Roke na ruke naina (raglak/ragsan) One Shot

Love is the most powerful thing in this universe it can’t be measured
Love at first sight its something funny but cute and awesome what happens if u have started loving a person by just seeing in his eyes u don’t know his name nothing about that person but u like him
School crush is very common everyone of us for sure has but we don’t except it because we tend to think what would our friends think and how would we explain them
I don’t know when I started liking him what was it I myself didn’t know
We were studying in same school for years but never talked much always in opposite sections we were never together he the topper of his class and me topper of my class he was one of my tough competitor he was a knowledge bank I really some times wondered what did he eat I mean a person didn’t only have knowledge regarding studies but everything regarding around the world from latest movie in bollywood and Hollywood to the latest invention of science space and technology
I mean what was he he knew Hindi English tamil telgu kannada and French was he human I some times I hated him because of his knowledge but admired him for what he was
It was difficult for me to digest how can a most irregular person of class be so much intelligent ahh frustrating was it, he never completed any home works assignments anything even the notes given in class were pending of his
His mother was a friendly women I met her once he was a Tamilian but he didn’t looks so he was cute lamboo(long) having small mustcahe that had just developed even my height didn’t match his though I Was of good height but still
We were in same class but I had joined the school in class 8th

Okk enough of his praising but what to do I can write a book on him
I had developed a tiny crush on him when we were in class 10th
I still remember that day
He was walking through corridor wiping his sweat he had just returned from ground after playing foot ball his jerkin was hanging on his shoulders face was bit tan I walking back to class after meeting teacher one of my friend was with me we were talking
And he was laughing and moving along with his gang his laugh caught my attention I saw towards him
His friends moved a bit ahead of him and he was walking lazily
That was the first time when we crossed eachothers path and I saw directly in his black brown deep eyes for a moment I lost myself I was lost in his eyes I still remember how much time it took me to come out of that
Oh god what had happened with me I myself didn’t know how can u just fall for some one by just seeing in eyes I had gone made for sure it was something unbelievable for me
For many days I was unable to sleep when ever I closed my eyes his face flashed in my mind what was it
I was in a situation where I can’t even tell my friends what happened I mean how would I explain them what happened and that moment was also so awakard I can’t take risk they’ll tease me so much no ways I can’t bear that and what if he got to know about it and how would he react so I didn’t tell anyone
But things started changing around me I started being more happy than before I was half mad and became full in his love what love no it was just a crush attraction I was saying this to myself but little did I know that this attraction had changed something to else

Human brain has weird tendency if we say I shouldn’t think about it our mind is just occupied by those thoughts
Same happened with me I was trying to say myself that it was wrong but I was continuously thinking more about him
I started observing him more started trying to again his attention but never got so he was every popular among all of us In school he was naughty but sharp brain so people liked him
My friend kavya started feeling something weird about me she asked me many times but I didn’t say a word how can i
We all passed 10th with 10/10 cgpa we both got same rank then in 11th I choose commerce with math and he science with computer science we got parted
But their was moment of period of day when we were in same class it was during math class that we commerce students who choose math went to science class as our class math students strength was low it would easily be accompanied in their class
He was looking more handsome know than before
I was explaining my self that it was wrong it was just wasting my time it was a big distraction for me
Ok what if we became friends and even he starts liking me but we can never be together
Me ragini singh a typical marwadi girl whose family is conservative
He vinay Shankar from a tamil family we can never be together
Our family were staying in Bangalore that time
In my life my dream had more importance than anything my carrer was everything for me above from my family so where has he to be placed in all this
If fail my destiny would be decided by some one else I would be forced to do what my parents wish which I don’t want for them girls should be in their limit do as parents say and then husband I was engaged to a person whom I didn’t know it was clear for me if I fail I would have to marry him but I don’t wanna marry my dreams everything would be crushed what should I do
This side was he and other side I was fighting a emotional battle within me I was going though great depression I didn’t know what to do confusion was surrounding me

She had a beautiful smile a cute dimple I admired her for what she was I loved her frown she had when teachers praised me in front of her I knew she was jealous of me but didn’t hate me
I respected her she was different of all after my mother she was some one who was a teacher to me
She was unique her laugh was magical
I started liking her from the time we were in class 9th I still remember how I fell for her
She was sitting in library with her friend I entered but I think she didn’t notice me
May be she was teasing her friend because kavya screamed on her she was naughty for the first time I saw her this side her laugh was something for which I fell
For days I didn’t get proper sleep what was it was I falling for her I thought it to be attraction but It was getting strong as time passed
I was in a situation where I couldn’t tell my friends about what had happened I became more crazy for her she was a person who didn’t open up easily with anyone she was carzy in her friends presence but in front of others she maintained her standards she was choosy many of my friends didn’t like her because she was angry women and one man amry types she didn’t talk with boys more even girls who were her friends were a bit her type she conversed with all if anyone talk to her or ask her something she won’t back off and talk with that person but majority were scared of her
I liked her I was happy because of her this nature boys didn’t flaunt around her I was turning possessive regarding her if anyone spoke bad of her I would smack that person
Her presence around me raised my heart beat I tried hard to act normal in her presence but I failed
I used to find ways in which I could see her
I loved to tease her during quiz competition by answering smartly and taunting her actually it was my way to get her attention but unfortunately I didn’t get much
The task which I felt impossible that any girl would do she did it
Once we were playing dam shards I was giving hint to my friends about moive names I suggested one name and I openly said no one would guess but she did it was not just here from studies to sports everything

Every time I could see new shades of her from a aggressive girl to sweet naughty friend helping others playing with children
She was a book of mystery every time I see in her eyes I could feel an unknown pain she was hiding something
We passed 10th and I was sad knowing her subject choice as I would find less of her to see but was happy for her math choice
It was one day I found her sitting alone in garden behind a tree from where no one could see her she was wiping my heart ached seeing her so I neared her feeling my presence she quickly wiped her tears and looked up we had an eye lock I sat beside her
She was about to go I asked her to sit she did
“something bothering u”
“sharing pain reduces it” I said looking towards her
“some pain has no explaination and I don’t share about me easily” she said looking towards me
“think me as a stranger and say”
“what if this stranger do pubilicity of my pain”
“u can trust me”
“I don’t trust stranger”
“may think me as a friend and say”
“why we are not friends”
“we study in same class so we are friends”
“I share my secrets with my best friends” she said standing up
“so what should I do to become ur best friend” I think my question startled her but she smiled
“friendship Is not asked it should be gained” saying she left I smiled this was probably out first ever long conversation
Little did I know where would this end

After that day many things changed around us I myself didn’t know what had happened when he came and talked to me I was feeling butterflies in my stomach
We started talking talking a lot I mean we became best friends it was his magic to talk with me he used kavya he made her his sister and through her he used to talk to me
He made me smile laugh forget my pain and tears I shared a about my dream with him and he did his
Kavya was my best friend but I never shared even with her but did with him
We were aware about reality and we both knew many things had changed between us
“when are u planning to say him” asked kavya
“about what”
“don’t fool me I know u like him and I feel he does too”
I smiled at her
“but what’s the use by telling”
“ragini don’t make it complicated”
“it is already complicated”
“fine whatever it is tell him truth”
“I don’t want my heart to break and we can never be together ”
That was the bitter truth of our life we can never be together
I couldn’t fool myself with wrong hope
After second semester I started avoiding him it gave me more pain but it was best for both of us
I was making lame excuses every time I could feel his pain but ignored he tried hard to talk to me but I didn’t pay any heed

It was more than 3 months that we didn’t talk properly his eyes were shrunk he looked weak his smile had vanished and mine too but it was for our betterment
One day I was walking through corridor he pulled me inside a class and locked it
“have u gone mad vinay” I screamed
“what do u think u are doing” he confronted
“what do u mean”
“u know well why are u avoiding me”
“I am not avoiding I am just busy with my study and work” I said trying to cover myself and started moving towards the door he held my hand
“don’t do this”
I was silent
“u know I love u and u too why are u doing this”
“love its nothing like that vinay”
“whom are u saying this to me or urself”
“both because I can’t fool myself with wrong hopes”
“what is wrong in this”
“everything is wrong u me for know our studies are more important for us after 2 months we have board exams u would be busy in ur world and me in mine our paths are different”
“u are making them”
“forget me and move on concentrate on ur studies ur parents have lots of hope from u don’t spoil them”
“and what about me” I was silent
“I can’t leave without u”
“ we are those parallel rivers which can never meet” saying I left
I was wrong what I did was wrong but was best
After that day I never saw him or saw him rare he was busy in his studies and I with mine
I mind was occupied by his thoughts it was difficult for me to forget him but that was best
We appeared for our board exams
After he had his iit entrance exams and me iim’s
This was probably end of our story we were mean to meet so and apart so

That was not end I knew she loved me but feared of society and all and It was wrong time to talk to her as she would not agree
The best thing that I could do then was concentrate on my studies she was right my parents had hope from me she had hope from me
For then our dreams were important than all and we did it
She was on her path and me on mine
But their was not a single moment I didn’t think of her she was always with me in my heart
After our exams we didn’t see eachother
I appeared for Jee exams
It was our result day I didn’t know how to convince her but I knew one thing I can’t live without her and I love her
All got good scored history repeated we were toppers of our class
I saw her and she saw me we had a painful eye lock

We all friends were laughing
Seeing the toppers name on name board
It was our school reunion after 10 years we cleared 12th oh confused myself kavya ragini’s best friend and vinay’s first sister in school
“what happened guy’s why are u laughing” asked ragini nearing us
“see their”
“our 12th board exams year”
“2016-17”she said and we laughed more
“ok we feel that the topper’s names of our batch is too long so lets make it short Ragini vinay ” I said and she gave a angry glare
“haa that would look more cute” one of or friend said
We teased her so much
She excused herself and left but on her way she dashed with vinay she was about to fall he held her and we laughed more vinay was confused

Kavya said how they teased her
She was looking cute
When we were in school it started raining hard so we were in school itself she went towards our old class and was standing near corridor
I went and stood near her
“so what’s next” I asked
She was silent I held her hand and dragged her in rain towards garden near the tree where we talked for first
“what are u doing vinay”
“do u remember this place” I asked she was quite we were drenching in rain
She was trying to go I held her hand and pinned her to tree before she could react I placed my lips on her she was shocked

She tried to go but I held her tight forcing myself more on her she failed to push me
The kiss was passionate it was enough for us to express our feeling she started reciprocating to it we broke it when we lacked oxygen
We looked towards each other we just had love for each other nothing else
“ I love u”
“vinay” I placed my finger on her lips
“shhh let me say u were right we are those parallel rivers that can never meet but we can flow together “ she was seeing in my eyes
“u have dreams I have dreams we’ll make them true with each other’s support we’ll become each other’s strength we’ll make our own beautiful world ”
“our families would never agree and I can’t do anything against them” she lowered her gaze
I cupped her face
“our love is strong enough to fight with whole world we are meant to be together and we would be together forever and no one can separate us we’ll convince our families and they would agree”
“what if they don’t”
“we’ll run away” she laughed a bit
“I don’t have a habit to run away”
“with each other’s support we’ll fight for our love and we’ll win”
“ I love u” she said finally I hugged her tight
End of Flash back
It was not easy for us actually their our struggle for love started fight to be with each other began our journey from their we fulfilled our dreams with each other’s support we were their for each other when ever we needed each other we even fought many times but our love never reduced it increased with time we were best friends of each other and we still are and would always be we knew our journey would never be easy but not impossible we loved each other and our love was strong we fought with whole world and at last we won our families agreed it was not so easy to convince her family but they agreed
But still today my eyes wanders for her I can’t stop myself from seeing towards her her magical laugh makes me go crazy her smile her dimple her angelic face makes me forget all my worries
Roke na ruke naina teri ore toh inhe rehna
Roke na ruke naina

Life was never easy but not difficult I never thought I would be with him but atlast I am with him my love my life
Vinay thought me to live life he was always with me he became my support system he thought me to see world with new way
My journey with him was beautiful and I love him
I hate it when he flirts with those girls I hate him when he ignores me but I can’t stop myself from loving him he became more handsome and hot with time hay I am just flat on him for what he is
Know I don’t get jealous of him because he is mine know so logically his every success is also mine
I admire him for what he is I love him I can’t take away my gaze from him
My eyes still wanders around him searches for him and keeps seeing his way
Roke na ruke naina teri ore toh inhe rehna
Roke na ruke naina

Ragini singh- tejesswi prakash
Vinay Shankar- varun kappor/ namish teneja
I hope I didn’t bore u people and didn’t waste ur much time
Raglak and ragsan fans plsz tell me how was it and the description I gave of vinay is of my first crush and class mate he is really that intelligent and I meant it I can write whole book on him sorry for this bak bak but as I said love is crazy
And yeah I’ll update my other ff on 15th match onwards
Hope u forgive me for that love u all
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