roke na ruke naina (raglak) last part by Mickey

Hey friends​…
It’s last part of this ff..
And really very very very sorry for updating late…
I was super busy… and the biggest thing ideas were not coming ?
It was the most awaited day for raglak!! for you and me…
The day when raglak will become married..!!!

Soo the story starts with
Lots of sounds of different musical instruments
People were dancing
It seems that the prince of ragu’s dreams​ came with baraat..

In ragu’s room
Ragu got ready like a bride..
Looking extremely gorgeous…
She was dressed in a red bridal lehnga… looking like the prettiest red rose in the whole world…
Shona and sumi were there with her…
Swara was also looking very pretty in a dark pink lahenga…
Swa:- ragu your Prince charming came!!
Ragu blushed..
Sumi:-I am going down to welcome them…shona you too come…
Swa:- I am coming in 5mins…
Sumi went….
Swa:- hey ragu…. you are looking awesome…!! I am thinking how lucky is looking… I can go downstairs but you can’t (swara showed her tongue to ragu)

Ragu:- shona di… don’t tease me..
Swa:- awwww…ragu sorry…ok you wait for me in the adjacent AC is not working… your makeup will spoil here…
Ragu nodded and went in another room..
Swara smirked and came downstairs…

Here our tornado boy was looking like a royal Prince in red and golden sherwani..
And again by coincidence ( my idea) swasan were dressed in same colour dress…
Sanky was in dark pink coloured sherwani…

Swa:- lucky you are looking great!
Lak:- thank you shona !! You are also looking gorgeous in this dress…right bhai…

Sanky who was staring swara said:- yeah……. really gorgeous…..

Swara blushed..
Laksh laughed by which sanky came in scense..
Lucky went from there as ap called him​…

Swa:- hey sanky looking great!!
San:- thank you…

Swa:- ummm…sanky
don’t you think that lucky will come to meet ragu once before marriage…

San:- maybe.. but why are you tensed with this.??

Swa:- ufff…I am not tensed.. You hear my idea…
(She told him something which is muted)
Sanky it will be funny.. please agree na…

San:- noooo..
San:- ok ok ..
Swa:- but where is lucky ????
San:- come with me…it will have fun..
Both chuckled​ and went..

Here lucky was talking with some relatives..
There is still 1hour left for the mahuraat of all rituals…

Lucky(in mind):- I have to go to meet ragu…or else it will be late..
(Omg what he’s up to now)

Just then sanky came there…
San(whispered in Lucky’s ear):- tornado boy..shona told me that ragu is calling you in ragu’s room… Go there after 10mins… I asked adi to handle bade papa and ma here…

And as acception Lucky’s face glowed up like a 100volt bulb…

Lak:- ok I will go after 10mins…
Sanky smirked and went from there…

After 10mins⏱⏱
Lucky went upstairs without being noticed by anyone…
He entered in ragu’s room.. and found her sitting in balcony…he saw her from​ behind… and back hugged her…

Lak:- hey ragu!!why You are so strange today….I am feeling like I am hugging Bhai…

Then a voice came…
“Awww…mera tornadooo… you love me that much that you felt exactly right..”

Lucky immediately broke the hug… and went in front of the swing to see who is the person…

he is shocked to the find that sanky was sitting there covering himself with a chonri
Lucky screamed :-what r u doing bro??
Swara is hiding behind the curtain..swara also came near sanlak.. Laksh saw swara again he is shocked..
Lak:-What r u both doing???What r u both doing in ragu room???

Then only lucky realised swasan prank.
swasan r laughed seeing his condition

Lucky :- once ur marriage is fixed.U both r going to see my new face which u dont know

After listened to his statement.. They laugh more harder…
Swasan:-Best of luck for ur mission..
They both hifi to each other.
.laksh :- you both are choooo bad(he said cutely)

Then lucky got sad for don’t see his angel..
Just then ragu entered the room
Ragu:- sshona di why you called me here???
Then he saw sanlak there
Laksh started staring his angel… what he will do.. she was looking so gorgeous na..?

Swa:- your Prince charming was missing you so I called you here…
Lucky came in sense and ragu blushed…
And swasan gave hifi to eo…

San:- now we are going downstairs… and Mr.trouble maker tornado… please.. without making any issue and without being noticed came down soon…

Raglak nodded
And swasan went…

Lak:- ragu…. you..are looking very very nice today..I have a surprise for you..
Ragu:- what surprise???

Lak:- for this we have to go down from window..
Ragu:- what????I am not going anywhere…

Lak:- ragu come na.please…..
Ragu:- areee you mad can I come.. today is my marriage..
Lak:- sooo?? Is it your own marriage.. it’s mine too..if I am coming with you then what’s the problem.
Ragu:- lucky all will search us then??
Lak:- I will manage..

Raglak eloped secretly through tieing the cloth on the handle of the balcony…
Laksh get down first then he helped Ragu in getting down…
Ragini struggles in getting down because of that heavy lehenga and the jewellery…she can’t proceed down further…

“laksh…i can’t…the cloth is getting loosening…”said Ragini and she felt the shiver throughout her body…
Laksh(sounds cool):leave your hands Ragu…
“what!!”Ragini screams…

Laksh:shshh…don’t shout…trust me Ragu…leave your hands…
Ragini leaves her hands from the cloth trusting laksh…the next moment she landed safely on laksh’s arms…

Ragini slowly opened her eyes and found herself in laksh’s arms and their eyes gets locked…
After few seconds they came out from trance…she buries her head against his chest and blushes hard…

Raglak sat in Lucky’s car and drove off…
Lucky stopped the car… and tied a cloth on ragu’s eyes
Ragu:- lucky what is this??? Where you took me???…lucky????

She untied the​ cloth from her eyes after not getting any response…
She found darkness everywhere…
She became afraid and screamed:- lucky.!!!!!where are you!!!

Just then the earthen lamps and candles started glowing. Everywhere….

Then a voice came:-
Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar gaye
Jaise andhero mein tum
Chandani bhar gaye (x2)

(Ragu found lucky there…. standing in between a round of lots of candles)

Kare chaand taaron ko mash’hoor itna kyun
Kambakht inse bhi khoobsoorat hai tu
I Love you tu ru ru yeah….

(Lucky came near ragu and caressed her face)

Din bhar kare baatein hum
Phir bhi lage baatein adhoori aajkal
Mann ki dehleezon pe koi aaye na
Bas tum zaroori aajkal

(He took ragu’s hands in his and kissed them)

Abhr main hoon,tu aasmaan hai
Paas hai tu, par kahaan hai
Zidd meri tu nahi, meri aadat hai tu
I love you…
(He twirled Ragu and ragu placed her hands on lucky’s chest both looked in each others eyes and got lost)
Lak:-Kabhi kabhi main khud se hoon yeh puchhta
Main tere qaabil bhi hoon kya
Itna toh mujhe hai maaloom
Milke tujhe behtar main insaan ban gaya
Thoda thoda tujh se seekha
Pyaar karne ka tareeka
Dil ke khuda ki mujh pe inaayat hai tu
I love you….
(He kissed ragu’s forehead and started doing normal steps​ of couple dance)

Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar gaye
Jaise andhero mein tum chandani bhar gaye
Kare chaand taaron ko mashoor itna kyun
Kambakht inse bhi khoobsoorat hai tu

I Love you oo…
(He kneeled down and hold a rose in his hand..
Lak:- You are the best gift which I got in my this whole life….
I do not know that how to spend my life without you. I don’t know its good or bad but you have become my habit now. I can’t resist you. All I know is that I love you!!! Will you marry me???

Ragu hugged him..
Ragu:- yes!!!!!

Here in mm..
The time of mahuraat came…swasan went to call raglak but they didn’t found themmm..
They told this to family and all became tensed..

All guests there started gossiping about raglak and especially about ragini.
Just then they heard car’s horn sound and and​ all turned to the entrance and all becoming totally shocked…
A silence surrounded everywhere….

Let’s see what they saw…
Ap:- hey bhagwan!!!laksh-ragini what is this??

Raglak were standing there with garlands in their necks and ragu was having manglsutra in her neck and vermilion in her hair line…

Sumi :- ragini…!!! Laksh…beta…what is this..
Swasan were standing with their mouths open in O shape….

All were dumbstruck , they don’t know how to react… and our raglak were standing there smiling…

Dp:- you both got married??..but we did​ the marriage arrangements na… then why this eloping.???

Lak:- papa we are really very sorry..but..

The time
When ragu hugged​ lucky.. after the proposal..
Ragu:-lucky we​ call you lucky,but the reality is..I am lucky!!! Not only lucky , I am luckiest person in the world to have you….
You know laksh!! If You Are A Chocolate,You Are The Sweetest,If You Are A TeddyYou Are The Cutest,If You Are A StarYou Are The Brightest,But If You Are MineI M The Luckiest.
I love you!!!!!!!!! I love you laksh!!!!!!!!!

Laksh kissed her forehead…
Lak:- soooo any other wish madam…
Ragu:- my all wishes got completed after meeting you…but….
Lak:- what but…????..

Ragu:-there is my biggest wish that I want to become true from my childhood…

Lak:- and what is it???
Ragu:-umm… lucky…I…I..
Lak:- yaaa..say….
Ragu closed her eyes and said in one breath:- I wanted to marry by eloping…

Lak:- what??????????????????(he asked being totally shocked from her answer)

Ragu:- yes was my wish but our parents are ready for our marriage so….I can’t fulfill my this dream….(she said in very cute way?)

Lak:- hahahahahhah…..
Ragu:- what happened…??

Lak:hehehhehe..hahhahahaha…let… first…oh my god…hahhahahaha… you… want to marry by eloping… really..hahaha..

Ragu:- you are chooo bad lucky… you are laughing on me…(she pouted cutely)

Lak:- awww..mera baccha… sorry sorry…
Ragu:-I am not accepting your sorry…

Lak:- Ok… then….what if.. I fulfill your wish…
Ragu:- what???..oh my god.,!!!are you mad laksh..what about our parents…??

Lak:- I am mad in your love and I will manage…so let’s marry by eloping…

Ragu hugged him…

Flashback end

All:- what???????????
Lak:- yes… it’s true….!!!
Swasan were standing near raglak
San(murmured):- tornado can never be serious…
At least take marriage seriously…

Ragu(whispered):- He says na..”I became serious once in love not again”

At this swasan and raglak giggled…

Dp:- why are you all laughing ??? and you Mr.laksh maheswari…. idiot….

Ap:- leave na…baccha hi toh hai(he is a kid only)

Dp:- ohhh really !!! I never saw a kid who is married…is this a child marriage..

Sumi:- bhai sahab leave na….
Shekhar:- yes dp ji sumi is right.. let it go..

Dp:- nooo he will get get punishment..!!!! Not only he..both raglak will get punishment..!!

Raglak:- what???
Dp:- yes!!!! And your punishment is , you Both are not allowed to see eo..

Raglak:- nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
All:- yes!!!!!
Swasan:- but it’s impossible as their eyes can’t stop looking each others face….
Because ROKE NA RUKE NAINA!!!!???

Then all looked at raglak who were staring eo lovingly…????
Swasan clicked a photo of them..
This line got played in bg:- roke na ruke naina….hummmm..teri aur hai inhe to rahna?????

Ok dear friends..
Finally completed this ff yipeeee….
But I know it was not as good as you all want… because I wrote​ it in hurry… sorry friends…

Dharani di, dharsini di and my one sweet di helped me very much to write this… love you my sisters???????

And if any one wants to read my new ff… it’s a swasangini ff…”kis kis ko pyaar karu?” Then please read it…it has a beautiful character of ragini….
Bye bye..
Love you all???????

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      Thanks for reading and Liking it…I am happy that you liked it.
      Take care
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      Thank you very very very muchhhhh sanju dear????????????
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      Take care
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      Akka I am very very that you liked it.
      And it got finished ?
      Sorry for thanking late..
      But as you know I started another raglak enjoy my new ff.?
      Take care
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    1. Yashu24

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    1. Yashu24

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      Awwww..di I am really happy to get your​ comment it means alot when someone say that ‘i love this ff’ when they​ r awesome writer themselves..
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      Take care
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      Di no need of sorry and worry as I no na.. you were busy..
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