Role reversal (Shivika OS) by Sanchi


So it’s my exam in the morning and as usual sleep is still miles away. So I just decided to utilise this time and give shape to the idea which my mom presented. In short I am back again to irritate you people???..

ANIKA: The rude princess with loads of arrogance a.k.a Heroine
SHIVAY: Humble yet Sweet orphan a.k.a Hero
Daksh: Evil Stepfather of our Hero a.k.a Villain

Author: That’s the ever charming myself as fairy godmother?
SCENE 1: First face off
PLACE: Market
A young man is running around the busy market place in hurry to finish off his chores in time. His mind is busy with ticking off the imaginary to-do list. Yup he is the sweetheart of the town- Shivay, dressed in simple hand me down cotton shirt and pants. In his haste he doesn’t see where he is heading and collides with someone and the end result as always both of them fall down.(cliché I know)
Shivay:(looking around) phel gaya raita!
??:(annoyed) Fhat the wuck! Can’t you see and walk?
Shivay stops staring at his fallen vegetables and fruits and looks up to examine who was speaking. He sees a girl about his age, dressed in fine clothing and jewellery, her face his adorned with a frown but Shivay is struck at the beauty of her Dark chocolate brown eyes. Usually brown eyes are regarded as depthless or shallow but now Shivay felt as if he was going to swim in those chocolate pools for an eternity. He was brought out from his fantasy land by a hard slap to his upperarm
Shivay:(wincing in pain) ow! Mujhe kyun mara?
??: Main kuch poochu aur koi mujhe jawab na de, that never happens.
Shivay: oh!(embarrassed) sorry mujhe dhyan nahi tha.
??: Dhyan nahi tha to dhyan rakhna chahiye
Shivay:(fuming) tumhara dhyan kahan par tha? Meri sari mehanat to gayi ab pani mein(looks sadly at his veggies)
Suddenly he feels something soft patting at his cheeks. Startled he looks up.
??:(haughtily) you are right mera bhi dhyaan nahi tha, ye paise rakh lo.
Then the girl leaves from the place with full attitude. Shivay is left stunned at her cool nonchalant behaviour. It later hits him that she insulted him. Making up his mind to teach her a lesson he follows her.
The girl is about to climb in her elegant sedan when she notices the boy from earlier coming towards her. She stares at him in complete annoyance. The boy without breaking the eye contact walks upto the front of the car.
The background music is in full swing
ta tata ta, tata ta ta tatata, ta tata ta tata ta ta tatata??????????
Next moment the scene slows down..
Shivay brings up the cricket bat in his hand and with one powerfull swing breaks the car windshield. The glass flies everywhere and the girl is shocked to silence.
Shivay:(equal attitude)iss baar galti meri thi (slapping the bundle of notes to her cheeks) ye paise rakh lo kaam aayenge.
but before going away he gently tucks her hairs behind her ears and then with a victorious smile walks off. Here our girl is left speechless for two things:
1. This new guys attitude and his courage
2. The passionate heat in his blazing eyes while tucking her hairs away.
SCENE 2: An announcement
PLACE: Shivay’s home
Daksh:(bellowing) SHIVAY!!!!
Shivay: ha sir main aa gaya.
Daksh:(spitting fire) kya kar rahe the itni der se? Kab se bula raha hun tumhe.
Shivay: sorry sir, main vo peeche kapade dho raha tha to sunayi nahi diya.
Daksh: hmph! Sirf bahane banate raho tum. Jaldi se mere acche kapade nikalkar istri kar do.
Shivay: sir bura na mano to pooch sakta hun ki aap…
He couldn’t complete his next sentence as a hard slap echoed through the medium sized house.
Daksh:(menacingly) kitni baar bola hai tumse ki mujhse savaal mat pucho! Chalo ab jaldi se apna kaam karo.
Nodding feebly Shivay scurried off to do as he was told. It was a common scene in this household, Daksh being the stepfather he was never left a chance to antagonise the poor soul that Shivay was. He beat him, hurled insults at him, made him do all the works while he sat with his large fat bottom on the wealth that Shivay’s ancestors had left for him.

Shivay was just like patience ki moorat, enduring everything with a smile and tending to every whim of Daksh. The thought of abandoning him occured to him several times but the only thing stopping him was the promise he had made to his mother on her deathbed. She had loved the beast unconditionally and had asked Shivay to take care of him at every turn of life.
After finishing the given work Shivay went in the kitchen and started to go through the newspaper which he had borrowed from a neighbour. The news on the front page surprised him to no end.
He recognised the photo of the girl. She was the same girl whom he had met in market several days back and had dreamt about her every night.(To be accurate he was plagued by her eyes constantly) no matter how hard he tried, the poor guy just couldn’t get her out of his mind. Shaking his head he began to read the news. It said:

Mumbai, Dec-2016: There had been a rumor that Princess Anika Singh Oberoi (sorry for stealing the surname) would get married soon but now it is confirmed by one of our reliable sources that the royal family is arranging a swayamvar for their beloved daughter. All the eligible men of the town are invited to participate in the swayamvar….
Before Shivay could read further the newspaper was gone from his hands. Daksh was peering at the picture of the girl like a leach. This angered Shivay but he stayed quiet for the time.
After a moment or two
Daksh: hmm, Iss haseena ke liye to main hi perfect hu (AUDIENCE: PUKING AND FALLING ILL SUDDENLY; LIKE SERIOUSLY DUDE?)
Shivay: Sir?
Daksh: Main kal swayamvar mein participate karne jaa raha hu.
Shivay:(taken aback) S-Sir??!
Daksh: sara kaam khatm hone ke baad mere sabse acche kapde tayar kar dena. Aaj shaam ko hi rajkumari Anika apna pati chunegi.
Shivay:(nodding weakly) yes sir!
The whole afternoon Shivay felt terrible at the bitter turn of events. Bottling up his emotions he proceeded to do what he was told with an exceptionally heavy heart.
PLACE: The palace
Anika stood at the centre of the room with servants running around her like hungry rats. She was going through a dress fitting session from past fifteen minutes and was thoroughly annoyed at the slow pace of her workers. The glare on her face confirmed that she was ready to chew someone’s head off. The servants were terribly scared of her but they took a sigh of relief when they saw rajamata coming.
Rajamata: So are you ready dear?

Anika:(fuming) not yet!
Rajamata: calm down beta, ho jaayega
Anika: ab kitni der dadi? I am standing here from past 15 minutes!
Dadi: Are teri Shaadi honevali hai, thodi si to khushi dikha
Anika:(sighing) main khush hun dadi, bas thodi si stressed hu.
Dadi: jaanti hun, tumhare upar bahut badi zimmedari hai lekin main ye bhi jannti hun ki tu sahi faisala hi legi.
Anika:(hugging her) thankyou dadi.
Dadi: vaise mujhe ek baat bata, tu phir uss ladke se mili thi?
Anika: kaun ladka?
Dadi: vahi jisne teri car ki glass todi thi.
Hearing about him the princess goes back into flashback. Her heart flutters at the memory but brain shows only anger.

Anika:(gritting her teeth) nahi.
Dadi: accha theek hai, ab phir se muh phulana band kar aur tayar ho jaa, logon ka ana shuru ho gaya hai.
Nodding silently Anika gets back to her faithful workers but her mind is filled with images of a guy who challenged her.
SCENE 4: My entry (yay!!)
Hoping against hope Shivay dresses himself in the best clothes he could find. That is the clothes he had brought some years back.
Daksh: tum tayar hokar kahan jaa rahe ho?
Shivay: main soch raha tha ki..
Daksh: tum kabse sochne lag gaye?
Shivay: sir kya main bhi apke saath chal sakta hu?
Daksh: kya kaha tumne?
Shivay: bas yahi ki-
Daksh: tum ghar par hi rukakar sare kaam khatm karna aur raat ka khana bhi paka dena.
Barking orders he leaves from the house, locking it from outside to make sure that he doesn’t leave the premises.
I was passing above that house (I was on a cloud you know) when the whole thing happened. I really felt sorry for the young man. I could have been his partner but he was already smitten (sigh!!).
Making up my mind to help him I step into the house. Shivay was slumped over a sofa with his head bowed down. Unsure of how to approach him I cleared my throat. He looked up but his face was twisted in agony and eyes were bloodshot. Soon his features turned to anger.
Shivay: TUM!!
Author:(sheepishly) yes me
Shivay: tumhe main nahi chodunga iss baar
Author: ek minute, hilo mat baitho udhar, what did I do?
Shivay: Main ek ameer ghar ka bada beta tha, jise apne baalon par guroor tha, par tumne sab bigaad diya.
Author: Maine jo kuch bhi kiya tumhari bhalayi ke liye kiya.
Shivay: sab pehle jaisa kar do please.
Author: ha baba iss kahani ke complete hote hi everything will be back to normal. Chalo utho tumhe swayamvar mein nahi jana hai?

Shivay: par kaise?(defeated sigh) mere paas kuch nahi hai.
Author: why fear when I am hear, main aaj tumhari fairy god mother hu.
Shivay: kya? Tum kab meri maa ban gayi?
Author:(facepalm) I am hear to help you.
Shivay: Nahi!! Tumne last time Daksh ko China bhej diya tha. Tum phirse hahakar macha dogi.
Author: nothing like that. Chalo khade ho jao….
After a grueling hour I finally manage to convince this stubborn guy and get him ready by casting my magic.
Author:(whistling) you look hot in black!!
Shivay:(admiring himself)wow! Thanks ha!
Author: SSO ne thanks bola??? Mujhe chakkar aa rahe hai.
Shivay: sirf aaj ke liye ok? Mujhe apne purane avatar mein aane to do phir dekh loonga tumhe.

Author:(showing tongue) well now go. Vaise yeh sab kuch sirf 12 baje tak rahega.
Shivay:(freaking out) sirf 4 ghante?
Without wasting another moment he runs out of the house like some ghost was behind him. Not wanting to miss the fun I too follow him.

SCENE 5: Twist
PLACE: Event Hall.
The galore of the event hall where the arrangements for the Swayamvar of the century- as media termed it was exquisite. If people didn’t know anything better they would actually think that they were dead and in heaven. Such was the extrvaganze. People were milling around and gossiping shamelessly while the contenders for Princess’s heart waited impatiently for her arrival. Daksh had tried to enroll himself as a suitable match but had failed terribly. Now he was lurking around glaring daggers at everyone.

Princess Anika came escorted by a dozen elegantly dresses maidens but she herself was a vision to behold. She took her place at the high end of the hall. Soon all the bachelor’s came forward one by one to introduce themselves but no one interested her.
And like in any classic movie our hero enters the hall at last. He stands there for a moment contemplating his next move. Anika recognises him and stands up. Smiling tenderly Shivay comes to her, showing respect he speaks.
Shivay: Rajkumari Anika, kya aap mere saath nachogi?
Anika:(glaring) ok!
They both hold hands and the music starts to play- a slow waltz. The couple moved to the music in silence for a while.
Anika:(haughtily) don’t tell me tum yahan ye sochkar aaye ho ki tum mere pati banoge.
Shivay:(smiling bitterly) main yahan sirf tumse ek aakhiri baar milne aya tha.
Anika:(surprised) huh?
Shivay: tum bahut badi tadibaaz ho
Anika: what’s with the language?
Shivay:(raising an eyebrow) itni angrezi?
Anika: So what?
Shivay: tum na chakku ke jaise tez ho.
Anika: chakku? Oh you mean chaku, knife.
Shivay: ha maine bhi vahi bola hindi mein.
Anika: vo hindi thi?
Shivay: arey! Tumhe kya lagta hai sirf helicopter mein ghoomne valon ko hi hindi aati hai?
Anika: helicopter? Chopper right!?
Shivay: chopper? Abhi yahan sabzi kyun katna chahti ho tum?
Anika laughed out loud at the cute confused expression on his face. He looked even more confused if possible.
Shivay: screw to nahi gir gaya na tumhara?
Anika:(composing herself) screw?
Shivay: ha vahi dimag ka screw varna aise akele kyun has rahi ho?
Anika: mere screw.. I mean its nothing.
The time flew just like that. Soon before it was midnight. Shivay panicked and ran away from the place in a hurry. Ofcourse I followed him. Anika was left stunned at his sudden departure. She too tried to follow him but in vain.
SCENE 6: Climax
PLACE: Shivay’s house.
Daksh was fuming at the whole ordeal last night. The princess had not even spared him a single glance (three guesses why) instead she had spent most of her time with some bloke dressed in black. The party had abruptly wrapped up soon after his departure.
He was still sulking but the knocking at the door brought him out of his pity party. He called out for his stepson but that boy had not even spoken a word since morning. He was lost in some deep thought. Cursing heavens Daksh himself opened the door, his mouth soon hit the floor as standing at the door was none other than Anika herself.
Anika:(as politely as possible) Shivay hai ghar pe?

He was behaving like a fish out of water. Anika slapped him hard and that kind of helped him to gather his bearings.
Anika: Shivay kahan hai?
Daksh: vo andar.. par..
Cutting him in between she went inside and started to look for Shivay. Hearing the commotion the man in question himself came out to inspect.
Shivay:(shocked) Anika!!
Anika:(happily) Finally I found you.
Shivay: par? Tumne mujhe dhoodha kaise?
Anika: I am Anika Singh Oberoi, mujhe jo chahiye main use paa ke hi rehti hu
Shivay: …….
Anika:( holding his collar) kal raat mujhe bataye bina aise hi chale aaye?
Shivay: vo kuch kaam tha..
Anika: chalo ab mere saath
Shivay: kahan?
Anika: you are my to be husband
Shivay: lekin..

Anika:(stomping her foot) Maine kaha na ki tum mere honevale pati ho. Now come..
And just like that she dragged him out of the house. Daksh was left like a statue still trying to process everything. I wanted to turn him into a frog but restrained myself because looking at the happy couple (actually the guy is dragged by the girl) improved my mood immensly.


Well this is the most stupidest version of IB and I personally don’t like it. I am mostly sleepy so that might be the reason it turned out to be so horrible. Anyways cheers or tomatoes are accepted. Do tell me how was it???
Ta ta..

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  1. Diyaa

    ???????? YOU Are Awesome !

    1. Sanchi

      Shivika are awesome, not me..

  2. randhawa akash

    i really loved this to the core. ??

  3. Nansshivika

    ROFL. ……its good yaar …but role reversal imagine karna mushkil hogaya…..???? but its was funny sweet cute story with ur presence of fairy mother god.

    1. Sanchi

      I too found it difficult to digest, so thought it to be horrid… Thankyou for your support

  4. ???????????????

  5. Pri_24

    Its quite funny and I liked this role reversal idea at initially I think of it to be something else but it turn out to be something else anyway its nice and I enjoyed it…☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Sanchi

      I was quite miffed this morning when I didn’t see it published before going to exams. Glad you enjoyed it, I thought I would get tomatoes for sure?
      Thankyou by the way..

  6. ????????
    Only cheers!! No tomatoes ?
    Lovely story ?!!

    1. Sanchi

      Thanks a buch?

  7. Puvi

    Wow sanchi it was unbelivable tumare dimaag mein aise baath athi khase tum khaml ho yar

    1. Sanchi

      Arey yar! M just a crazy girl, Shivika are kamal.. glad you liked it.. Thankyou dear

  8. u r good writer.
    except comedy write something romantic and emotional

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou for the comment. I have planned a romance story but I don’t know when I will jot it down but still comedy remains my forte?

  9. Akshaya

    I wish to whistle loudly for your os . Such a romcom os , I have never read it anywhere sanchi, the fairy godmother???❤

    1. Sanchi

      We authors have the magic of imagination and its a very powerful tool. Pen does more work than gun is kind of my motto?

  10. Really the hilarious one???. By the way I really liked your IB ka cinderella version. Keep it up sanchi ?

    1. Sanchi

      Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale of all time. It did hurt a bit when I cooked a khichadi from it. Glad you liked it?

  11. Akansha

    Has it was a little funny but trust me it was awesome I loved every bit of it

  12. Tum ne Cinderella story ki maa behn aik kar di…..??? seriously, gal u nailed it…. Hilarious attempt and superb job…. Loved it…

    1. Sanchi


  13. ????????????????
    this is what is was doing while reading this OS..
    saasha i was just thinking how u come up with such amazing ideas..??
    a modern mixture of Cinderella nd IB.. ???
    author as fairy godmother.. ??
    shivay nd author’s convo was best..
    nd shivay’s dialogue “tum kb se meri maa bn gyi.” lol.. ??
    keep rocking dear..
    write something for raumya also yr..

    1. oops sorry its not saasha it sanchi*

      1. Sanchi

        Its alright, glad you enjoyed it????

  14. Cindrella ki jaise shivay ki story awesome

  15. Amore

    Oh my my Sanchi
    has someone told u how adorable u are???
    well its just a guess as the words u have used here in this ROLE REVERSAL was so admirable…

    1. Sanchi

      My brother mentiined the same thing once?
      Thankyou for the compliment dear..
      M guessing your name here means love, right????

  16. Great story! You are a superb writer 😀 …That’s why I like OS story end with happy note and no more waiting …enjoyed it!

    1. Sanchi

      I am lazy person so if I attempt to write a long story then I am sure I will be bored by it mid-way.. so I strictly stick to OS..
      Thankyou for the compliment and m happy cz you enjoyed it

  17. Amalina

    Such a funny ? hilarious ? story! Role reverse was awesome but hard to imagine. But such a sweet SSO, aww! U should do one ☝️on rumya too.

    Rumya – funny??
    Shivika – cute fights yet funny ? ??
    Omkara…….. but I bet their relation will not be funny but a serious one

    1. Sanchi

      I will try..

  18. Mrunal

    ohhh my god…….
    sanchi u r seriously crazy yaar…
    u know when i read the title of ur os & ur name as author…
    i jumped on it like a Hungry reader…
    leaving all my work…

    u r just fabulous…. loved it to the core…
    i was laughing like maniac…
    u made daksh this much old poor soul why u always show him bad yaar…
    but let it be…
    i liked ur entry most and the convo in between u & shivaay was just superb… loved it…
    hey u r really crazy u addressed urself as mother of this handsome hunk…

    and at last heroin dragging hero with her… was just superb…

    i remembered tale of cyndrella…

    1. Sanchi

      I agree with you, I am a self certified insane being..
      Also a small correction I am his fairy god mother
      So technically I have all rights to flirt with him..
      It’s not my mistake that Daksh irritates me a lot, although Karan Khanna is doing a fab job, still it irkes me when log bina break ka truck lekar apki life mein chad jaate hai, especially psychos, they live in their own cloud town..
      Thankyou for your input, I really appreciate it

      1. Mrunal

        My pleasure dear…
        Hey I’ll be really glad if u gave ur review on my work..
        I know i am not as good as u in entertaining but still i try it for my happiness…

        Plzz read it once & share ur review on it…

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