roke na ruke naina (raglak) part 3

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Ok so our trouble maker I mean our hero lucky was going to his home walking and thinking about our fairy ragini.

Their meeting, their cricket match . Ragini’s innocence, sweet nature , her smile, her eyes , her sweet voice.

Thinking all this a smile appeared on his face.
He started having a crush on her.

He stopped in front of his big mansion, his smile faded and also ragini’s thought . The only thought which was coming in his mind is is is his dad’s scoldings.

Lucky:- yaar,how the hell I am lucky. My all luck don’t work in front of my dangerous dad.
Ufffff lucky be ready now you are going to a very big mission.

Mission hear your dad’s scoldings.

He made a sad face and went inside thinking how his dad is going to give him a big lecture today.

As he entered
Found dp,ap and sanskar sitting in hall on sofa.

Seeing him Dp gave a angry look to him.
Laksh took a gulp in fear.

Dp:- ohhhhh Mr helper for all , the angel for all (increasing his tone) andddd devill for me Mr Laksh Maheswarri came.

Laksh look at floor as he know that he have to hear a big lecture from his father.

Dp:-sooo beta, how many people got fortunate today by your help.

Laksh:- papa… Today only one .
Dp:- whatttt only one.
Lak:- ohhh sorry I will help more people tomorrow now I am tired.?

Dp:- okkk beta, someday make your father also fortunate by helping him, by doing some work.

A completely useless son I got,sanskar is much better than you at least he studied well and soon he is going to join our office. My brother was very lucky to have a son like him buttt mineee mineee …..

Lucky:- papa sanskar is also your son, am one good son , doing good job is enough… Right sanky.

Sanky was giving him shut your mouth look.

Sanskar(whispered):- ohhh god why can’t he keep his mouth shut. He is increasing bade papa’s anger. He is really a trouble maker.

Dp:- lakshhhh,Yes he is also my son, yes I love him equally like you but why can’t you do some work .

Laksh’s phone rang

Laksh pick the phone:- ohhh yes sir,ya I am coming . Thanks sir…

He cut the call.
Dp:- who was on call.

Lucky:- papa…my teacher called me , I want to take classes from him. Now I want to study.

Dp:- what??are you laksh or someone else.
Laksh:- I am laksh papa..

Sanky and ap was giving him a shocked look.

Laksh:- papa he called me right now I am going byee.

Before anyone could say something further he learned .

After he leaved

Dp:- is he seriously studying.

Out side mm
Laksh called someone
Lucky:- oooo kartik you saved me today .

Hahhahaha if you didn’t called me then I had to hear all scoldings of my dad.

Ok sir I am coming please teach me.

Saying this laksh leaved.


Precap:- lucky and ragu’s meeting again.

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