Roke Na Ruke Naina- Season 2 (part 2)

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On my behalf Dharu di posted this story’s prologue and part 1

Whose links are here Prologue

Part 1 here

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Now the episode starts with Ragini, she was running non stop with heavy legs, her heart was pounding. She didn’t know where she is nor she knows where she is going whatever she knows was the things that she can’t stop.

But suddenly she stopped with a jerk as a corner of her dupatta got stuck to a bush . She turned and took some steps towards the bush to release her dupatta. She hold that corner and jerked it but it didn’t released. She then heard some mewling sounds of cats and she saw at a little distance from that bush , garbage bags were kept and between those bags some kittens with black and white were wriggling next to their mother.The mother cat was caressing them with her paws and licking them with her tongue showering her motherly love.

Ragini saw it and smiled painfully.

Ragini: Even these kittens have someone who love them and who cares for them but for one is there no one..

“Hey see that girl is there..!!!! Catch her..!! ” said one of two men whom seeing Ragini ran from the hospital.

Ragini looked towards them, they were approaching towards her and her adrenaline commanded her to run, she jerked her dupatta with force and it released from that bush.

She started running again but after some distance her feet hit to a stone and she slipped and consequently fall down on the road in front of a big mansion which was beautifully with lighting and flowers. She looked inside through the iron main gate there a watchman was sleeping on his chair keeping his cap on his face..he was snoring loudly.

Ragini: I can hide in this mansion.

She opened the main gate slowly slowly without making any noise and she can find that everyone slept till now. She was walking on her toes carefully without making any noise. Just then someone with an helmet appeared in front of her suddenly.

Ragini : You came from sky??

“No I jumped from that room’s window he said pointing towards a window of second floor.” Replied that person looking in Ragini’s eyes from his helmet’s glass. Ragini’s eyes were visible only through the cloth covering her face.

Ragini: Are you a thief??

“Nope miss deaf I am not thief…” He said taking his helmet out and he was Laksh.
The Diwali party ended till now and everyone slept now so finding an opportunity  Laksh was again trying to fled from here but when he jumped from his room he landed in front of Ragini.

Ragini’s eyes dilated in shock seeing Laksh.

Ragini: You here..??and don’t call me deaf My name is..

Laksh: Ragini

Ragini: How you know my name??

Laksh: First tell me from where you came??

Ragini(irritatingly): Please stop making these rhymes!! and please save me some men are chasing me..

Laksh: You too save me from my dad he some tears I mean crocodile’s tears) going to close me in a room again.

Ragini: See you help me please I am saying seriously I am not joking..! some men are chasing me please save me from’s your house na..please hide me today here..I will go from here tomorrow.

Laksh: You come with me

He took her inside silently to a store room.

Laksh: You wait for me here..I am just coming.

Ragini nodded her head in yes and Laksh went from there.

Ragini started looking looking around and then she saw outside the window. A cracker burst in the sky.

Ragini: Everyone is celebrating Diwali with their family..and here I am all alone where there was laughter, love,happiness now there is only this pain and hollowness , this boy asked me don’t I feel pain what to answer him..if someone show themselves strong from outside then it means they are very weak from inside…how I tell that through how many pains I went through..!!

She started crying looking towards the sky making her lower lip quiver.

Laksh ran upstairs to Sanskar’s room where he was sleeping peaefully.

Laksh: Wake up..bhai!!

He started shaking him with full force

Sanskar: What happened? what you did now??

Sanskar sat on his bed rubbing his eyes.

Laksh: Doremon please help me!! please please…!!

Sanskar: What u said Dore-m-on (he said struggling) who is he?? and where??

Sanskar looked around.

Laksh: Bhai you are my sweet doremon!! and I am your nobita..Please save me from gian!!! if Gian will got to know what I did this time then he will kill me..!

Sanskar: In which language you are talking what’s this doremon, nobita , gian??
Laksh: See bhai I am nobita an innocent little kid

whom a bully gian i.e Papa tortures

And you r my saviour and best friend doremon who always save me and help me .

(Yeah you are reading Roke na ruke naian season 2 only don’t get confused that you reached in a doremon fic ??)

Laksh started giving whole description of each character of the cartoon show doremon.

Sanskar: Wait wait let me clear I am not this blue coloured strange cat.. dog or whatever it is…well where is your suzuka then?? (He winked)

Laksh then got a flash of Ragini and he started smiling widely.
Sanskar: Nobita..I mean Laksh..!! What happened?? And which help you were asking??

Laksh came back to reality and realized why he came here.

Laksh: Bhai you come with me….!

He hold Sanskar’s hand and took him with him to the store room. Ragini was looking out the window still. Laksh switched on the light of that room and Ragini wipped her tears and turned towards Sanlak who were standing in entrance of the store room.

Sanskar’s eyes widened in shock seeing Ragini, he looked towards Laksh and said”Laksh who is this girl???????? ”

The screen freezes on Sanskar’s shocked face.

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