Roke Na Ruke Naina – Season 2 (Part 9)

A person knocked someone’s door and an old man opened the door and searched for the person who rang the doorbell but then he looked downwards when he found a tight grip on his leg.

He got shocked to see this sudden uninvited person and his strange action.

“Leave me…Who are you????” He tried to release his leg by jerking it.

“Uncle..I am your new tenant.I show the board outside your house and those advertisements that you have rooms for rent. So give me one.” Laksh replied standing.

“First tell me why you were behaving like that??”

“Uncle I am taught to do this respect the elders. Uncle…where you will get such a tenant. The one who is so well behaved, respects elders, don’t have any bad habits.” Laksh said giving him a wide smile.

“But I already thought to give the room to someone.” The old man said.

“What???” Laksh uttered in shock and continued,”Uncle if you won’t keep me here you will suffer a big loss…think uncle..” Laksh said innocently.

That old man raised his eyebrow and said,” Why are you the billionaire?”

“Ye–” then Laksh realised what he was going to say and said,”Yet I am not but soon I will be..”

That man rolled his eyes and said,”Am I looking mad owl??”

Laksh then looked him properly he was a man having tomato like red cheeks, melon like round belly and big spectacles magnifying his eyes giving his an owl like look.

Laksh giggled a little and rubbed his back head.

“What happened??” That old man asked.

“Nothing…uncle..well uncle you can keep this advance money.”

Laksh handed him 5 thousand rupees which were there with him in his pocket.

“If you had money then you should say it to me before..come let me show you the room.” That old man said taking the money and started going upstairs.

Laksh first smiled widely and then followed him.

He then showed Laksh the room and went.

Laksh now called Sanskar,he tried 3-4 times but Sanky didn’t pick his call.

“What happened to Bhai??” Laksh said in confusion.

Here in MM.

Sanskar was sitting in his room holding his head he then looked towards the family photo having AP,DP and Sanlak’s pic and said,

“What happened to my family?? God why are you doing this..?? Why so many problems are coming together?? I am orphan but Bade papa loved in the way I think my own dad couldn’t do. Badi ma loves me like she loves Laksh and Laksh being a cousin is more than my real brother for me..but everything got shattered now..” he then continued,”How I talk with Laksh and tell him what’s going on here..I can’t tell him.”

Now after a month Laksh got a job in a company in Kolkata. He was working hard and whenever he talked with Sanskar or AP they sounded very tensed. He never talked with DP in all this. He was missing them all very much and of course he was missing Ragini too..

Here in U.S Ragini also got the admission and Swara got a job as a teacher in a school.

They were trying hard to forget their past but something was waiting for them.

In a dark room a man was was sitting and in his front were two men.

That man then bellowed,”Because of you Swara and Ragini become able to ran away..such useless people you both are I don’t need you.”

He then took out his gun and shot them both in their chests.

Leap of one and half year

“Oops I got late…shit.. that’s because of those shocks..I wasn’t able to find them.. before Bhai used to set my room but now I have to do it myself and I see how well I do that..” Laksh muttered coming inside a office.

He glanced that office and said,”Wow it’s nice..but I don’t know how my new boss will be..”

He then asked the peon where the cabin of the boss is? He then pointed towards a cabin and Laksh thanked him.

He then walked to that cabin and opened the door he saw a girl in casuals was standing in front of him whose back he was facing. Laksh then said,”May I come in Ma’am? I am your new PA.”

“Yes..” a feminine voice came making Laksh shocked.

“Ragini..” Laksh said in shock and that girl turned and got surprised to see Laksh.

Obviously she was our Ragini.?

Precap: Leap of 2 year and story by Ragini’s POV.

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