Robotic Love – (part 6)

Hey guys, Avni here… Lets carry on cause im lazy 

Shadow-Yes me, why sweetheart not happy to see me
Dev- Stop!! Sana what do you want? Why are you after me
Sana- Cause im more forward than you, im behind you and you are behind my sister for me
Dev- Sana!! Im only staying in my limits cause you are the sister of the person I love, Where is my sona??
Sana- Im sana not sona sweetheart and im right here *Moves closer to dev, now she was so close that dev felt sana’s breath on his neck
Dev-*Takes sana by her shoulders and moves her away* *walks away*

-Scene change-
Sona- Dev? Where are you!! You know im scared of the dark… Please stop.. *sona calls dev after many struggles as she can not find her phone in the dark* *dev finds his phone as well and answers*
Dev-SONA!! Where are you? Are you alright… did sana do anything!! Please answer na yaar where are you!!
Sona- Dev.. Dev relax, let me answer na… Im fine just a little scared… I have no idea where I am and Sana? Where did sana come from?
Dev- That I will tell later first, first you tell me your surroundings… I will find you!!
Sona- Its too dark!!
Dev- Umm, ok so do you know where is café gety?
Sona- Ya…
Dev- and you have flash right ( flash is the most helpful flashlight in the world that dev gave sona so that she won’t be scared it also has a little language tone that only dev and sona understand that way if one is lost the other will know… this is of the time they did not have phones ( I have a flashlight like that like exact and I have a name for it) )
Sona- Ya of course
Dev- Good so turn flash on and then walk towards Gety…
Sona- K…
Dev and sona take their respective flashes and move towards gety… till…
Dev-bangs into someone… shhhh, can’t you… Sona!!
Sona- Dev?
Sona- Thank god!!
Dev- We were right next to each other were’nt we?
Sona- I guess…
Devakshi smile then hug…
Sona- You are hungry right?
Dev- Ya, but lets go from here
Sona- why?
Dev- I will tell you in the car just come…
-in the car-
Sona- Batao na what happened
Dev-*starts the car then switches in off, after that he turns the lights off ( the car lights)
Sona- Aree, ye kyu?
Dev-Takes a matchbox out of his pocket
Sona- Ye k..
Dev-*places his finger on her lips* Kitna bolti ho? *lights the matchstick*
Sona- Dev? Ye?
Dev- You love me right?
Sona- Blushes a bit* Ya..
Dev- What if someone took me from you?
Sona- That person is dead…
Dev- *chuckles* What if that person, lov… acts to love you too
Sona- They are acting na so they don’t love me therefore I can kill them
Dev- What if you truly love them?
Sona- I only love Ma, Baba, you, Di… di!
Sona- Di did something again?
Dev-Something? A lot!!
Sona- Im sorry
Dev- Why? Anyway its ok… Im really hungry right now, Looking at such a beautiful girl made my love level increase and now everything is imbalanced 

-They reach home ( dev’s home )-
Sona- Dev? Don’t I have to go home?
Dev- To aa to gaye!!
Sona- As of now we have separate homes!!
Dev-*Smirks* Your ma baba are inside… mom and dad told me that they are having dinner today…
Sona- Achaa…
Dev-*imitates sona*
Dev- Sonaaa
Devakshi look, I LOVE YOU!!
Precap- Dinner… Excited devakshi attempt to hide their feelings
Hey guys, thanks for understanding… I am trying really hard to maintain this everyday update or write 2-3 a day concept but its not working out so from the 10th episode im thinking to do a 2-3 upload per week schedule if that Is alright… Thanks… love Dove


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