The RollerCoaster Life – episode 1


The rollercoaster life- whose life doesnt have ups and downs? , everyone has but each of us hav different ways of dealing with it and this is the base of this ff . we will see ragsan’s life’s ups (friends <3) and downs(past) . so lets begin.

(Sahil played by abhisek sharma- he plays the role of sanskar’s best friend and ragini’s well wisher
Vicky and disha- will be sahil’s younger brother and sister
They three live with sanskar and ragini in their house)

Ragini: bhai!!! Sanskar bhai yaar I am getting late r u ready ?
Sanskar: for what?
Ragini: bhai!!! Todays the first day of my college and u promised me u will come to drop me!
Sanskar: I am so sorry ragini!!! I would not be able to come
Ragini: bhai !!!
Sanskar: I hav an important meeting I hav to leave immediately and ur college is exactly in the opp direction to where I am going!!!
Ragini: then hw will I go now?
Sanskar: with sahil!!!
Ragini: sahil? He gets up at early morning 10 am ,u think he will drop me?
Sanskar: yes wake him up and so sry I couldn’t come ,bye love u…..
Ragini: bhai!!!

He leaves and ragini goes to wake up sahil

Ragini: sahil !!! sahil !! wake up
Sahil: (in a sleepy tone): huhu? Deepika !! deepika
Ragini: deepika nahi ragini get up!!!
Sahil: deepika ( he starts to act as if he is asleep)
Ragini: tapar (she slaps him)
Sahil: aaaaaah!!
Ragini: nvr act infront of me
Sahil: whats the problem with u yaar ragini ,u always come at the wrong time ,u know deepika was going to propose me
Ragini: oh!!! Thank god I saved deepika from u
Sahil: hhaha very funny……whats ur problem now?
Ragini: first day of college and u r going to drop me
Sahil: who said that?
Ragini: bhai!
Sahil: u take Vicky and disha with u

Ragini: arey they both r kids and moreover hw will I take ur brother and sister for this, they hav to sleep and bhai told me to take u only
Sahil: ur brother always traps me with u
Ragini: don’t forget he is ur best friend too!
Sahil: ya whatever!! And I am not coming to drop u
Ragini: why not?
Sahil: ragini u r a grown up girl and u should learn hw to travel alone yaar!!!
Ragini: I know that very well sahil (pauses for a minute)………………. I jst want someone by my side on the first day of college
Sahil: understands ) ok fine I am coming
Ragini: u don’t hav any other go!!
Sahil: give me 10 minutes
Ragini: ok
Sahil: ragini I know u r very shameless but will u go out so that I can change
Ragini: oh sry yaar staying with u I forgot certain manners
Ragini leaves and sahil changes and comes out
Ragini: shall we go?
Sahil: ok
Vicky and disha (vidisha): all the best ragini di

Ragini: thank u so much vidisha
Sahil: shall we?
They both go and his bike stops at her college.

Sahil: nervous?
Ragini: no!!!!
Sahil: all d best ragini!
Ragini: thx ok bye I am getting late
Sahil: ya bye !!!!

To be continued…..

I know U all will be very confused with the story line but as the story proceeds all ur doubts will get cleared. This story explains the ups and downs in ragsan’s life and hw they deal with them. Hope u all will like this ff.

And I need some SUGGESTIONS, can anyone suggest someone who will play Vicky and disha’s character, they should be younger than ragini and they both play supportive roles in this ff. thank u

Credit to: asheeyana

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