In which role did Ashish look best?


Ashish Sharma always entertained the viewers with his amazing talent in every show. He has taken up such roles which differentiated the characters and also brought more of his acting skills in the limelight. Zee tv’s Rab Se Sohna Ishq ran in 2012-2013, where Ashish was cast opposite Sukirti Kandpal and Ekta Kaul. He has shown much diversity in his role in that particular show. Ashish also starred as lead actor in Chandragupt Maurya.

Ashish got much fame by his angry young man character of Rudra Pratap Ranawat in Rangrasiya. Sanaya Irani played his love interest Paro in the show. Ashish and Sanaya’s pairing was much liked by the fans. They have sparkling chemistry between them. The actor had to take a tough look of an army officer. He has played his role superbly and was tagged as Rudra for long, before he appeared in Star Plus’ Siya Ka Ram as the prime character Ram. Ashish has always attempted something new. He succeeded in portraying the characters well, along with putting his personal nuances in the roles. His current stint as Lord Ram is also much appreciated by his fans and common audience. Madirakshi Mundle stars as the female lead and portrays the role of Devi Sita. Ashish and Madirakshi also make a great pair onscreen. In which role did Ashish look best? Let us know your opinion in this fun poll.

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  1. Gunahon Ka Devta 2010-2011

    1. Me too ???

  2. Aman


  3. Kathy

    I think u he act well In both rangrasiya n siya ki ram…. Both are different genres …

  4. His first serial Gunaho ka Devta,His tashan ,look was best in that show till date

  5. Padmaja

    His acting is awesome in siya ke ram as ram..

    1. i agree with u padma akka

  6. NABANITA626

    I like to share a personal feelings of mine.I don’t know why I didn’t dislike very much ashish Sharma in previous days.when i first saw the promo of skr i am very eager to know that who will play the charecture of ram.then i got the news thats it is ashish sharma………
    I was very much disappointed.but when I started to see skr slowly I became a fan of his acting,his looks all thing.and now I am a die heart fan of skr and asish sharma’s credit only go to a person
    That’s ASISH SHARMA.
    And now I am dam sure in ram charecture he is so perfect that any other person in the industry can not do that.

  7. I have seen him as a Ram, he is awesome. Initially , he looked ordinary , but he changed . From Mithila phase in SKR – he looks nice .
    He acts very well.

  8. He fits very well as RAM . Many Ramayans have been telecasted , I think Ashish Sharma is the best among all . His acting is very natural, his feelings are so authentic . SUPERB

  9. The best ram on Indian television ever
    Versatile actor
    Great human being

  10. Astra

    in chandraguptha maurya…

  11. Anushya

    he rocks as ram

  12. Both skr nd rangrssiya………but Ashish looks more handsome along with moustache……but my vote goes to both

  13. Lakshmila

    Hey naba di same feeling here di

  14. i think ashish sharma is best in siya ke ram because his acting is superb is skr

  15. Lakshmila

    When skr first started I didn’t watch it coz I nvr had any kind of interest in Ramayana……. I just waited for the moment when the adult ram and siya will be shown because my didi had told me dat skr was good enough bt since I did not like the childhood days of ram and siya therefore I nvr watched it at that time and always waited for ram and siya to grow up….

    Finally on one fine day I saw the promo of skr in Bengali as ‘SITA’ dat ram and siya has grown up and ram is dong aarti while siya is holding a horse…. I thought dat I was just rubbishhhh…. Who is that ram and who is that sits ??? They did not suit the role at all …… Still I saw the epi and watched ram foing aarti……. And after a few days watched sita stopping the ashwamedh yagya’s horse…… I started cmnting abt ram and siya….. And I did not like them at all from the core of my heart…..

    I watched the next few epi’s and then stopped watching it ……….

    Now came the biggest miraculous part of my life….

    Suddenly one day as I was watching the tv by mistake I turned to star plus and at that time skr’s new promo of ram killing tadka was being shown…..

    Just a bit of look to Ashish Sharma and I felt dat whatever I thought before was just next to rubbishhh…….. Ashish Sharma is actually the ram….. He is really the one who best suites the role of lord Ram…….

    Gradually I started watching skr and became the great to greatest fan of it….. I saw the glamorous sita dat is madirakshi mundle….. She is the one who is actually Devi sita to me……

    And in this way my love for siya ke ram free more and more ( even its still growing )…. LOL…..

    And in this way my love for ashma (the sweetest onscreen couple ) started growing and its grownf at a faster speed and now I do love ❤ them from the core of my heart…..

    I feel dat Ashish Sharma is the soul of skr…. Without him skr looks so lonely….. Ram ke bina siya ke ram ka Kuch nahi. …….

  16. Lakshmila

    Sorry for such along cmnt bt truly wanted to share my feelings

  17. forme he is always best in RANGRASIYA as RUDRA



  19. Meena

    The comments are saying ram bt rudra is getting more votes

    1. Yeah so miraculously dear meena di

  20. Ashish sharma rocked in every role but my favourite role is rudra.

  21. Vanshika

    I’ve seen three shows of him, rangrasiya, Chandra Gupta n ofc siya ke ram…. Mee Toooo was very disappointed wen i found Ashish Sharma!!! That tough army officer!! As calm ram…. I didn’t lyk his acting very much in beginning bt ryt now he’s rocking the show.. So my vote goes to ram..

  22. my vote is definitley going to ashish sharma as lord ram

  23. Ashna

    He looks great both as ram as well as rudra…… I don’t know what to cast vote for…..

  24. Ashna

    However Ashish looks great in all roles……. He just bring the feelings in his eyes…. Whatever works he takes he gives his 100 percent perfection in it…… As lakahmila said even I didn’t have much interest towards Ramayana or rams character ….. But skr changed my perspective of seeing Ramayana….. It is mainly due to Ashish…… The role he portrayed as ram….. Now I am not even missing a single episode of skr…… I started seeing skr mainly due to Ashish Sharma only…… He is the best actor in the world??????

  25. Nirmal Vikas Mishra

    He should be again given the role of Chandragupta Maurya. He is the best doing this kind of roles.

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