Robotic Love – (part 8)


Hey guys this is my third addition in the day hope I paid back for the days I missed and the short episode trying to make these long sorry if they are not, after this I will try to upload regualar till the 10th episode until then let me and you decide my schedule

RD malfunctions and RS makes him rest…

-Next morning-
RD- Good morning, all charged?
RS- good morning… ya 100% what about you?
Rd- charged than ever!!
Rs- So should we countinue?
Rd- Chalo!!
-They start-
-after the dinner-
Sona is leaving when dev pulls her
Dev- Jana zarrori hai kya?
Sona- We will meet tommrow right?
Dev- But the night…
Sona- Its just 8 hours and I will call you…
Dev- 8 HOURS!!! That is normal for you? I thought you love me…
Sona- Aree I do…
Dev- Then you can live without me?
Sona- I can’t live but I can sleep
Dev-Fine, call me when u reach
Sona- Ok *turns around to go*
Dev: Sona stop
Sona- Bolo
Dev- 2 things, your gown… and I…
Asha- Sona beta, chalo tum love birds kal mil lena na
Sona- *shying* Ha ma aa rahi hu aap jao me aati hu *she detaches her gown from the thing it was stuck in (im too sleepy to think)and turns around* Dev, umm bye, I love you *Hugs him* bye (feeling awkward because she does not want to leave, bye… umm bye bye… see you later… tomorrow
Dev- *Smiles* final bye
Sona- Bye!!
-She goes towards her parent’s car-
-Dev goes to his room and looks through the window seeing sona going- then jumps around in happiness-
Dev- She loves me… she loves me… she loves me!! (same way sona did in the show)
Dev gets sona’s call-
Dev- Hi!!
Sona- Hey, you sound really happy
Dev- of course im sooo happy!! I was waiting for this day for 5 years now and its finally there!!
Sona- Aww so cute
Sona- I suppose Natasha knows?
Dev- Oh no… she does not!! I will tell her
Sona- Good don’t tell her tomorrow we will call them and tell them the story ok!!
Dev-Good idea!!
-They talk for about 3 hours-
Sona- Dev…
Sona-Neend ayi hai
Dev-Chand ko bhi neend aati hai
Sona-Of course jab uska sunshine usko irritate kar raha ho to yes
Dev-Me irritate kar raha hu?
Sona- Me to sunshine ki baat kar rahi hu
Sona-Chup kyu hogaye the
Dev-Kaha smile kar raha tha
Sona- Hum VC pe thodhi hai!!
Dev-Oh ya
Sona- Achaa dev im very sleepy good night!!
Dev-Ok good night
Sona- cut the call!!!
Dev- you go to sleep
Sona- Cut karo na
Dev- theek hai baba good night
Sona-Bye luv ya
Dev-me too … bye *sona cuts the call*
-Sona and dev go to sleep in their respective places and dream (of you know what)
Good night guys… third episode I wrote in a row hope you like it!! Love dove

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  1. Dhira

    Dev’s reaction (jumping and saying she loves me) wow I love that
    Amazing one

  2. Manya

    Super duper hit ❣??????

  3. Aaru

    Ye episode padh k lagta h..kaash Sona ki jagah main hoti..luvd it..

  4. Nice.. Luv it

  5. Lovely one dear

  6. all the 3 episods are amazing loved it alot

  7. Omg….??❤️❤️????….seriously three episode and all are awesome??❤️……u really paid back but with interest more ????

  8. Omg….??❤️❤️????….seriously three episode and all are awesome??❤️……u really paid back but with interest ????

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