Robotic Love – (part 9)

Hey guys, thanks for the comments on all 3 chapters I posted yesterday lets move on to the next day
-Devakshi wake up-
Dev-Should I call sona? I think not I will ome up like… a freak!! *chuckles* chalo lets get ready (come on lets get ready)
-On the other side of the community-
Sona- should I call him? You know what I will message him to meet me downstairs and then we will go to college (I really want them to be in college so plzzz) together!!
-Message body-
Hey, Meet me @ the community café at 7 sharp and we will leave for college together, k (It was 6:35)

-before sona could keep her phone on the side table she got a reply from dev-
Dev-Ok, see ya ;p
Sona- were you waiting for me to message?
Dev-No, why will I? I was messaging u…
Sona- Achaa.. theek hai I will see you( ok see you)
-Devakshi smile and go get ready-
-After she is ready she goes down to not find dev-
Sona checks her watch
Sona- Ye ladka bhi na kabhi bhi time pe nahi aata (He never comes on time) ( she feels a person from behind)
Dev- Aya to tha, me time pe aaya tabhi to tumne mujhe dil me basaya… (I did come on time, I came on time that is why you settled me in your heart)
Sona- Wah wah!! (Wow wow!!)
Dev- Dhaniyewad ( thank you)
Sona- Ab agar izazat hu to chale?(now with your permission and we go?)
Dev- Izzazat hai!! (You have permission)
-They reach college and as soon as they enter everyone proceeds them-
Natasha- Aaj sona teri gadi kharab hogayi thi kya?
Sona- Nahi, kyu?(did your car break down today?)
Dev- Sona, Natasha ko chikungunya ke Machar kaat rehe hai (Chikungunya msquitos are biting her)
Dev-Aree my version of khujli ho rahi hai (Its my version of she is restless)
Sona- ayi?(What)
Dev-Aree angrez ki bachi ( my mom calls me that cause I struggle with hindi)( She is jealous)
Sona- Haww, Natasha? Why?

Natasha- Itne salo me nahi samjhi ki isko to sirf yahi lagta hai ki sab isko pasand karte hai isliye ssab iske friend hai!! (You did not understand in so many years that he thinks everyone likes him that is why they are his friend)
Dev-Aise hi hai, jis pe thoda doubt tha wo bhi pura ho gaya… agar good looks nahi hote na to me Mr.Lonely gar aha hota!! (Its like that only, the person I had a little doubt on that doubt is also gone… if it was not for good looks I would have been singing Mr.Lonely)
Sona- Ya Natasha, I have a story to tell you actually both of us since you know we signed up for the besty program
Dev-Ya im really excited

Natasha- We all take the same lessons so right now we don’t have a lesson so we can talk now!!
Natasha- Say fast na!!
Devakshi- We like each other
Natasha- I know that!!
Sona- We told each other that yesterday…

Natasha- now that is what I did not know
Dev-So now we are more than best friends
Natasha- Yay!!
Sona- And our parents like that!!!
Natasha-Woo hoo
-Anvi comes there-
What’s going on here?
Devakshi and Natasha tell the story
Anvi and Natasha tackle hug sona after that
Dev-Mujhe koi hug nahi karega?(No one will hug me?)
Natasha and Anvi- We have to ask for permission from sona now…
Sona-Hmmm, ok!!
-Natasha and anvi hug dev-
Anvi-By the way dev, you should thank sona…
Dev- That I should but what is your reason

Anvi- Because she is so compromising otherwise Mr.Dev… If he gets in a relationship his girl will not even let him look at a girl and she gave us the chance to hug you!!
Dev-So why should I thank her?
Anvi-Because you got a chance to hug someone else… you should be happy
Dev- Aree why should I be happy? I could hug her all my life non-stop you should be happy that you guys got a chance I should be sad!!
Sona- Why sad?
Dev-Because you are not possessive!!
Sona-So you want me to be possessive?

-Sona squeezes dev*
Sona-Now stay like this only
Natasha and Anvi-Aww
Hey guys, thank you!! Hope you liked it love dove!!

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