roke na ruke naina (raglak) part2

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So as we know the beautiful girl next door Ragini entered in our troublemaker Lucky’s life.

Laksh and sanky were shown in a service center for repairing ragini’s scooty.

San:- so, we get That fortunate 100 person whom we helped right?

Lak:- yaaa
(Thinking about her) she was not fortunate but I am fortunate to meet her.
She was beautiful….

San:- wowooo bhai you are talking about a girl ohhho ..

Laksh (coming back to real world):- what…. Which girl…what I said…

San:- you were feeling fortunate to meet a girl whom you were considering beautiful….tell na bhai who was she…

Lak :- It’s nothing like that .

Mechanic:- sir your scooty got repaired.

Lak:- you go home I am coming

Sanky nodes and leaved.

Here our beautiful angel is playing cricket with some kids outside her home which was not that much big but beautiful.

Laksh came there he was about to call ragini but got lost seeing her she was looking very sweet while playing.

Ragini got out
All kids:- out out ragu di …you are out hahahaha..

Ragu:- nooo nooo this is cheating I am not out the ball didn’t touched stumps.

One lil boy:- no diiii the ball touched it.

Ragu( making an innocent pouted face):- ummm….I got outtttt

Now I won’t play I am going

She was about to go but laksh blow horn of the scokry ragini turned to him.

Ragu:- ohhh you …. You repaired my scooty,how I thank you?

Laksh hand over the key of scooty to her.

Lucky:- heyy kiddos,can I join you am your di will also join us.

Ragu:- noo I got out, I won’t play.

Lucky:- you said na’how I thank you’ if you will play with us I will accept your thanks ?

And you will do balling

Ragu:- okkk,okkk I will play.

All kids:- hurry……wawoooo di will play and also this bhaiya

One girl:- what is your name bhaiya?

Lucky:- Laksh, you can call me lucky bhaiya.?

Ragini smilied.

Then they played cricket and our lucky hit sixers,four

As we know he hate to study and is a troublemaker but he is perfectionist in cricket and all fun giving things.?

Soon the game overed as all got tired.

All children went to their homes.

Now only raglak left.

Rag:- wawoooo you are a nice cricketer.
Laksh smiled

Rag:- that’s nice that my mom is not at home today that’s why I enjoyed very much .

You can come in and have coffee.

Lucky:- noo, I am already late my dad will kill me if I didn’t went home .

Ragini bid him bye.


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