roke na ruke naina (raglak) part 24 again by mickey

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The story starts with lucky
lucky went in his room stamping his feet as no one allowed him to go with ragu..
In Lucky’s room
Lak:- ahhh…no one allowed me to go with ragu..I also wanted to go with her..I don’t even talked with her today..
Now what to do..???

After sometime lucky ki dimag ki batti jali?
Lak:- yes…!!! I can do it..I will definitely do it..!!

His face glow up like a 100 volt bulb..

Here in gadodiya house
Sanky reached there with the gadodiyas..

San:- ok uncle-aunty now I have to go..

Swa:-what you have to go..!! This soon…I mean today only you became my friend and I want to talk to you.. And you are saying I have to go….no sanky you can’t …

San:- but swara…!!!

Swa:- no buts and ifs… you are my friend na.. Can’t you accept a small request of your friend..very bad sanky..I was considering you as my friend and you..huh… You are coming with me , I want to talk on a very important​ topic with you… And ragu you are not allowed​ to come there , if ma baba wish they can come but you can’ tell me where is your..oh sorry..where is our room..ragu….areee..tell fast na..sanky’s time is wasting..ragu…

Sansky was continuosly seeing swara hearing her blabber..whereas sumi,shekhar and ragu were standing there with open mouth…

Ragu:- maaa…are you sure that this is our shona di…. Shona di spoke hardly 10 words in a day and this shona di…omg……

Swa(making faces):-Did I asked. You to give a report on me.. Whether it’s​ me or not..I asked you where is our room..ragu how can you doubt on me..haa.. Very bad… It’s me..Miss Swara gadodiya….If your doubt got cleared can you kindly​ tell me the way to our room..

Rag(being surprised by her sister’s so much talks):- it’s upstairs.. The first room…

Swa:- very good…
Ragu:- but madam if you allow me can I take my phone from the room.. Before you go there..
Swa:-ummmm..yes you can but don’t dare to come there when we will go there
Ragu:- ok I won’t come

Swa:- promise me..

Ragu:- yes promise..
Swa:- nooo do pinky promise…

Ragu:- areeee…meri maa..pinky happy.!!!

Swa:- are.. Super happy!!!

Sanky was smiling seeing the childish swara..
Ragu went upstairs
And swasan and sumi shekjar were sitting in hall..

In ragu’s room…
Ragu took her phone and she was about to go downstairs but stopped as her gaze fall on the open door of the almirah..

Ragu:- why this door is open..I should close it..

Ragu went near the almirah and locked the door which was slightly opened..

She was about to go but stopped hearing a familiar voice..

Ragu:- laksh..???? Nahhh.. How he can be here.. Maybe..I didn’t talked with him today that’s why I am remembering him that much that..his voice is echoing in my ears…
I should call him…
She went downstairsm..

Swa:- now don’t dare to come there.. Understood ragu..

Ragu:- yes bossss…
Then all started laughing..

Swara hold sanky’s arm and dragged him upstairs while saying:- maa..baba.. You both also come fast..I want to discuss on a very important topic..

Shekhar:- yes..beta..we are coming…!

In ragu’s room..

Swa:- tomorrow is raglak’s sangeet na.. Let’s do something special for themm…

San:- yes….but what​ we will do???

Swa:- we will….
She stopped there hearing that sound again..

Swa:- sanky did you heard it’s Lucky’s voice..
San:- which voice..I didn’t heard anything…

Swa:- I heard Lucky’s voice coming from there..
She stood up to go near almirah but her leg stumbled and she was about to fall but sanky hold her..

Both were sharing a lovely eyelock..?
But they came in sense as that sound came again…

“Sanky bhai..!!!shona…”
San:- lucky..??is that you??(sanky asked loudly to get answer)

Hearing the sound sumi shekhar and ragu also​ came there….

“Yeah bhai…!!!its me..I am in almirah.. Please open​ the door..bhai I am feeling na..I got afraid in darkness…bhai open the door”(laksh said while sobbing)

All were giggling hearing that afraid cute kid like voice of lucky..
But ragu stopped giggling as the most important question striked in her mind…

Ragu:- but you got locked in this almirah..???

Lak:-ragu you locked me..!!!! I will tell you unlock me please..!!!!! Ragu I will give you a big chocolate.. Please open the door..I am feeling dizzy..I am afraid of darkness…aha ahnn(laksh said crying like a cute lil kid)

Swa:-hwww…ragu very bad.. You locked lucky for getting a chocolate…how can you do that…

San:- hahaha…swara please tell me how can someone be so intelligent..’hww ragu you did this for chocolate …vely bad'(sanky said imitating swara)..

Swa:- hey why are you​ imitating me..??
San:- ooo sorry miss intelligent..!!
Swa makes faces..

San:- but lucky what are you doing inside??

Lucky:- I am doing breakdance.. Come join me!!aree bhai I told you..I am shivering with is darkness every where..I am feeling dizzy and you…..

Shekhar:- stop you all…there laksh is locked and you all are doing fun..Ragu bring the kry and open him…

Ragu:- yes..baba…

After sometime she brought the key and they opened lucky…

Lucky:- pani!!!pani!!(water..water!!)

San:- areee mere jindagi ke tufaan kabhi to daya karke baks de…
(Ohh my life’s tornado… Please do sometime mercy on me and leave me)
Now tell how you came here???

Lak:- wo bhai…I also wanted to come with ragu…After you all left I came down from my room’s window without being noticed by papa then I came up in ragu’s room from the window… And I thought that someone will notice me so I hid in cupboard but ragu locked me …

Swasan were giggling and sumi shekhar were surprised to know about their will be son in law’s talent…. And ragu was blushing..

San:- now you wait.. I will tell about this to bade papa…

Swa:- hey sanky! How you can do this… You should be a protective, caring bro instead of jumping to tell all this to your bade papa…

San:- Swara I know very well how to react with my bro… This marriage is happening just because of me…ask ragu when you have time..

This unknowingly hurt swara..
San:- lucky now come with me..
Shek:- areee sanskar he came here after lots of struggle to meet ragu..let him meet her…

San:- lucky only 10 mins..I am waiting outside..
Saying​ this he left..

Sanky was sitting on the top of his car’s front..
San:- oh god how I can Talk with swara so rudely… She is very innocent.. Today only she came in my life and she changed my life…

He started gazing stars…

Here in ragu’s room..
Raglak were alone there…
Ragu:-so lucky where is my chocolate?

Lak:- which chocolate??? You should give me choco..I came here to meet you after crossing the India- Pakistan border like place… You know na…how dangerous my dad is…

Rag:- soo did I invited you???
awww… Lucky.. You are afraid of cute…(she pulled his cheeks)

Lak:- Don’t call me cute…

Ragu:- I will call….
Lak:- I won’t melt with this, you have to give me​ chocolate…
Ragu:- lucky be serious sometimes…
Lak(winked):- you know na..I became serious once in love not again…

She kissed his cheek…
Lucky smiled…
Precap:- nachdene sare…(raglak sangeet)

Sorry friends as I did changes in it but What I would do…I forgot the exact lines I wrote yesterday…
Please comment….

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  1. Berdilla

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  3. Mintu

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    1. Yashu24

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    Lucky Soo Cute….

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  10. Shrilatha

    Mikku it was awesome awww. My sis had to do double work….

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  11. Darshini

    Aww so cute…
    I was laughing again whn sanky imitated swara saying”hww..ragu…you locked laksh for chocolate”
    They r so funny dear…
    Lucky b serious na…lucky asking cutely for a Choco…hehe!!miku u got d answer na…lol…
    Tc dear…waiting for the next part

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    as usual awesome my princess Mickey….u rock it…laksh almirah scenes superbbb dear….loved it…ragu u do it for chocolate….so sad laksh…ohh swara chatterbox feeling bad ah?…don’t worry dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one….takecare my princess…love u sweety…

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    Overall it was heavenly
    Waotong for the next part

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