roke na ruke naina (raglak)part 23

Ohhh my god in the previous part I got the very less comments. Where all the readers went????? do you all remember I gave you a dhamki before also if you will not comment properly I will….(let’s see whose memory is sharp, who remembered my warning)……

So the story starts
It was a new morning…in mm all people were busy in wedding arrangements…

It was raglak’s haldi…
The mm was decorated by yellow curtains…the dress code was yellow…

Raglak were setting in the middle of hall a curtain was hung in between themm….
Ragu was in a beautiful yellow lehnga looking like a cute yellow butterfly..

And lucky was in yellow sherwani looking handsome..

Music was playing loudly..
All were applying haldi to raglak …
Sanskar was sitting near laksh
San(whispered in Lucky’s ear):- hahah… see how funny you are looking all yellow ..

Lucky (whispered back):- ohh..I will also say these dialogues when you will also look like this one day..

San:- ohh..I am not stupid as you..did you heard that song.. Love is waste of time..hahah…

Then a voice came from entrance:- ragini…….

All looked there and sanskar who was laughing stopped laughing there only and the time stopped for him there only…

A girl was standing there , black deep eyes, the pretty nose,her pink lips and an angle like smile on her face…

Looking as beautiful as ragu…

She came in and hugged ragu first..
Ragini was shocked as she never saw her…
She then hugged sumi and shekhar..
They were also shocked as they also never saw her..

Sumi breaking the hug:- beta…are you ragini’s friend..

Girl:- maa…, It’s me..Swara(heheh I can’t live without her so did her entry. I would like to give the inspirational credit to tigress di?)

Sumi:- swara…..
Ragini was surprised to know that she is swara, the sister of hers whom she considered dead in accident..

Ragini:- shona..di…
Swa:- yes ma..ragini…I am your shona…see my birthmark on my arm

She showed a mark on her arm..

Maheswaris were looking them blackly as they don’t know who is swara,but lucky knew about her as ragu told him.. And someone is staring her that was our sanky..

Shekhar:-swara… daughter!! You are alive..but where were you in these years??

Swara:- baba!! After falling from that cliff.. People found me and admitted me in hospital..I went in coma for five years… When I got conscious I found myself in America…one couple adopted me and took me America as my treatment can be gone there only..thy took care of me until I didn’t cured completely… When I told them that my name is Swara and I want to go back to my home in Delhi they brought me back India but I didn’t found you in Delhi..

Sumi:- yes beta..we got shifted to Kolkata​..

Swa:- then I got to know that you are here and I directly came here.. And I also got to know that ragini is getting married..

Ragini smiled..
Swara went near ragini and applied haldi onher cheek..ragu smiled and hugged her…

Ragu:- I am very happy that I can’t even tell you..I got my sister​ back after so many years..

Swa:- but ragu you will live in mm now..we met after so many years and will get separated soon…well who is that lucky person who is getting married to my sweetheart..

Lak:- You are right swara I am lucky in both ways by name and by fortune also..
I am laksh maheswarii…naam to suna hi hoga?

Swa:- nope nhi suna(nope I didn’t heard)?

All were laughing except sanky because he will laugh if he heard something..but he was just busy in staring shona..

Lak:- you can call me lucky..
Swa:- ok lucky..

Ap:- Swara you are soo sweet exactly like ragini…I am ragini’s would be mother in law
And (pointing towards dp) he is laksh’s dad..

Swara took their blessings..
Swa(pointing towards sanky):- who is he??
Lak:- swara he is my elder brother sanskar maheswari…

Swara smiled and went near sanky
And forwarded her hand..

Swa:- Don’t you have any nickname… Your name is soo large but sweet…will you be my friend.??

Sanky doing handshake with swara:- You can call me sanky and of course we can be friends…

Swara:- ohhh hooo why this wedding ritual is happening so pale with music and dance…
Start music..start dance..!!!!

Raglak smiled…

They again sat at their place and music started..

Sumi:-Navrai majhi laadachi ladachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga

(She took evil eyes away from ragu and applied haldi on her cheeks and hugged her)

Swara:-Navrai majhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga

(She made ragini stand and both started dancing)

Navrai chali sharmaati ghabraati woh
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati woh,
Surmai naina chalkaati chalkaati woh,
Piya ke ghar bharmaati, sakuchati woh!

Chunar mein iski, Sitaare
Saare chamkeele chamkeele chamkeele
Kangan mein iske (ho) bahaare
Aaj hariyaale, hariyaale, hariyaale

(Swara caressed ragu’s face and bangles and Twirled her. …)

Navrai maajhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai maajhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga…ga…ga…ga! ?
(Sumi kissed ragu’s forehead and​ started dancing with swaragini)

Sunyoji isko, Rakhyo jatan se
O Badi naazuk hain naazuk hain naazuk
kali hai anmol…. kali hai anmol…

(Swara went near laksh and said:- I got my sister back but I know her she is very innocent as she was in her childhood… Took care of her…)

Aaoji aao… thumkha lagaoon…
Zara behako ji behako ji behako
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol
(Laksh nodded , swara then dragged him to ragini and signed them to dance…all maheswaris joined them…
Laksh holded ragu’s hand as no one was seeing them.. Ragini signed him by eyes to leave her hand and swara noticed it)

Swara:-Aankhon mein iske (ho ho) ishaare (ho ho..)
Bade nakhreele nakhreele nakhreele
Sapno ke lakho (ho ho) nazaare (ho ho..)
Saare rangeele rangeele rangeele

Navrai chali sharmati, ghabrati woh
Piya ke ghar itlathi balkathi woh
Surmai naina chalkati chalkati woh
Piya ke ghar bharmathi sakuchati woh

(Ragini blushed and hugged laksh)

Navrai maajhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga..

Then swaragini and sumi shared a group hug…

The haldi function got ended happily.. DP asked sanskar to leave gadodiyas to home…laksh was trying his best to go with ragini but didn’t got permission by DP(ohhh hoo poor tornado ?)

Sanky went with gadodiyas…

Precap:-lucky in trouble, some laughter and sanskar(to laksh):- areee meri jindagi ke bavander kabhi to daya kha ke bakash de ??
(Ohh my life’s tornado please do sometime me and leave me )

Comment please….or else… You know my dhamkis already.??

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