roke na ruke naina (raglak) part 25 by mickey

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Okkkk now Start the story


So the story starts with
Laksh gave ragini a packet..
Ragu:- lucky what is in this??
Lak:- A dress for you.. For tomorrow’s sangeet..but open it tomorrow morning only.

Ragu:- why now??
Lak:- It’s a I have to go.. Otherwise Bhai will engulf me..
Ragu:- ok bye..

Laksh hugged ragu..

sanky waiting for lucky outside.. Just then a paper ball fall on his car..
Sanky picked that paper and open that..

In that paper
A sorry was written…
Sanky Looked everywhere​ but didn’t found last he saw upwards
And​ found swara standing​ in the balcony of her house.. Holding her both ears..

Sanky smiled..
San:- it’s need..
Swara smiled back..

Just then lucky came downstairs and found sanky saying “it’s need..”
Lucky looked see with whom sanky is talking but didn’t found anyone..swara also immediately sat down in balcony, now lucky was.unable to see her..

Lak:- Bhai… With whom you​ are talking.. Don’t.. Don’t tell me that.. you can see..ghosts and you can talk with them…

San:- oyeee shut up..I can’t able to see any ghost- vost.

Lak(murmured):- yes..ghosts are visible to only good person and you are a devil..

San:- what you said???

Lak:- nooo nothing…I said something​ no.. Bhai..
San:- ok ok now let’s Go home or else the firecrackers will blast today only before your marriage….

Lak:- hahahha…yes Bhai let’s go home..

Sanlak sat in car and drove off…
After sometime
It was 11:30 pm..when sanlak reached home…
San:- now..bade papa will kill us both…
Lak:- I have to face his anger more..I don’t want to die this early.. At least let me see my marriage first..!!

San(frowns lucky):- Bade papa should do one thing when you were small…!!

Lak:- what thing?? Don’t say he should kill me when I was small..!!

San:- nooo I am talking about other thing…I am​ saying he should send you in India’s best dramebaaz…I am sure you will be the winner..?

Lak(making faces):- don’t irritate me…I am preparing myself to hear the big lectures of Mr.Dangerous…. But I happy this time as you are also going to listen the big long lectures…

San:-tornado don’t be so happy..I am listening all this because of your silly try to meet ragu….now come..

They went inside mm..

When they entered the home the hall is filled with silence.. Sanlak thought that ap and dp went to sleep.. So they r escape now..!!
Just they got relax.. The light gets on our poor guys r freezed for a moment..!!

Dp came out and went to lucky
Dp:- where u went.laksh??
Laksh is stammered…. He said voh voh…

Then dp went to sanky..nd ask why u took more time to reach home..???

He has no answer.. Both don’t know what to say..
Dp:- Why u are not answering me?? Can u please answer me!!( He asked in louder tone.)

San – doctor, lucky- temple(both said at the same time.. )
Dp see them in strange way..
They lucky manage to say..
Lak:-Papa I went to temple to thank god for this happiness nd I saw Sanky on road he is feeling dizzy.. Nd I ask to him what is the reason..?? He said he is not feeling well.. So we went to doctor.. Thats it papa..
Lucky said in one go nd breaths heavily..

Sanky :- yeah bade papa.. He is right

In Next moment
“what ur not feeling well??”
voice came..
It’s none other than ap..
Ap:- Ur so weak.. U don’t eat properly.. That’s the reason u got this kind of weakness.. Wait I will give some old medicine..Its Ayurvedic medicine..

San- no ma..
ap:- no I’m not going to listen u..wait I bring it..
Lucky (murmurs ):-bro ur gone…ittaste bitter.. Yuck..!!!

Sanky glared him…lucky is controlled his laugher by seeing him Sanky got a idea.. Ma lucky also said he is feeling little bit weak..he is groom.. He must be energetic…
ap :-y not..??? wait I bring u for both..

Ap prepared it.. Nd give to sanlak.. They both made faces by seeing the medicines..
. Sanlak – ma plss.
Dp said u both r going to drink.. We gonna watch u..!!!
Finally they both drink it.. They made faces and they ran to kitchen to eat some chocolate..

In lucky room..
san- For ur stupid answer I drank that medicines..
Lucky – what I do bro?? innocent kid,
San- ur the reason for everything
Lucky – I’m also drank that na..y r u scolding me..
San- I know u r a world best actor.. Don’t do that trick too me..I know u very well
lucky – is it??
They both saw each other.. And they burst out their laughter..

———-###sangeet ceremony##—————
It was a new morning…birds were tweeting and​ dancing in their seems​ like they are practicing for raglak’s sangeet…

In gadodiya house.
Ragini woke up.. And smiled seeing the packet which lucky gave her..
She immediately opened it..
It was a beautiful Blue and pink lahenga inside it..
She unfolded the dress and found a collage of raglak pics inside it … Their pics from starting to till the date…
Ragu smiled widely…
And got ready for the sangeet party… She was looking gorgeous ?? her hair were felt open with curls at ends, big black eyes with Kohl.., matching jewelleries..omg… Really a beautiful fairy tail princess???

Shona came there and hugged her
Swa:- wawoooo you are looking​ awesome ?
Ragu:- thank you…but di.. You looks awesome too…why don’t you find a groom for you..

Hearing her words only sanky’s face came in swara’s mind..
Swa:- leave me!!! You get ready fast ma is calling you downstairs..
Ragu:- I am ready.. Let’s goo
Both we down and from there all gadodiya went to mm…

Here in mm..
Lucky got ready and went in sanky’s room.
Lak:- Bhai..!!
San:- wawooo lucky!!!
Lak:- am I looking that much handsome that you are saying wawooo.. Anyways thanks..

San:- you are looking nice but my dear I am saying wawoo for another reason, first you go and check is the sun rise from east today or from went?…

Lak:- obviously the sun rises from East..
San:- but you came without doing any dhamedaar entry without breaking anything or without shocking me.. That’s why I am asking you!!..oooo…I see you are going to get married na.. That’s why you are changing..

Lak:- stop your nonsense​.. And may you also change, why don’t you find a bride for you..who will change you.huh!!!

Hearing his words swara’s face came in sanky’s mind..

Lak:-come downstairs is calling you.
Both came down..

When they reached downstairs they found gadodiyas there..
Lucky smiled seeing ragu
All greeted eo , then lucky went near ragu and whispered”you are looking​ gorgeous”

Ragu smiled and whispered back”you are looking awesome”

Lucky was dressed in blue sherwani..

Here swasan were also dressed coincidentally. In Same coloured dress
Swara was in purple lahenga and sanky was in purple sherwani..

Both passed a smile to eo.
Then they took mike and spoke..
Swa:- hello!!! Everyone.. It’s​ my lil sister’s..
San:- and my lil bro’s sangeet party…
Swa:- sooo are you guys ready..!!!
All :- yes!!!!!
Swasan:- sooo why we are waiting for…. LET’S NACHOOO!!!!!!!!

The lights got off..
Then flash light fall at the center of the hall…& a guy is standing facing his back…he clapped & music starts..he turn..its lucky

Khwaab Hai Tu
Neend Hoon Main
Dono Mile
Raat Bane.
Roz Yahin
Maangu Duaa Teri Meri
Baat Bane.
Baat Bane.

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka
Tu Meethe Ghaat Ka Paani
Main Rang Sharbaton Ka Tu Meethe Ghaat Ka Paani..
Mujhe Khud Mein Ghol De Toh
Mere Yaar Baat Bann Jaani
Main Rang Sarbaton ka
Tu Meethe Ghaat Ka Pani….


Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai (x2)
Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet
Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)
Khasma nu khaane!

[Raglak sat at the special sofa then,

RAGINI(WHISPERED IN LUCKY’S EAR):-DID you Saw A Spark Of Love IN SWSAN’S EYES For Each other..i think your bro love my sis and what you did for me….
Lucky :- ohhh….I didn’t did anything for you…
Ragu:- nooo
Lucky:- let me remind you….

He stood up…. And started​ singing pointing ragu..
Ishq mein tere, announce kar diya
Ho tere liye dil kudiyon ka bounce kar diya

Haaye Ishq mein tere, announce kar diya
O tere liye dil kudiyon ka bounce kar diya
Bechain sa hota jaaun
Par main ye samajh na paaun
Main jaagun, mere bin tu kaise so jaati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shaniwaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Main jaagun, mere bin tu kaise so jaati
ta da da da… oye.. ta da da da… oye!

[Lucky made ragu stand and pulled her closer to him and both started dancing and doing the signature steps of the dance of this song?)

Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend neend neend neend…
They completed their dance…

[Lucky hugged ragu and whispered in her ear:- I love you….
Ragu got extra happy and tears started coming from her eyes….she said:- I LOVE YOU TOO LAKSH with a cute smile ?]

???Ok byeeee Friends Now they got tired nooo energy for dancing more…. Actually The secret is I don’t have the energy to write more ???

Comment please I did lots of hardwork you know ?????


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  2. di epi was good. I loved the moment when swara said sorry holding her ears. Last time you asked me my age its 17 . Im reading from when ragini and lakash marriage and ragini was in love with nikhil.

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