Rocky’s love (part 2)


guys…. its actually part 2… so, let me continue my story…

next day

its 6 pm. jenny called me.

j: sweety, I m ready, pick me up.
me: loser David will pick you
j: no way… that idiot will take me at 10 pm. you know… long drive.
me: long drive at 10 pm. weird. OK. but k don’t want to come.
j: of course sweety, dont you want tasty prasad… ?
me: yeah… but what if I sleep there?
j: I’ll take care. pick me up. soon. soon. soon.
me: idiot, come out. I m waiting.
j: OK. OK.

if you see me, I’m damn sure you’ll laugh at me. I m in a sky blue saree with heavy earings. I dont know when will I escape from them.

jenny sat behind me. she was in pink saree, of course heavy makeup. we reached the temple… my family was there already. all shouting devotional songs…. in a dumb mike. jenny ran in and began to look for prasad counter. actually I m an atheist. but I dont advice people not to believe god. I just don’t go to temple to pray or offer anything. if my mom compelled me, I’ll go. I’ll sleep during prayers and ask stupid doubts. Jenny’s a christian, so she takes me to church… but I sleep there too.

so, I m being bored in the devotional ‘party’. so I went out to the sacred pond or whatever its called.

its the only silent place to sleep.

while I descended the steps, I saw him… its arun.

“arun” I called. he turned back.


“yup, remember me?”

“yeah, you are the only one asking sorry to me in my past two years.”

“oh… weird… what are you doing here?”

“actually I came the wrong way. I don’t know where I m and how to go. will you show me the way to bus stop!”

“sure, if you don’t mind, can I drop you? I mean, I’m getting bored here. ”

“em.. b..but… OK”

“OK follow me”

“excuse me?”

I’m stupid, how can he follow me? how dumb of me?

I pulled his hands and began to walk towards parking place.

I started my scooty, and he hesitantly sat behind me.

he said his address. my god?? the place is not too far but, there’s no proper bus facility there. and also its far from city.

“Arun, how long have you been living there? in that place”

“its been three years. actually I was an NRI. I did my college here and settled here. I was an Australian. but now I’m Indian.”

oh, so settled here few years ago. we didnt speak further. finally, we reached his home.

“so, this is your house… pretty big..”

“rocky! will you come for a coffee? only two minutes. please”

“sure… ”

I followed him. he went upstairs. so, he lives up. he asked me to sit in a place opposite the door.

actually, its a balcony type.

“rocky, just a minute, I’ll come back.”

he went inside his room. I silently followed him.

its dark in his house. but i found the switch box which is right behind the door. his house is dusty… his wardrobe is open. the floor is full of munch wrappers. broken white sticks. broken window glass, coffee stains, and a photo… a group photo with garland. he’s not in it. an old couple, and a girl probably elder to me. the photo was dusty too.

his whole house needs cleaning. his clothes, his books… BOOKS…. he’s having a whole stack of books… wow…

“rocky? you came in? I expected you to wait there..”

“stop… stop… what an amazing book collections you have.”

“here, your coffee.”

“how do you know the calculation of coffee powder?”

“oh.. it took me 6 months to do it”

“wow, just six months? I m trying from my age of 15, but I can’t do it right. you are great”

“no..I buy coffee buds… its easy and useful. you should use it.”

“yeah… coffee buds…. nice idea… OK.. I’m getting late. and by the way, are you free tomorrow?”

“em… me. .. I… free… yes… I’m free… ”

“OK… I’ll call you. give me your number.”

he gave me his number send me off. I returned to the temple and the program is still going on.

and there’s jenny eating prasad. of course she came for that.

what will be arun doing this time?… may be drinking coffee or sleeping.

oh god… what’s wrong with me?

“rocky,… where were you?”

“I… I… slept”

“oh.. I know… you always do this. OK. I’m sleepy, drop me home”

“me?? what about long drive?”

“don’t speak about that loser. I want you to drop me. not that loser who’s partying.”

“OK… come on… let’s go.”

now we both left the temple.

on the way…

“jenny, what will you do if you know a visually challenged guy?”

“mhm… is he cute?”

“kind of… slightly taller than me. cute…. and simple”

“well, I’ll marry him”

“what??????? why?”

“very simple… he can’t see my pimples, he won’t have any problem with my face pack, he will not see my messages, he’ll never know about my stupid funky selfies.”

I glared at her through rear mirror.

“OK fine rocky, truly, he can love the girl for what she is…. not the external appearance or … also… they won’t have lust for girls.”

she is right, she’s an open book to me. so, you people also have to tolerate her.

I dropped her at home and I went to my house.

I changed my dress and lied on my bed.

I was disturbed by arun’s room. I should do something.


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