The role reversal [os]

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Character sketch:
Sanskar maheshwari-24 yrs old. Husband of swara. Loves her very much but gets very little time for her bcoz of his work. Owner of maheshwari company. Lives with swara only in his mansion. Strict and hardworking. Lives in kolkata.
Swara sanskar maheshwari-23 yr old. Wife of sanskar. Loves him very much but gets irritated by his strictness. Also gets sad when he gives her little time. Bubby and naughty types.
Rishab kundra-look alike of sanskar. 24 yr old. Married to madhu. Loves her very much. Naughty and bubbly. Gives a lot of time to her but gets irritated when she forcefully sends him to work. Owner of kundra company. They have just shifted to kolkata.
Madhubala rishab kundra-23 yr. Wife of rishab. Loves him very much. But gets concerned for his work when he avoids it for her. So she forcefully sends him to work. Strict and lovely.

The role reversal……………

Sanskar’s mansion…..
Sanskar was getting ready in front of the mirror.
Swara enters the room and back hugs him and whispers.
Swara-[whispers] good morning handsome…..
Sanskar smiles seeing her and turns towards her. He wraps his hands around her neck. Swara starts tying his tie.
Sanskar- good morning shona.
He pecks her forehead. Swara smiles.
Swara- sanskar today are u free.
Sanskar-[raises his eyebrow] y
Swara- actually i wanted to go out with u in evening.
Sanskar- no swara actually today is an important meeting.
Swara-[sad] but sanskar u r saying this from 2 months.
Sanskar- swara u know na i am very busy these days.
Swara- sanskar plz naa
Sanskar-swara plz try to understand u also know na y ere u behaving like a child.
Swara- bu….
Sanskar-[gets little irritated bcoz of work load] swara plz yaar.
Swara- san…..Sanskar-[annoyingly] yaar swara stop it what is this can’t u understand go from here go…..don’t irritate me.
Swara-[teary eyed] u r changed sanskar…..
Saying this she runs from there.
Sanskar- yaar what u did shit …..u know na she is also right at her place…..what u did…….bcoz of this work i am getting easily annoyed…..[holds his head] shit mannnn……..
He quickly gets ready and goes down stairs for breakfast. He observes swara u was just playing with her good. He also eats silently. He quickly finishes his food and was about to start apologizing but swara quickly went into kitchen. He gets sad and was about to leave. But swara runs towards and pats his shoulder. He turns and looks towards her questionably. She forwards the lunch box. He smiles seeing her care. He takes it and says.
Sanskar- [softly] shona
Still no response. He makes her face him. She had tears in her eyes. He wipes her tears and caresses her face.
Sanskar-[softly] i am sorry.
Pecks her forehead.
Sanskar- love you.
Saying this he leaves. Swara smiles sadly and goes inside the house.

rishab’s mansion

Rishab was romancing with madhu in kitchen.
Rishab-[naughtingly] today i don’t want to go to office, today i will spend some time with my beautiful wife.
Madhu-[strictly] no u go to office rishu.
Madhu-no means no
Rishab-plz i…
Madhu- rishab no means no don’t u understand.
Rishub-huh…….mostly wife pleads their husband to spend sometime with them….but u huh….[murmurs] hitler
Madhu- yes i am a hitler now eat and go to office.
She stuffs his mouth with food and go to the dining table to set food. She goes from there leaving him alone in the kitchen.
Rishab-[mouth stuffed with food] bbbbbutt……mhadddhhhuuuu……
He goes back of her. They both eat the breakfast. She quickly helped him or forced him to get ready.After getting ready they both reached the door of mansion.
Rishab-plz my madhu….[puppy face] i don’t want to go to workk…..plz….
Madhu-[glares him] i said na no more discussion…..u just keep quiet and go[strictly]
Rishab- madhu but
Madhu- [angry] rishab
Rishab- [frustrated ] ok i am going happy… if u would want me to spend sometime with u na then also i will not spend with huh…….
He quickly goes from there but quickly returns and pecks her cheek. Rishab- huh…..
And he quickly rushes out while madhu smiles seeing his kiddish nature.
Madhu- pagal….but i love this pagal[mad]

sanskar’s office

Sanskar’s pa arjun enters enters and tells him that the client for the meeting have arrived. Sanskar with his pa enters the room and meets with the client but after meeting him both get shocked even the client get shocked. Sanskar signs his pa to leave his pa understands and leave the room while staring the client with a shocked face. Sanskar starts talking.
Sanskar- [shocked] hhhi i am sanskar, sanskar maheshwari
Client-[also shocked] rishab……rishab kundra…..nice to meet u….
Sanskar- bbbut how…
Rishab- yes how do u look like me…..
Sanskar- wait a second u look like me i don’t look like u….
Rishab- no u look like me….
Sanskar- nooo u only…..
Rishab- noo
Sanskar- okay okay we both look like each otherokay [rishab nods]
rishab- but how[rishab pokes sanskar’s nose and pulls his cheeks] we both look same[laughs]
sanskar-[removes his hand] its okay…….but how can a [hits rishab forehead] kiddish man like u
Rishab-[interrupts] look like a hitler like u….i know i know but u forgot to mention i am also handsome…..[raises his collar]
sanskar smiles seeing his care free nature it reminds him of his shona.
Sanskar-Vaise mr kundra tell me something about u actually i tgink u don’t live here right?
Rishab-yes actually i have just shifted here…..that’s
y and yes call me rishab. No need to be formal.
Sanskar-sooo u call me sanskar.
They both talked about the deal and signed it and talk about random things. They both may look alike but their nature was completely different. They were opposites. Suddenly rishab asked.
Rishab- sanskar so….r u married?
Sanskar-yes and u
Rishab- yes….. so tell me something about ur wife.
Sanskar-[smiles sadly] she is my angel who deserves all the love in the world…..[whispers] my shona….
Rishab- [smiles] it seems that u love herok……good….like u i also love my jaan… madhu…..i love her soo much my baby……
Remembering swara sanskar’s eyes got filled with tears. He remembered how she misses him. While rishab was continuously talking about his madhu he didn’t saw sanskar’s tears. But suddenly his eyes fell on him. Seeing his tears rishab got worried.
Rishab-[worried] hey sanskar what happen….haan what happened why r u sad?
Sanskar-[wipes his tears] nothing rishab.
Rishab- consider me as ur brother….haan tell me…its good to share ur pain u know madhu always says like this.Sanskar- actually its just that i am not able to give shona proper tine and care.she is just so sad.
Rishab-y what happened?
Sanskar told him about the morning incident and explained that how he is busy in work and fails to keep swara happy. Listening his story rishab smiles seeing his love. He pats his cheeks.
Rishab- its ok sanskar……u don’t be sad….just manage some time for 1 hour would be eneough for her….just one hour…..u know women always love their husband to eternity but they only expect sone care and love. Swara knows that u love her very much…..but just show some care ok……Sanskar- but these days its very difficult i know she deserves soo much love and care but i am not able to give it to her.iiii……i….i…just don’t know what to do.
Rishab- acha leave all this calm down okay….acha here ur wife wants time and there my wife always sends me to work.huhh[pouts]
sanskar-[wipes his tears][smiles] meaning?
Rishab explains him everything. Sanskar smiles hearing him. Suddenly an idea strikes in rishab’s brain.
Rishab- sanskar i have got an idea to solve our problems.

Sanskar-whatRishab-see we both are look alikes so we can reverse our roles….u be rishab and i will be sanskar……[stops sanskar from interrupting] arreeee listen na see i consider ur wife as my sis and u also consider mine as ur sis sooooo for 1 week i would live at ur house and would take ur wife on surprise and would make her happy…….But i would only take her as my sis but she would think like her sanskar is taking her out so she would be very happy and same applies in ur case u be rishab and continue ur work for one week my wife would be also happy seeing u work and would be satisfied. Afterall we both need our wife’s happiness right soooooo…..
Sanskar thinks for a while and thinks about his shona’s happiness. He agrees for the idea.
Sanskar-but u stay away from my wife okay consider as ur sis and….
Rishab- arre arre i am a good boy yaar i only love my wife yaar and yes same applies for u okay?
Sanskar- okay.
Both smiles seeing each other and say.
Rishab- so mr rishab kundra ready for the mission.
Sanskar- yes mr sanskar maheshwari.
Soon the day passes while discussing about the mission and both disperse to their with the role reversal.Sanskar’s mansion …………evening…….
Rishab now as sanskar enters tge mansion like a thief. He was moving very carefully full in detective mode. Heeheehe…..he was looking around. Swara pats his arm and he got afraid and jumped in fear.
[Now i will address rishab as sanskar]
sanskar- ahhhhh!!
Swara weirdly look towards him and asks.
Swara- what happened haan y u were entering like a theif?[raises her eyebrows]
sanskar- vo vo yes vo [innocent face] vo i thought u were said na soooo [forwards a bouquet of roses] sorry shona[puppy face] i am sorry plz forgive me…..Swara – [smiles] its ok sanskar…..
Sanskar- so forgave me….
Swara- yessss
Sanskar- okay good vaise u know when u got angry today u were looking like a chudail[witch] [saying this he runs from there]
swara- but when i got angry ……wait u called me chudail…..u ……today i will kill u sanskar….
She runs back of him. They both were running in the mansion. Soon she caught him and beat him with cushions.
Sanskar-acha sorry sorry [puppy face] sholly…
Swara laughs seeing his face.
Swara- today what happened to my hitler haan what happened to u today… fun loving….
Sanskar glares him
Swara – ohh so now mr sadu has returned.
Sanskar- yes seeing miss chudail mr. Sadu has returned.[shows his tongue]
swara- sanskar[glares him]
sanskar- acha okay okay vaise this whole week i would spend time with uu
Swara-[excited] really[he nods] yayyyyy but wait what about ur work
Sanskar- that i will manage.
Swar ahugs him and murtures i love u. Firstsanskar hesitated but hugged her back thinking her as his sis.
Soon both ate their dinner and slept but sanskar made an acuse of work and when swara slept he slept on the couch alone.

Rishab’s mansion

Rishab enters the mansion. Madhu smiles seeing him.
Madhu- so how was the day rishu[took his bag from him]
sanskar- nice[smiles]Madhu- mmm….good see i told u na it would be nice.
Sanskar- yes u were right.
Madhu- arre today what happened to my flirty hubby today no self praise haan
Sanskar- vo vo its nothing like that i am just tired madhu plz serve dinner na i am very hungry[rubs his stomach]
madhu-[smiles] okay …….
Soon they both ate their dinner and slept but rishab also made same excuse like sanskar and slept on the couch.Next day…..sanskar’s mansion
Sanskar got up early and went and made the breakfast for both of them. Then he made swara awake. Swara got ready and went downstairs and was very happy seeing the breakfast made by Sanskar.
Swara- thank u sanskar[eats] but doesn’t it taste different from what u usually make.
Sanskar- no no today i made it in a different way acha leave all today firstly we would get ready and go to mall and then for lunch then park and beach and then dinner.
Swara- yayyyyy
Soon both got ready and went for their outing.

Rishab’s mansion.
Rishab got ready early and madhu and he ate BF and went to work.

Like this whole day passed with swasan’s masti, fun and drama’s and rishabala’s work and sweet talks.

Like this day the whole week passed in a blink of an eye. Swasan enjoyed to the fullest. They went to waterparks, pubs, discos, beaches, restaurants and what not. They both played many pranks on eachother fought with pillow and enjoyed very much. Seeing her husband’s effort for her she planned a dinner date for him at their house only which was only planned on the last day of rishsan’s mission.
Rishbala also spent their day with work and sweet talks. Madhu thought that rishab is working so hard for only her so she also planned for a dinner at home bcoz she thought he is lil angry on her for making him work that’s y he is only working and talking less in this whole week.

So swamadhu prepared the date and surprised sanrish when tgey both reached home.Swasan side…..
Sanskar- what’s all this swara what….[swara puts her finger on his mouth]
swara- today i will only say sanskar…..firstly thank u so much for making my whole week special. I know u had made the company successful with so much hardwork. And now i have understood how uch u work or spend less time time with me u would love me the same. So thank u for loving me so much….thank u for giving me this whole week thank u thank u so much…..i love u
Sanskar was standing speechless. He gad tears in his eyes bcoz he remembered madhu and her love.Swara was about to hug him but he stops her and says.
sanskar- i need to go
And without listening to her he goes from there and calls rishab.
Rishbala’s side
Rishab-madhu what is this and[madhu stops him from saying]
madhu- shhh……today i would say… i have understood that how much u love me…this whole week u spent in working i was happy seeing u concentrating in ur work but i also missed ur care ur love. I know u have built this company with somuch hardwork. I don’t want ro let it go in waste…so work but also love me. But i just want to say thank u for ur love ir care infact thank u for coming in my life….i love u.
Rishab had tears in his eyes and remembered his shona. He quickly went from there. He was about to call sanskar but he received his call. They both spoke at the same time.
Sanrish- we need to meet now okay…..
Saying this they both went to their designated place. Madhswa have also listened to them and followed them.
The 4 reached to the place.Seeing Sanskar and Rishab together. Madhu and Swara were shocked.
Rishsan- i can’t wait more we need to tell them the truth.
San- yes i can’t betray her.
Rish- yes it feels really bad.
Swamadh- what truth.
Rishab and sanskar qere shocked to see them there.
Rishab- vo vo
Sanskar- ummm……
Swara- first tell me who is the real sanskar
Madhu- and rishab
San- i am the real sanskar.Rish- rishab
Madhu and sqara glared both qhile they gulped.
They both took them aside and told the told. Firstly the ladies were really angry. But with lots of pleady and lovely taljs tgey both understood their condition and love for them and forgave.
Swara nd rishab walked towards each other.
Swara- so ur role reversal.
Rish- yes the reversed role.
They both hified and laughed.
Sanmadhu smiled seeing their childishness and murmured and looked towards wach other.Sanmadhu- the role reversal.[smiles]
soon the couples hugged and enjoyed the moonlight.
They cherished their happy moments and THE ROLE REVERSAL which made their love much more stronger.

The end……
Thanks to u all for the support u showed me in my previosus ss. Thank u so much.
Plz tell me how was the os sooo comment
So this is shubhangi sharma signing off!!

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