: ok come na lets go
Rahul: fine.

On the way to home,
Sahil: hw was ur day?
Ragini: it was veryyyyyyyyy boring!!
Sahil: really?
Ragini: ya sahil why don’t u do one thing, u join my college and study with me , we both will enjoy togeth……..
Stops the bike
Ragini: what happened?
Sahil: with lot of difficulties I completed my college and u r asking me to join college once again
Ragini: ya
Sahil : impossible
Ragini: ok fine now go
Ragini: sahil? What happened
She sees in the direction where he was seeing

There was a big arch with happy mother’s day written on it
Ragini: sahil (in a low tone)
Sahil: oh sry lets go

He starts the bike
Ragini: why don’t u talk to ur mom once? She will feel good!
Ragini: what did she do?why r u giving her such a big punishment?
Sahil: ragini plz I don’t want to talk about it
Ragini: but……
Sahil: plz!!!
Ragini: ok

@sanskar’s office,

Sanskar: so gentlemen! Here is the presentation of Mishra group of companies

He finishes his presentation and everybody appreciates it

Person: mr.mishra we r really happy with ur presentation! We would love to work with u and ur company in this project.
Sanskar: that’s great !!!
Girl: and I would be leading this project from my company Mr.mishra
Sanskar: I don’t hav any problem Ms. Maheshwari
Girl: swara ,u can call me swara!!!
Sanskar: fine
And he leaves

At the same time,
Ragini: sahil do u see any change in bhai?
Sahil: yes
Ragini: excited) what?
Sahil: nowadays he drinks coffee
Ragini: disappointed) idiot I didn’t ask that , I asked do u see any change in his behavior
Sahil: after all our attempts to change him, he is still in the same phase , fighting with the same demon
Ragini: sad) that incident has hit him so hard, that whatever I sry we try to do ,it is not healing him!!
Sahil: don’t worry ragini time will heal everything
Ragini: it has been 5 years sahil, 5 years!!!!! But time failed to heal him, he is still blaming himself for what happened before 5 years….

Sahil notices the change in her voice and tears in her eyes so he changes the topic
Sahil: ragini wanna eat icecream?
Ragini: no yaar!!
Sahil: arey yaar come on
Ragini: then lets go home, vidisha will also come right!!!
Sahil: wow great idea!!!! but I don’t hav money!!!
Ragini: hei kanjoos marwadi , I will pay
Sahil: then I don’t hav any problem!!!
Ragini: chi!!!! U r so stingy
Sahil: I am saving money for my future!!
Ragini: imitates) I am saving money for my future!!

To be continued……

So guys PAST? What is the past?
And hw was todays episode?
Tell me through the comments,
Thank u.

Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Wow amazing work asheeyana. So different thought. I didn’t read your first episode and just now read it. Really rocking. Please continue

    1. Thank you so much prateeksha? love u❤

  2. Asheeyana as usual u keep rocking?Waiting for the revelation of their past?

    1. Thank you Ramya ? and past will not be revealed that soon

  3. Nice plot and love your story please make it lengthy…keep going its gonna be awesome

    1. Thank you dafsi?

  4. Superb what about ek cup coffee please update

    1. Thank you and ek cup coffee is a completed ff.

  5. ragini character is nice

    1. Thank you lovely ?

    1. Thank you divi?

  6. awsm epi…..

    1. Thank you kriya ?

  7. Wow good to see u asheeyana. ..awesome start n interesting story. ..ll definitely love to read it…
    …hey bdw what abt u r ek cup coffee ff? …when r u gonna post that?..

    1. Thank you so much mitti ? and ek cup coffee is a completed ff. That means u already read the last episode ?

  8. Good… different story plot but nice

  9. Awesome epi dr.. Wht abt ek cup coffee u ended it?

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