Rocky’s love


hey guys…. I’m rocky…. and I m going to share my story… a love story..

. my name is rocky and I’m a girl. its my nickname. I think my original name is not needed.

“tring tring”

my phone rang and it’s my friend jenny. she told me to meet her at coffee shop immediately. I said okay and took permission from my boss. I’m professionally a dietician and I work part-time.

I went to the coffee shop and saw jenny tensely looking at her phone. I went and sat opposite to her. she extended her hand to me and yelled “Rocky!… that loser David proposed me”

I saw a platinum ring fitted loosely in her finger.

“so, when will you marry”

“marry? marry whom?”

“idiot? loser David!”

“oh… do you really want me to marry him?”

“you are asking me? he proposed you”

“actually I was about to say ‘no’ but after seeing this ring I didn’t say anything. see… isnt it cute?”

“you never change idiot”

actually its fifth time she’s been proposed. its not that she’s bad but she’s innocent and childish.

but something disturbed me. when I entered the cafe, someone fell over me and the same guy is sitting in the opposite chair. he’s constantly looking in my direction. I turned back but none was behind me. so, he’s looking at me but I’m not sure. cos he’s wearing dark glasses.

then we finished our coffee and got out of the shop. again he’s standing behind me. I really got angry. I went straight to him and shouted
“will you mind your business mister?”

he calmly said “sorry if I was staring at you… actually its purely coincidence.”

“oh… is this a new excuse? please stop stalking me” I shouted at him and went without looking at him.

a week later…..

its 8pm .. I was shopping with Jenny for a local festival. and at the corner of the street I saw the same guy. I wanted to ask him sorry because I shouted too much the previous day.

I went to him but he didn’t even noticed me and moved across me. after two steps he stopped and turned his face to me.

he wore the same dark glasses.

“do you know me?” he asked me politely.

“yup.. um… I m the one shouted at you last week. I’m sorry for that” I said in husky voice.

now he turned fully to me. I saw a white stick in his hand. he’s visually challenged.

“no, its not your fault.”

“hey, I m rocky.”

“hi rocky, I m arun.”

“Arun? really….!!”

“yeah… any problem?”

“no… not at all, OK … I’m getting late. see you soon”

I moved away from him. I thought how life will be without eyes.

hm… life is not same for all…..

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  1. Nice..pls update asap

  2. Hmm interesting continue rocky:-) 🙂

  3. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Hey, Rockey. Is It One Shot Or Divided In Episode. By The Way, Is It Really Ur Luv Story? Nice Start.

  4. Superb rocky..great start…your love story eagerly waiting to know further

  5. Hello! Your real life love story? Great start dear. Eager to know the next part.

  6. thank you guys.. actually its not a one shot. its my story…. I don’t know how many parts it may take. so, sorry for wasting your time.

    sorry.. sorry

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