In which role Rachana Parulkar looked her best?


Rachana has always been in news for her role as Kalpi/Kalpana in the Zee TV show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, and she started her career with the same channel with the show Saat Phere, as Saawri. She was further seen as Akruti in Star Plus show Sapnon Se Bhare Naina. She also did a cameo in show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and made episodic appearance in Channel V Show Gumraah.

Rachana’s dusky looks and expressive bold eyes added to her girl next door looks and instantly connected with the audience. Her romantic on screen chemistry with her co actor Ashish Chowdhry gained instant fame for her. When she made the exit from EMA, her loyal fans created a rage on twitter asking the production house to take back Rachana back in the show, else end it for better. The show has toughed a great mark with her presence, and soon after she quit it, the show could not pull up the TRPs and got an ending. Rachana Parulkar is currently seen as Ajabde in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap, opposite Ssharad Malhotra, who is doing the role of Marahana Pratap. Even their chemistry is rocking in the show, and the special sword fighting scenes are being the limelight of the show. Rachana looks effortless in her role and just gorgeous in the Maharani costumes. Which role of Rachana do you like and feel close to heart? Let us know.

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  1. Honestly i love her role as kalpi,i was so emotional that whenever she wasnt happy i shed tears too ,i havent seen her role in maharani but i must say i love her so much as kalpi and her exit in the serial made me to stop watching as well so i dont even know how it ended

    1. Hi Betty.. I wish you could watch Maharana Pratap……Rachana is amazing

  2. To be honest, I don’t have the channel to see Maharana Pratap so i am totally biased. I stopped watching Ek Mutthi immediately after she left the show as I was so annoyed by the change and the stupid new story line. ….I am sure she is wonderful in her new role, but she will always be Kalpi (THE ONLY ONE) to me :). But omg, she is such a beauty eh!!! I had to say it lolol

    1. Kristelle dear… you are right she is doing a wonderful job as Maharani Ajabdeh. Wish you could watch it

  3. She looks yuck in every role….

  4. dear aisha ..if u cannot comment good..then don’t put the comment..

    humble request…

  5. I have watched both shows ..and she is amazing in both so I dont know which one to choose!

  6. Rachana Parulkar is good in any role..She is talented and versatile

  7. She looks good and acts well in both roles..If I have to choose then Kalpi

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  9. Rachana Parulkar is a brilliant actor… She is in both roles.

  10. I love her current avatar as Ajabdeh…..She is amazing.. its a very difficult role and she is just marvellous

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  12. I believe the role of Maharani Ajabdeh is much more challenging than Kalpi.. A historical character is kinda of more difficult to portray..

  13. She did a great job as Kalpi but she is doing a greater job as Ajabde..

  14. I love her as Ajabde, but she will always be my little Kalpi, and the chemistry she shared with Raghav is yet to be seen with this actor from banoo teri dulhan.

    But none the less i loe her acting.

  15. Rachana Parulkar will always remain Kalpi first…as that’s how she came into our hearts . …She is doing brilliant as Ajabde….

  16. Kalpi and Ajabde both she do well…

  17. She is doing well as Maharani Ajabde….. But i will only choose Kalpi as her best

  18. Jyoti Chotrani

    She looks best in the role of Maharani Ajabde and in the role of kali too. But the role of Ajabde is too hard to play as she was brave , calm , caring , intelligent like Maharani Jaiwantabai , loving , loyal , faithful, honest

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