roke na ruke naina (raglak) intro and part 1

Hello, friends thanks for your comments and in my ff swara ragini-2 you tell me what you want.

Okk let’s start our story

The story takes place in the city ‘Kolkata’ where lucky(laksh) is the son of the great business tycoon Durga prasad maheswari .

Lucky is good-hearted troublemaker he and his band of friends roam in the city enjoying Dp’s cash.

Laksh is the leader of their gang he is kind hearted but little immature . He didn’t studied well and don’t want to do work neither in his father’s office nor anywhere else.

He and his gang is always ready to help anyone by hook or crook.
Lucky Never break his promise .

He love his ma and papa but don’t live very friendly with his papa because his father always been disappointed by laksh. But he is very friendly with his mother.

So the story starts with lucky , sanky, adi and kartik sitting in the 5 star hotel eating Lucky’s favourite Noddles .

San:- wawooo lucky, we did 99 persons help
Adi:- that’s why we are here to celebrate.
Kar:- but God knows when our lucky will do his father’s help by doing some work.

Laksh:- ohhhh friends that day my father will give you party

San:- now also we are doing party on your dad’s cash Mr laksh you are not giving us party on your own money

Lak:- hahahaha sanky you are right.

Adi:- but lucky bhai who will be the 100 person whom we will help.

Lak:- he/she will be very fortunate to get help from me.

All laughed but heard rain’s sound all leaved to their respective houses.

On the other side a girl was standing in rain her Scooty stop working and she was asking for help in her sweet voice.

But there was no one to help her ..

Lucky was also going home from the same way he saw the girl from back .

Girl:- ohhhhh shit … I love rain but now I am hating it because of this I have to hear my mom’s big lecture if I don’t go home at time.

And this scooty ufffff

Lucky step down from the car and said:- hey…miss can I help uuuuuu

That girl turned and laksh got lost in her beauty.

Her open long hairs which got wet, her beautiful eyes ,her pink lips

Laksh went in other world seeing her. He never saw a girl properly before but he was getting lost in her.

Laksh came back into sense when he heard her sweet voice:- ummmm.. please can you help me.. Can you give me lift to kali badi pleaseeee

Lucky:- yeah yeah sure….
Girl:- butt my scooty.
Lucky:- you don’t care about it I will repare it and give you back at your home.

Girl(with smile):- thanks…

They both sat in car laksh was continuously staring her.
(Roke na ruke naina
Teri aur inko to rahna….)

Girl:- please start first …. My mom will scold me if I won’t reach on time.

Laksh nodes and leave for her home.

After sometime they reached there.
Laksh bid her bye
She also said her bye

Laksh stop her by saying:- heyy … What is your name.

Girl look her with confusion.
Lucky:- woo… Actually …I have to tell your name to the service center for repairing your scooty.

Girl:- ragini

Laksh smiled and leaved

Ragini also smiled.

—–To be continued——–

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