Roke na ruke naina– Season 2 (part 10)

Leap of 2 years

It was raining heavily,frogs were croaking outside.

In a dark room someone was sitting hugging her knees. She was shivering badly and when the thunderbolt came. She screamed,”Lakshh!!!”

She started crying. Her crying sound was echoing in the whole room. Just then she heard the sound of horn of a car and the opening sound of iron gates. These were the gates of Maheshwari Mansion.

She wiped her tears and rushed towards her room’s window hearing those sounds.

The glasses of those windows were closed and her hot breath on that glass clouded her view. She wiped the condensation with her hand to see that the one for whom she was waiting came or not?Lightning flashed ahead, illuminating her face. On seeing that car she ran out of her room and reached downstairs and stood on the threshold of the gate opening the inner entry doors.

On seeing the person who approached to her she got sad and that person looked her with a tensed face.

“Ragini..!!” A feminine voice came from her behind which made that person to slide her gaze to the person who spoke and Ragini too turned towards that person.

“Swara..look Sanskar came but Laksh didn’t..where is he?? I called him many times but he didn’t picked up the call.” She said and Swara’s eyes started brimming up with tears. Swara looked Sanskar with helplessness and headed to Ragini and hugged her whereas Ragini got confused as she found Swara sobbing she broke the hug and looked towards Swara in confusion and said,”Swara what happened why are you crying?”

Swara wiped her tears and said,”No Ragini come with me..Laksh will come soon..”

“You are saying this from 2 days Swara..when he will come??”

Sanskar who was listening it curled his fingers in a tight fist and bellowed,”Swara!! Don’t speak lie now…she should face the reality that he will never come!! Never!!” Ragini got afraid listening it and held Swara’s hand and closed her eyes.

Sanskar’s anger was only the shield to conceal his pain but by looking in his eyes anyone can find that through how much pain he was going.

He then looked towards Ragini who was looking like an afraid little kitten.

He then realized what how he behaved. Swara was hugging Ragini and Ragini was looking Sanskar from by opening one eye.

When Sanskar looked towards her she closed her eye again and hugged Swara more tightly.

Sanskar’s eyes brimmed up with tears and he softly said,”Ragini I’m sorry..I shouldn’t shout on you..I should shout on that he left us alone.. you know na..he hated to be responsible and thus he left us.. getting rid of all his responsibilities. I wish I could be that doraemon who have a time machine..I would take him back but I am not a good doraemon neither for him nor for anyone. I didn’t become able to save him.”

He collapsed on his knees and started crying.

“Excuse me Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.” Someone said.

All looked towards the entrance and saw police was standing there.

“Mr. Maheshwari we found the murderer of your brother.” The inspector said and Sanskar stood up. He rushed towards the inspector and asked in a eager and angry tone,”Who is that Inspector tell me his name…I won’t leave him alive..”

“It’s ‘him’ Mr. Maheshwari it’s ‘her’ ” The inspector said and Swasan looked him with vexation..

The inspector continued,” The murderer of your brother is none other than his wife, Ragini Maheshwari.”

This statement made everyone shocked.

“Laksh I’m sorry..I shouldn’t do that.. please come back..” they heard Ragini’s these words and turned towards her.

She was talking to a big photograph of Raglak hug in the hall.

“Inspector what are you saying…R-Ragini can’t..” Swara said being shocked.

Sanskar was totally shocked, he didn’t know how to response. He didn’t know whom to believe. But he was thinking like seriously Ragini?? The one whom his brother loved so much.. not only Laksh,They all loved her so much and how can she do that to Laksh? How she even betray them?

“Mrs. Maheshwari we have evidence.” The police inspector said.

The inspector saw them a vedio and hearing that vedio sound Ragini turned towards them.

Sanskar lost his temper now. He rushed to her and gripped her neck.

“Why you did that Ragini?? Didn’t my brother love you?? Didn’t we love you? What not he didn’t do for you that you took this step??”

Ragini’s eyes popped out. She was to release herself. Swara rushed towards them and police too..they tried to free Ragini.

In last Swara screamed,”Sanskar she is pregnant leave her!!!…”

Sanskar’s grip become loose hearing this. He started remembering how his brother was dancing in happiness hearing this. He was thinking about this all and taking a chance police made Ragini free.

Sanskar stood there numb and The police was taking Ragini with them. Swara was continuously pleading them to leave her but they didn’t bother. Swara was having Ragini’s hand in hers but the lady constable took Ragini with them and their hands separated.

After 1 week

In a court a girl was standing in prisoner’s dress. Her hairs were messy and face was pale. She was busy in trying to make a knot of her dupatta around her finger while the people in the court were making noises.

“Order..order!!” The judge said and whole gossiping sounds ceased.

The lawyer handed him a vedio clip which he saw in a laptop,

In vedio Ragini was stabbing Laksh with a knife saying,”Bye bye Laksh..I don’t need you now..”

After looking the vedio the judge asked her,Mrs.Ragini Maheshwari do you want to say something about why you murdered your husband?”

She didn’t responded and was still trying to make that knot.

“Mrs. Ragini I am talking to you..!!” The judge exclaimed and Ragini suddenly squealed,”Done…see I made this knot.”

“Mrs. Ragini did you killed your husband Mr. Laksh??” The judge asked and Ragini’s eyes brimmed up with tears she nodded in approval.

“Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari is sentenced to life time imprisonment for murdering her husband Mr. Laksh Maheshwari and 4 other people.” The judge passed the order and people there started gossiping,”This girl murdered her own husband.”, “She was already a dirty girl we asked Laksh not to marry her.”

Ragini closed her ears with her hands and the lady police took her with them to the prison.

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